Please Use 5-10 Minutes to Read This!!


Okay, this session (I use 30 minutes to write on this page now and then) I write for specific function, which some would say I always should (instead of my natterings)

This post is a call out for help… for myself and for others.

I think we need to each seek some clarity and help sometimes, and I do also now note that my rhymes are a bit incessant sometimes.  It’s part of my mental conditions (there actually is a term for it, a klang disorder) and is absolutely one of my coping mechanisms.

I am one who corrupted their brain through recreational drug use.  I was diagnosed schizophrenic, and although I was totally psychotic, I want to lean towards the ideas of plasticity and healing.  I note that some of my friends and contacts are avid marijuana users, and I also note for those that are entrenched chronics, I hope you always have an ample supply.

For those that are younger and starting or are midway in dabbling with green, think cautiously.  It is the case that some people need marijuana (or other meds) to keep able to navigate life, though be cautious.  I was only using marijuana and mushrooms and landed in the hospital (psych ward) because of them.  I write this because I’ve heard some people say “If you stay just to the herbals, you’ll be okay.”  Niet.  Mushroom psychosis I had.

I also note that I really want there to be more purpose to my writing than just rhymes and pages for people.  I am sometimes like a poorly viewed novelty act.  I yearn to have purpose that brings something to another and not just myself.

On Facebook, I had actively sought to sell music and posted a lot of spam with links to tracks etc..  I was using FB as a way to multichat with some people and I severely abused it as a channel to promote, instead to to connect.  I note that I have been far far too self-focused and active with working on my creative projects.  The work on the projects is not the issue, the issue is the over use of push promotion.  I now have been drawing myself away from using Facebook as I would find myself trapped at the computer smoking cigarettes and staying up very late, even while thinking that I was doing productive work on my creative projects or communicating with friends.

The title of this post though should lead to some value for people who will actually read it (and of course, yes, the channel I will use to put the page ‘out there’ will be Facebook).

What I want to do, and also enlist others to help with, is to help each of us find our freedom solutions.

I have had difficulty financing my life for more than a decade, and though I still am grinding a bit and finding that I’ve still not found my own full way to finance my life, I also note that there are some key things that I have done to build.

I have lots of ideas for people who want to build their lives.  There are some who are avid dreamers, those that have been forming lives towards that that they want, and then there also are some who are feeling dead or trapped in lives (with or without work) in situations that they hate.

The call to action for this post is to ask you to ask and find the ideas and help and support that you want.  Ideally we will keep finding new things that we want to do or achieve, inevitably never finding the full situation that we want, though there is a great great value in knowing what you want.

Break down your future life to 5 main goals or wishes.

Mine?  1) To meet Natalie and have a conversation with her (even if it’s a one time only meeting with zero follow up).  2) To be at both of my parents 90th birthdays to celebrate with them.  3) To find a way to support myself and earn 200% the amount of my expenses (which will allow me to expand my future wants (and build a home)).  4) To keep active and engaged in the world helping those in our personal and global communities to achieving their goals.

I note that’s only four, though it does leave me room to expand for a fifth (about half a year ago, one wish or dream was to compete on Survivor.)

It is saddening that some people are living lives they hate or dislike, and also agitating that some haven’t enough to survive without help.

Another major idea that I think people should activate is the idea of having a life book.

In this book, I recommend that on the very first page you write 8-10 points of where you are in your life when you write the page.  The awarenesses that you have of what you write are extremely important to notice.  These 8-10 things are the things you are primarily aware of of your current situation.  Some you may like, or not, or even just note that ‘it is what it is’.

On the second page, I recommend that you write down your ideal situation.  These points should be what you ideally would like to do.  Think unlimited… if there was no restrictions on time or place or people or money, what would you ideally like to be doing.  (This links to vocational and purpose training too.  The idea of what you would like to do for 40+ hours per week if you could focus on ANYTHING).

There is a photo on my cell phone I’m going to try to post here…


Found it!!

As part of this post, I want you to think about this photo and how you are NOW.

Then think of this photo and break down or think of 5 or so things that you can put into the circles that you know of your own life now.

For me, I start with What the world needs…  I have an idea that my purpose is linked to the ideas that I have, and the want to help.  I want to help the world, and have some good heart and ideas to do so, though I need people.  My challenge in this section is my own current limitations of money for helping some with their lives, and also that I lack an audience or people to help.  I find that I often have been a resource for people (car rides, money, cards, cigarettes).  I want what I want to bring to the world as love, luck, light, and support.  I want to help build peoples lives, and not just be a resource of transportation or to help others with a lack of money.  (That’s mainly for the communal and friend part).  For my one wish/goal/dream of having 200% income past my expenses, I could adapt to help some with $ things, though I also wish not to be drawn dry of my own material possessions.

For That that I’m good at!?!?  I note that my skills in this area are more so the creative works… writing, recording, communication, new ideas.  I again think that I have ideas and thoughts to share, though I’ve not been very successful with that up to now.  Maybe the world doesn’t need me enough, or perchance I’ve not earned or gathered people that are in need of what I can do.  I am one, and I note that a world cannot be built just on and with one.  For yourself, think of your skill set…

Think then of the top circle… That which you love.  When we mesh the things that we love doing, even if not competent, we can build from that.  As we find the things that we love, and develop the ability to do them well, we move closer to the centre.  Some people are clarified as to what their passion is.  They know that they are good at some thing(s) and that they like doing them.  This IS a very important thing to know.

The last circle is the one I’ve had the most difficulty with (other than finding people to help, and an audience to write for).  Money is cryptic and flawlessly something that the world heeds.  Some people recommend having the basic (or standard (or complex)) job to work for the pure use of money.  Working a job that one hates and uses only for a money source (I think) is not a good idea.  Even if we know our current situation, and are aware of our ideal situation, we may need to use basic jobs as a support and pathway towards our freedom solutions.  Some people can make shitloads of money, and hate their life, while there too are some that live lives they adore, and still find a base way to support themselves.

My ideal freedom solution… That’s partly what I wanted to share with this post, though I’ll set that for the future posts.

For today… for this post… I thank you for reading up to here.  If you did, I thank you and note you are one of the very rare few.  I have one paragraph that I want you too to read as the close of this post.

Please find a life you love and can share to help others support themselves with their goals and dreams.  Find ways that you want to help, and allow opportunities to do so through connecting and sharing and being an active part/person here on Earth.  Please heed well from your own internal guidance system and make certain that even if you don’t want to ask help for forming or developing your dreams, that you let other people know what you want.  You may be surprised that some people will find their own value in helping you achieve your own goals and dreams.  A win/win of sort.

PLU8R for always, and please allow yourself to thrive!!!


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