It’s Neat What 1/2hr can Produce

So while the files I use start to fuse the ruse from the cues, there is the news that was watched as we hopscotched at SFU.  The view from the mountain top is where the fountain chooses to stop.  The ideas I drop into text too show that the consect’s alive and well.  Though the inner sides of Shell house some, there is the idea to come from our own point of reference.

In the senses that weave and twist, they deceive about the gist that I list on the wall.  Some are part of the Secret Stash page where a mage is trying to break out of his own Contialitic cage.  The wages are not earned at this point.  For now I deliver pizzas getting paid for each delivery made and finding that it’s profitable for now.  The way I, though, want to plough and tend the fields will require full yields from the keys and the mp3s.  The pages on this blog are like a flowetic log of where I’ve been mentally.  The sentimentally part of this track too shall show that there are some who help me set the flow…. Hold on… I’ll be right back, don’t go!!

A few minutes break to connect with miss Ward…. She downloaded Matricite!   The album is one that I sent out a bunch of promo codes for to FaceBook friends, and though few used one, some had.  My Dad also will contact during the course of this post, I will pause for him also.

The mix of today finds me still not knowing how I may be sowing future downloads of my music.  Earning money from music is something I’ve been wanting for a few years, and I don’t market well.  I sometimes too think I’m too slack with my creative projects, though have two albums and a book uploaded to CreateSpace.  When I next have $80 available, I will use it to get 5 copies of the book (Finding Natalie) and a copy each of Signal to Node and Digital Slipstate.

For the marketing of my creative works, I’ve not done so well, and it IS my fault for not doing so.  I have the idea that I need to EARN my audience first, and I think I do.  I also note that I’ve been working at it for a long long time.

I have ideas for those that do want to help market, though not knowing those people fully yet.  I have one idea I’d love to thrive… to give a promo code to someone (IE they choose what the word for the promo code is) and then split profits with them.  I formed a code with Robyn (the word ‘link’) that will chip 25% off all items on the Bandcamp Page and then if used, I’ll give her 1/2 the money.  As Gary would remind though, and idea is shit unless it’s executed.  (There’s an edge of paranoia on that word too).

I also note that a lot of my ‘marketing’ has been digging deep in the trenches and not planting good seed, or also scattering seeds to the wind.  I need to become more accurate and efficient with this.  The ideas meld in that held within the time and rhyme, and though I too rely on God for the music to climb out into the neural networks, the perks of my current life are there.  I am one who has almost always had their needs met, and though I lost my two pet, I too note that my debt was cleared away.

And then I reside to guide and abide by the fact that sometimes my projections should be lacked.  I have stacked a few things upon the idea that I need to heed and seed (and dare I say it’s freed?) and link back to Sub Zero and his songs.

Then I thought of who will actually read this…  There are very few people to view this blog, and my own deluded self still seems to think if I keep working at writing and sharing online, I will find a great consumption of my work.

I forget things sometimes…  It’s rare that I lose a thought, though when it happens, there is a bit of myself that wants to chase the thought, and the other part of myself that wants to let it go, though if I let the thought go, I’ve lost.  This doesn’t happen too often, probably less than once a day, though the other part of my forgetfulness may be not even thinking of an idea or person or event that I should have, yet didn’t even recall.  A friend got hit by a car, and I read about it last night when laying down for the night.  The idea was to message today (I should have messaged immediately) though I hadn’t recalled from yesterday.  When their boyfriend contacted me today, I totally hadn’t recalled of it!!  Is this a symptom of our now-a-days world where we are hearing of peoples lives through text (Facebook prime example) and not actually seeing or hearing the person tell us what they have.  Even on the phone, we can’t actually see the person tell us something, though the hearing of what was said may stick more than just reading.  Then there are some people who will recall more of what they’ve read, instead of heard.  Anyhow… I’m nattering.

For the last eight minutes of this session, I think to link the rhymes as times funky and groovy in the stereo now.  I also wonder if I should share more links in these pages (or have a bundle at the end of the page).  How shall I enlist help to market my works if marketing is a weak point in my own self?  Who wants to help!?  (Then back to earlier, who’s even reading these posts!?!?)

It’s difficult to set the catapult and launch into the future of what I want and where I will be… maybe I should work on aiming the catapult (686) and let the other friends and family help fuel up the giant spoon (and then poetically launch it over the moon!!!)

For this last part, just some advice from me to you.

Find what you want.  Find what you don’t want.  Set goals to achieve what you want.  Envision it to be, and then make sure you keep that vision in your mind and heart.

I don’t want to be found on the international radio chart, though my heart was found there.  The dream of how we too must share our dreams with others (not just our fathers, sisters, brothers, and mothers (who may not support anyhow)) and keep ourselves behind the plough.

Make sure if you’re treating your life like a garden, to tend the soil.  Water and nourish the relationships (not with too much bullshit) and be sure to invite a friend over to the garden too.  They may appreciate what you have done…. and though the yarn is spun (Jordan joke), the facts that some knots will NOT come undone too should remind the sallied sun that the web shall need to be spun into the Emerald Tapestry to develop our own Contialitic and self-mastery so we may see the tree of life grow from the flow and let the world help us come to know.

Love, Light, and Luck!!!


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