I Like to Write, though Who will Read?

Each seed will need light and water.  Though I know she has a daughter, the potter seems to take hold of the wheel, and make me think unreal.  There is the pact made that seems to cross the Jade into that played on the CD.  The ideas do form key by key, and though E cannot be one for me long term, the ideas start to squirm out my being.

Seeing I don’t have a girlfriend, what shall I lend to the cosmos?  I form verbose layers of text, yet the players next action may find the subdivision of the faction to use the rhymes as traction to advance forward.  The exhalation find the symbiotic notation made at a Starbucks station.

Breathe in the clear breath and find that Beth has (maybe) played me like a riddle since Left of the Middle.  I doubt it though, as how could she know me?  I mixed out two days from the Secret Stash ways, and use this as 664.  The mix of the clicks of the score too shall evade the sacred spade to dig in the Earth and dredge up some Contiointalectic worth.

I make up words and ideas of language that may hold a wedge in the door so that the idea can be explored and looked out to the door.  They shook the cook into the book and found the rook take a piece of geese in the facts that increase the protocol that y’all expect.  A mix of the Simic sect as the dragon goes through the flows for the toes to squiggle into the giggling beauty, and not just since she’s a cutie.  They shoot me from many angles, and though the angels of the easel think I’m a weasel, there are many who seed the tar in the lungs as part of the rungs of the ladder.

Smoking and cloaking truth may wind youth about the booth and find the tooth to grip the tread, yet sped away from the day into how the things of the wings are in the fray of word that makes sense to the bird that rotates a 45 Colt into how we emulate the different pathways that Dave prays too.  Lori and Alex also show the shoes to fuse the track with the idea that sounds all the way back to Chilliwack.

There is a base where the people are huddled under the muddled thoughts where plots and plans are like the tans that another stole from the union of coal.  I am creative, yet hold little control of the vital role to convey what another will think or say.  The tracks play in the ears as the years focus through the lens of the spirit.  Some may not hear the sound that is bound by a course of fate and destiny.

A link to the Underground found the tree of life that shares the wares made in the iambic pairs of joy and glee.  Variety of the text also finds the consects and directions made to spin that made into a pause for the cause of the black.  There is a full tracking of what we have done when hidden from the daughter or the potter, as told to hold on three minutes before running for some water.  Nac One to come from a point that they’re hotter.

Anyhow…. A break from flowetics.  Through the past few days I have been muddled and not fully feeling stable.  There is the fact that I have lacked honest and honourable connection, and I also got agitated that I’ve given so much effort and energy to life with (seemingly) little reciprocation.  There have been a few conversations that have gotten at me and set me off to curse out a bit.  I have found also that I’m not sure why I write sometimes if the material is not read (or music heard).  I have a personal quote “It takes two to write, and one to read.”  This is the case that there (usually) should be a receiver to read what’s being written.  The two are one) the receiver, and two) the writer.

I have often found it difficult to know WHO to write for.  If there is no person that I am writing to, then what is the purpose.  If I can form text for someone to read, then the additional layer is, WHO will read it?

I want to find people that want to consume what I write and record, yet there seems to not be a want or need for it.  Sometimes I write things specifically for one (or more) people, though I don’t know if what I have written or recorded has been heard.

I still want an audience to write and create for.

I also note that another person challenged me on my own wants.  That I should not be so focused on what I want.  Another person told me that I need to forget about the others and focus on what I want and need.

Regarding ‘giving’ to people, I also have two ideas shared from Lynn yesterday.  It’s not my responsibility to choose if something I made is valuable or not to another.  The other idea was that I clarified that my intents and projects require many more than a few, and that I want to reciprocate for those that will help me with my journey.

The mix back to the post from a week ago called ‘Please Use 5-10 Minutes to Read This!!’ then goes to the fact that if we know who wants help, and with what, we can then step up to help them.

The sessions of time share the instamention of the climb up to the mountain top, and though we may want to dive deep into the valley to rally for position on the field, the omissions revealed will wield the decks of REK’s son to have spun a cocoon of the embryonic tune that shall gel and let us advance the dreams of ourselves, and others, as the mother’s visit caused a glad heart to know that there are some who will show the time to be there and care… Though where we are to meet has taken a second beat, the mix of the cleat holding the boat to the dock too shall walk a path of solitary math, even if the other half will use a laugh to share that there are so many and so few that will know and help us with what we do.  A Whelp to renew.

The cue to speak is sometimes too humble or meek as we stumble into things to share with authentic care of taking (and making) the time and rhyme to be there.

I thank you for the airwaves that allow the mental plough to dig into the heart.  Although we still don’t know if we will start, take the will of the chart and toss the ideas of the boss into the project like QBlue, or the Cipher of  a Sayonite to ignite.

A rite to hold with a controlled elective enrolled in (and with) my fear and sin, as we know that an eternal life is partly what we will never be in.  The spin of the top too shall find the eye line not drop, yet still she yearns for him to find the kinds of heart that will share and show who will chill out the grout and share a second dear and tender sprout (as a defender of the spout (thank you!! (even if I know not who))).

So find the last line involute the retribution from the distribution of sand to land and cement, like Sedimentary Stone‘s intent to find the pent up feel of how this goes back many years before and after Teal.



2 thoughts on “I Like to Write, though Who will Read?

  1. bonchi says:

    I really like this lines rhyme (hey, that rhymes!):

    “There is the pact made that seems to cross the Jade into that played on the CD. The ideas do form key by key, and though E cannot be one for me long term, the ideas start to squirm out my being.”

    Also, you referenced “664,” which is the same as “-rw-rw-r–” which is a permission setting for files on a computer system. It equates to: The user has read and write permissions, the group has read and write permissions, and others only have read permissions.


    On Sat, Feb 27, 2016, 16:14 A Node in the Contialis wrote:

    > MindSound posted: “Each seed will need light and water. Though I know she > has a daughter, the potter seems to take hold of the wheel, and make me > think unreal. There is the pact made that seems to cross the Jade into > that played on the CD. The ideas do form key by key, a” >


    1. MindSound says:

      The dreams call forth the North to the Ocean… a potion of the file held in the ability to rewrite the file. QBlue, plus a cryptic clue, that the good Chi helps remind us of who to be.


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