From the Setting Son…


Hold on… I think the rhymes must pause, as I too want to seed part of the creative cause.


This is Peace, Love, Unity, and eight ‘R’ words.

Respect, Responsibility, Representation, Reciprocity, Reciprocation, Relevation, and Revelation.

Global PLUR is only up to the first three ‘R’s at this point, and perchance more revisions should be made.  The idea of PLU8R stems from my raving years, though I’ve not been to a rave since 2001.  The last one almost found me dead… then again, remembering that rhymes might help apply what is (and is not) said.

“Introversial and not for the chart.”

I wanted to be a mainstream artist many years ago, and I now don’t.  I wanted to be rich and famous to meet Natalie on even ground, and though the Secret Stash page may not, by you, yet be found, it sounds like I’m obsessed again.  When they stressed the mind this past holiday, I had to tell the universe to quit bullshitting me.  She’s been far too much of me and what I have said, thought, and made.  Though the link shows another two years, the fact is that sometimes the dream clears out my heart and mind and fills me with things imaginarily inclined.  I’ve thrown the dream away so many times, and when I then come crawling back, it’s the fact that I still think I should stay lightyears away.

The ideas and hopes that some have pray well into the Shell that the Select is to gel and show that there are some people who are totally disrespectful and fill my mind with all sorts of curses and swears.  Though the wall wears a few ideas, the vision board doesn’t have a photo of the one I’ve claimed to have adored.  My Dad either, I suppose, though the idea of the flows too show that the shows I wanted to perform are no longer warm in my wants.

I used to want to be famous, though that again was to talk on even ground, instead of the pauper I am when now found.  The dreams hold teams of horses pulling courses into the mind; to wind up the thread from spool and prove that I am a special type of fool.  Not cool either, and cigarettes are NOT cool!  I have smoked for 20 years, and though that number is close to occurring, I also think of the blurring and slurring of people.

Some things are NOT okay.  I have difficulty when I pray sometimes, as when I make the prayers to God, the thanks sometimes falls on me.  I am not JC.  I am not even one who’s yet to know themselves to grow the family tree.  I am found in the book, though look past my faults and see my hearts vaults as being launched from the staunched idea that seems to find the bloodline to share the silent screams.  I find that the darkness surrounds the light and tries to close it out… I know not how the doubt can be torn from the soil, yet still share that the air is cleansed by the steam in the foil.

The mix of Chemistry and the use of the drugs.  Some plugs find that the threads again form a warm sip of tea, yet not in the idea of how the A is to meet like a C or G.  CD?

I note that it’s an exercise in which I also can help and form for others something to read and pray.  That too lays out a different challenge (and brings back Global PLUR).  The first ‘R’ in Global PLUR is “Respect for every religion”.  This is key to the idea as this planet (only a tiny part of The Contialis) holds 7 billion people and many many religions.  The respect for other people helps cover some of the Peace part too.  If we exhibit Peace for all people, and all people exhibit and share peace with others, there is a layer of how taking down the walls of fear can lead to more open communication and safety for all.

Global PLUR is an ideal… right now it seems very far away.  Peace in every nation, Love for every race, Unity of every creed, and Respect for every religion.  The Sheik’s have an idea I like.  They are a mono-theistic religion (from what I’ve been told (no I haven’t researched it yet)) though what I heard is that they believe in one God, and that the God that other religions believe in is the same God, just a different name and belief structure.  Again, I haven’t verified this as true, just an idea I like now.

The second and third R’s for global PLUR are; Responsibility for every thought, word, deed, and action, and Representation of every perspective.  This is that we should be self-responsible for what we do, and the effects of our doings, and also that each perspective (not just ourselves (humans)) should be represented as being valid and unique.

Then noted… it’s 30 minutes up to now…. Break?!!?

(I guess some more tomorrow…. It’ll be neat for when people read these posts and put up requests as to what they want me to write about… up to now it’s just been me freeform!)

PS… If you want to have a life you love and can share… Build it!!!