This may not be clear, though holds some ideas.

Okay… In this session I want to share some of my codes and ideas and metaphors.

My cousin Alex (thank you!!) asked me to explain turtle code to him.  This blends with how the glacial pace of my growth is also linked (the idea of me as a turtle).  The sociological code though is for explaining groups and also links to film theory.

The original idea of the turtle code was formed when I was at SFU campus in a film history class.  I was quit psychotic at the time (1998-1999) and was convinced that there were hidden cameras and all sorts of other stuff.  The base code was sources from film where there were two people talking on screen.  The primary speaker was dubbed Leonardo and the one that was in conversation with them was Donatello.  Raphael was added as the third on the screen and that all those in the theatre seats were Michaelangelos.  There would be many many Mikeys and then the three on screen.

This nodes as where I was writing as a group of three lovestones and I Mikey kicking it with nunchucks!  (The notion of Mikey being separate from the primary three.

Many years later I would blend in Genuine and Sublime (and Aqua and Picasso) as additional turtles.  Genuine and Sublime were the 5th and 6th turtles and wore a black (Genuine) and yellow (Sublime) headbands like the original four.

The code is still evolving, though the base idea or a Jet (a group of four) is melded as an Emerald Mox is associated as a stylish tactilic feeler associated with turtles.  From the Magic and Mox code, the colours of the turtles blends too.

Raphael wears the red headband and has a pair of sai (a code for the eyes).  In the Magic code, red is our vision.  Leonardo has the blue headband, and uses a pair of katanas.  This is crossed as the katana meaning a voice, a mouth, or a cough (also noted, yes, I use Oxford commas).  Blue Moxes (Sapphires) are ones that make sound (audio out).

I also note I don’t get to the point often, and often there is no point.  I do still try to stay on topic though, so should explain more of the codes.  Within the turtle code, there are codes for the weapons that are used in relation to body parts.  Genuine uses ninja stars (shuriken) and are coded as hands.  The voice/mouth is Leo’s katana, the staff are the ears (which links to how the staff of Starbucks are hearing and knowing a lot of what happens in their community and shops).  Mikey uses nuncucks (a code for legs or nose), and then Sublime’s weapon is the laser (a code for the mind).

Outside of turtle code, there also is the crossover reference of eyes are cameras, mouths speakers, ears microphones.  Audio visual ideas.  The Mox code is another main code.  Five primary Moxes plus an additional three.  When I say something is noded, I mean that it’s been labeled or set.  IE, if I’m noded at my computer, I am locked in and set upon it.  If a group of five is noded with the Mox code, the five people are said to be labeled by the five different types of Mox.

There also is a layer of seniority or priority with the Mox nodings.  On the initial noding (about 2014) five people (including me) were at my home for a Magic event.  The five people were each given a Mox name.  I then thought of other people that were part of the blend and added three more Moxes.  My codes and ideas are very layered.  One idea sets the formulation of another, sometimes a random word or thought or idea will change a code/node, and often things or ideas or people are added because of guilt complex for not including or adding another into ‘the mix’.

Harmony also asked me to make a Rob dictionary…. I have formed the base of one, though not certain if to share.  Andrew E (initial Diamond Mox) also said once “A person should not have to come with an instruction book.”  Then from the word book, I note that I lost Chapter 10 of Finding Natalie and think it may be gone for good.  The idea with that book was to write from Nat’s perspective and it was intended just for her.  The book evolved out past her and was directed at other people.  I closed the book in August-September of last year, though the holidays were mentally a mess.  I wrote Chapter 10 to her and was going to continue the book, or start another.  The idea for the book ‘Beautiful, Do you Mind?’ was to extend as each chapter being written to one specific lovestone.  I’ve not started that yet though.

This post though is meant to be codes and metaphors.

The Mortal Kombat code is one that includes mainstream artists (mainly Rap/Hip-Hop) as being labeled as Mortal Kombat characters.  The code (as of now) has solidified five bosses.  The rappers that are represented in the code are ones that have influenced me, and the explanations are ironically accurate.  I’ll only share one code with this post, the link to Sub-Zero as Snoop Dogg.  The blend of that is not so acute as there also is the link from “Snoop paid the cost to be the boss.” When Sub-Zero is not a boss in the game.

Kintaro to Motaro though Shao and Shang-Tsung’s flow back to Goro and how those five are ones who most of you know.

The Magic codes also are still forming… some of the base ideas are from actual Wizards of the Coast colour coding, though the blend of the dual lands and cards are also part of perceptual and Mox noding.  The Khans and Shards (groups of three colours) also helped aid the four colour nodings with base words of Contialitic for white, True or Wet for blue, Passionate or Primary for red, Dark for black, or High for green.

The meld of my writing environment has changed… thought criminals, though that’s what I call contialitic people who fuse and ridicule and procure power plays to gain control of a situation through mental telepathy.

The two types of telepathy in Shoulspeak are laser telepathy or QBlue telepathy.  Laser shoulings are direct mind to mind (like a Vulcan mind meld) while QBlue is natural or puddle telepathy.

I need to break from the computer for now…  I leave this as another short and random (and poorly edited post, though will return again).  I partly think that there’s little to no value or audience for this, and the lack of having a belief that my works will be read or heard seems to have me have a lack of wanting to refine…. or abjectedly not give as much care to them as if they will be consumed.

Anyhow… this post may be a natter and not clear, though part of the process.



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