Two to One… Formed from Within.

Okay…. while I play with the myth, there too is the Ith.  The fact that some impact comes from some who aid the tact.  Made to have tracked the universe in lyrics not yet held in verse, the welding of the nurse too shall find that they’re kind with their purse.

Though the climb up to SFU campus is held for us, I know not who the other will be.  Natalie?  The E of the T?  The link of the notes of the boats that hold another mother, yet still slag on my sister and not my brother.

I still was smoking at this point.  Though I don’t puff on joint or dabs, the labs too hold my chemical breath of how I was one who smoked a bunch of meth.  The hunch of Beth’s sister too will twist ‘er up and sup with a full cup of drink (not the seffables that they use in the link).

It’s fact and True that construe what I do, and though I thought True’s my other half, parts of myself thinks that it’s worth a good laugh.  How could I meet the one who sang the song Shiver, while already having me hit with Cupid’s entire quiver.  The satire to deliver the water into the potters clay to allow us to shape and mould a bit easier.

Though the breezier lines show that the spines are in the meld like A’s and T’s, even if the C’s cannot meld well with the G’s.  There are codes and groups of ideas formed, yet though the warmed up thought too shall share that some things still may not be bought.  Like food for some, yet they allude to the crumbs and settling mana that shall assist them anyhow.  To twist the burger from the cow and show that the chicken wings that Louis told us of shall hold the shove of the stomach and find another hurl up some puke.  Though the ideas of Michael Demas as Luke too is in the blend, the ideas too find a cuke to not be a kittens friend.

Should I then write of above, or below.  The raft of the craft will help tow along the ships onto trips of the felt tips, and how some too plough the chips onto the poker table.  The link to Yugi Oh and Able to bring it into the past and how some people have wanted to blast the chips with the felt tips into the grips and not into the game.  The same names and words are used as this fused, and though some, like I, have abused their abilities, the keys seem to not speak of how the mp3s can aid and assist the truth from the list.  There is a gist that some have on the list, that they’ve been pissed off to twist the trough of drink into what you want me to think, and not who I am.

There is the statement “We each are a gem”, yet how can the mix of Hem and Haw and the cheese find the flaws of the CDs that are not released, if the story of the dream is to have ceased before the start.  The facts of my heart too is that that chakra helps guide me to True.  It’ll take the entire world to meld the fact of her being held by me, and though my key of an Underground Sea too may link Magic, instead of a tragic loss.  The ideas of the cross to show that the Hydra must not win… even when she can battle the entire Horde?!?!   This seems to strike a certain stoic chord of how I fear that it would have me be totally not adored.  Instead floored out like a swan into the full force of dawn and how the link is added after the words that are linked to the plan…. To One’s Self and Honourable Mention shall be hyperlinked after I’ve smunk the ideas thought from this page into the plan and the plot.

I sometimes think that every link is made for us each individually from a direct perspective to eject into The Contialis the entire elective.  An idea with this is to give three tracks to people after writing these blog posts.  Some may not want to be mentioned, yet the conventional design of life, I try to change if for my wife.  She doesn’t know who I am, and I don’t know her either.  Then, either I form the dream with a full Earth team, or I find worth to extrapolate and develop exponentially from living and loving and thriving with the dream.

(A yawn is a silent scream for coffee)

Gravity holds the folds of the fact I should not be so bold.  The ideas that I use (and have told) too are rolled up to sup with A Cup D’leau and how some of the flows are used at shows by the mental instrumentals that fuse the ruse with dues of two’s into cues of the pool table, as as a fool, I am fully unable.

I also wonder for future posts, if I’ll just talk code.  There are many nodal points that are part of our community on a local (and international) level, and though some believe not that the Devil is the one who promised her to me, the fact instead is that I want HER to choose me after I share how the Universe is the key, and not being signed to a Universal entity.  I also think of the MK link and how some of the mainstream rappers are like Flappers and Wedgie… The pledge I make to me is to always find reciprocity to hold and keep the sands of sleep as something to bring.  The angels under wing will find John and Nick King as the brothers that let me have a rad summer in grade nine and ten.  The stories that I pen are not so often read or heard, even if said, I know I’m still a bit of a turd, and not a nerd.

The ideas from KW too were about geeks, and nerds, and dorks.  AK also told me to think of melding in cities like San Francisco or New York.  Good places to gel, as they know some Hip-Hop full well.  Also to tell you I’m not a rapper or MC.  I am a sometimes shoulic entity that has thought he was a robot like a paranoid android.  Though that may be an OS now.  “Wants to go out with you cow!” I know my own salacious depravity may pull some in like molecular gravity and keep the radiance of a neutron star from pulling in enough water to let Lake Huron find the car.  The tar bars too are an issue… I know some too smoke, yet there must be a different link to set Vee to the glee and joy of his own baby daughter and boy, and that they shall not smoke the damo.  I don’t know them in person yet either, yet have some intuition like a Tundra to blunder back to keeping the packs of smig in my won kinetic jig of pagibig.  The link to KP4 (That I shall not yet explore) too shall find Representation as the words that God added to The Score with my own music.

This is post #1 called “Two to One”


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