Another 1/2hr to write…

Unassisted by the use of my own tracks, the buckets of flax find some lovestone’s giving duckets instead of the gracks.  Packs of smig litter the car, and though they may need a sitter to treat my place like a bar, the three of ya are in the lines of how Sorin and Chandra are in this deck.

A peck on the cheek to sneak a rally trigger with Piglet in the ret and how they tended to amend the whole set.  A Jet link too formed today with the meld of Bant, Jeskai, Naya, and Temur, yet the Contialitic blur may meld Jund, Temur, Grixis, and Sultai in the purr.  Kittens and the writtens start the biting of another who may meld with Insighting a Paradox.

I’m learning about how the places and people meld as the Catacombs is where this page was held.  I guess that should blend the other mix of who (and who is not) friend.  The high lines share the Grixis signs of Penny and how the mix of Esper too was made while the Dark Jeskai that Joe played may have Julie Wade fade the node book into how this will have taken the idea to the meld of what we see.

The last high line would mix in Mardu, yet that may mix also the reminder of some who’s lives we cannot, and may not, want to undo.  The meld of Jess too finds the kinds of thread that I’ve said and posted.  The recording for Candace was made, yet I chose not to have the idea vocally relayed as I’m not allowed to write or share tracks or pages with the Donatello’s at the Starbucks stages.

Cages of glass held me for about 8-9 months, and I’m glad to not be there any more.  The doors would open and then I deflect to the tonect and reflect the consect of the Select to direct the tone of the meld into how a Beta Mox Ruby was held in the vault, and now start to catapult a cocoon to emulate a spelling I could not correlate.

Hold the state of bliss from her kiss as the razzle dazzle of Erasmus might find Fenrus in the the miss.  Quest for Glory (or Hero’s Quest) too shall find that stressed and digressed, yet the western hemisphere is to clear the right ear as Harmony said it causes pops.  The bass drops the tops into the cops that hold the flops of the body into the Disco meld of above and below with a shove to help tow along the Whelp’s craft.  Some have laughed at the dreams, and though the silent screams for coffee remind me of Russian word, the third bird generates a point of green to share the meld of how the Bayou used to work at this scene.

“Cycling parameters that spin to a sphere / As a linear direction is all that you hear.”

So while the tears did stream across the corona of the star, there is a reservoir in Tai Tam that holds turtles.  Not the ninja type, and we should remember that the meld holds them as teenagers.  Maybe we should stay away so that the sai, staff, katana, and nunchucks should not relay.  (Then if we blend the other two, she may want it, yet I do not).

The plan and the plot dot the parietal lobe of the strobe light to hide Deadmau5 in the type cast.  The ideas that she had been seffed, sassed, and dassed also passed on the avenue as there are so many and so few that know how to do what we do.  The crew forms the warm drinks that other links use to fuse the shoul with control of this sitch held by one specific switch.

Smoke in MK to meld the Lost and Found they relay.  It’s not quite like it’s a circus with a bunch of clowns, as this towns more like a spike of wasabi to find Minni’s maple flavoured gelato made with an O not an I.  It’s almost like a binary try to apply the bytes to compress to bits instead of just trying to look at the girls, and you thought the synonym to seffables while Andrew Venables was a friend who made a glove gun.

The series and match are to hatch a patch like Kapusta and find the blustering lines of spines that meld to be held in the fact I’m only 15 minutes into this pact.

We have tracked our own (and other’s) perspectives in the sieves that hold the mould of how some too come from a bold place to be meek and scope every face.  A track of four ought teck too may find the aluminum to bring 250 MCM to carry the amps.  The camps of The Fugees too ease some of the Haitian sum into the crumbs for the pigeons and the tri-nodal visions.  A Ruby link too find the flu to be what they caught from some place, yet we know not from how or who

I also was given advice to make a ‘Rob’ dictionary by Harmony.  She is to review Finding Natalie and edit the book, as is Jyoti and Sarah Allin.  This be a good thing.  I also don’t know if I will use Chapter 10 of Finding Natalie to continue the dream (which I do and don’t want to) and the other idea is to use that chapter as the first to ‘Beautiful, Do You Mind?’  I think I will write the next chapter to a lovestone, and think Felicia (Elspeth) should be the nodal focus.  The meld of Chapter ten was given to Courtney, Harmony, and Jordan, who each know of the Natalie dream.  I had been posting a post each night before sleep the countdown to Christmas Eve 2017 which’s meant to be the nodal meeting, yet it’s not a good dream to chase today.  I also think of Karen and her advice to find a real gal and still relay.

Anyhow…. the meld of the flow helps tow the lines into signs that mingle at the shop while the Tropical Island will stash the chips into the trips across the loss of meeting Moss’ daughter this past Christmas.  Her track is on Formed in Giving, and while living on the opposite side of the planet I live on, the swans shall show the flows of the Underground Sea and not the Hip-Hop community.

The meld of the ciggies too are not always dark, maybe a lark shall show the spark to ignite the right to meld that in to the cats that find the pups in the cups of good drink, should that be the way she wants to link.  I smink a thought to dot the know and find the plots and plans to tow the cans back to the depot where some people need to go to seed $5 from running around town collecting.  The direction of this page is to find the lines of Jordan to also find the kinds of things that some non-Christian divinity to bring wings to the King’s.  John and Nick and a trip in Hong Kong too found the links to Clair and how it’d be rad to take another lovestone there (even if a bit rude).

The speakers exude lyrical food to a clerical brood who’s cooed and deluded me to think that I could add another branch to the tree.  A point of red to find the tar bar and seed the starship to skip the mp3 and remind us that there are billions of other others than me.  The phone’s ringing, and I note some people try to smink me from the text, yet the dissection of the selection shall escape the decision to steal my vision.  A provisional landscape of how some things may be taped up on the net with the ideas to weave a different line to evade their control by trying to design.

Anyhow… three more minutes remain before I refrain from typing obsessently from the trinal node of how some people try to drive the thoughts from the other side of the goad.  Some load up thoughts to claim as my own, yet it’s their idea thrown away because some people are rude sacks of shit, like me, who let their own thoughts get in the way.  Some people may think the thoughts to play, yet that is not wanted as a way for them to take to the frey.

Anyhow…. the plough of the cow too shall find the therapy bow to dig the pig into the gig and how the JigglyPuff reference shall find it for her and not me, as far as The Contialis has designed.  Don’t find anyone MBFing please, as some people should take a shot to the knees for trying to do that to any other entities.




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