How Many Elephants Can You Fit in a Canoe?!

It doesn’t matter, because there are no bones in iced cream.

With a variant form of text, the flowetics next juncture finds the puncture of the balloon.  Too soon to spoon the food from bowl, as the heated role finds the coals compress, and yes, a Diamond Mox may produce blue.

The violet hue of a code about a rainbow finds the JGreen tow the Katakana into the one who’s passed out on the couch.  Though they want to live in England, there is a band too that was lost from another.  I also think about the puncture of the tire from looking down at my lap, and then crapped into the curb with my car.

The seeds of the star are too held in a different system.  Though the aliens list em on Oznglack’s node, the tracks and the road find the kinds of thread that winds through from the very beginning of time way after the end of the rhyme.  A friend to climb into the box and share the hair of the fox with the sly and witty dreadlocks.  Holly!!!   She was the Too Fly Lovestone as I thought she was too fly for any guy.  She was very seffable and had green eyes and red dreadlocks that were twisted up on her head.  (I think my Dad got to meet her at SFU).

Also from SFU was Brew.  He was a best friend and was part of many sessions of green, and some mushrooms too.  There was one time that we were up on the roof of Louis Riel House on SFU campus smoking dope.  We were the only ones on the roof, and from behind the stairs, two red balloons appeared and floated up to the sky.  This made no sense as there was no one to release the balloons, and that spins to my tunes and how I’m not a signed artist (and don’t quite want to be one).

The webs have been spun by the lines of signs that weave Soh Cah Toa and Mr. Yeskee’s geraniums.  One was named after me, and was because I didn’t deal with authority well.  I often have responded negatively to power plays that some people make, and that remains true up to now.  There are some people that will use power plays, and if you haven’t heard the term, you should know it.

A power play is when someone performs and action or says something to gain power over another person.  There is territorial element to some, and are quite common in the workplace.  I am one who doesn’t care or want to be the alpha, though even from Survivor we know that people want to eliminate people that they see as a threat.

There also were ideas shared by Kyle C about social dominance and hierarchy.  What was found from that lesson is that I am more of an Omega.  I’m just glad to be a part of things and the only power that I want is to not have to face death or violence.  There was a person in a class I was part of that I really think was acting like a piece of shit because they wanted to be alpha.  I didn’t care if they did want to be… I don’t care if I’m the highlighted leader, I just don’t think that threats are okay or cool.  I also note I shouldn’t call people pieces of shit, though note that I do get reactive to people acting like that.

The node for the code to unload the tracks at Shell House.  I used to use the term Shell House in my rhymes, and that was before I worked at the gas station.  There was (is) a dormitory on SFU campus called Shell House, and when I think of the place, there was a lot of fun and dope trips there.  No acid… that happend after my first trip to the psych ward.

That too links to my Dad and how he says I shouldn’t reveal the past ‘bad’ things that I have done.  I think them interesting though.  Another person said that I should reveal parts of my mental illness to people so that I can (maybe) generate kinship or find kindred people.  I think that my hospitalization was an interesting story, though I don’t know what value in entertaining people with the stories are.  I think that if I’m going to share stories, there should be a purpose.  (Then again, the posts on this blog may not hold any value (and note that sometimes I really really want some people to read)).  Other advice is that if I think or call myself a writer, to write!

There are different forms and ideas and styles that I use.  There are typed documents that I’ve made through the past few years.  Full Throughs are documents that I write in flowetics through the playing of an album.  IE, I will play an album, and write flowetics (streams of consciousness that rhyme) for each of the songs and tracks on the album.

Link to some Full Throughs —->  CLICK THIS!

I also have written keystyles which are pages of flowetics to (usually) one person.

Link to some Keystyles —->  CLICK THIS!

I also have written Lovestone Chronicles which are used for my creative process from the personal and KD perspective….

Link to Chronicles —->  CLICK THIS!

Then I have been led to my music and what I have recorded.  My first recording was made in 1999 when in the Philippines.  The recording was made on a track from an album called ‘Hip-House’ and was for Demma.  She’s one that I should write to in a book, though won’t go on all about her right now.  I have been recording semi-frequently through time since 2000 when I had my first properly produced song/track that’s called ‘Life is a Sunset’.  The producer was a friend that seeded much in and with and for me in the Vancouver situation, though due to my illness and delusions and experiences, I still don’t know if they were in the plan to help me build, or the plot to have me killed.

Technically I have 10 more minutes to write (if to write for 1/2 hour) though will stop short.

I somberly carry to the fact that I fear the contact, and know not how to refract the light of my freight and the heights of the mountain.  The fountains of thought have been sought not from the plan or plot, yet the link to Dan has brought the knot tied around the bound book to find the duck and chook too look back into the mirror and how in the monitor I did hear her.  The clearing of the pasture will find the brambles cast aside to let the rambling slide the truth into the past of the youth and the future or age.  The New Stone Age and the tones of the page will find the kinds of tethers that hold Cheshma and Heather’s link to Chris Plemel, as he was an amazing friend as well.  Some in the House of Slack krell also knew that there were many who wanted to kill, yet still I am glad they let me live… knowing not what I may give to them.

The hem of the line also aids the grades of the sign to find Wade’s design like Boggs with the Upper Deck crad hogs in the meld of how the Alicia Keys Bacon Pancakes were found being sung overseas.  They may have hung the breeze by the mist, yet still the splay can hissed up the tag as the Klang person and disorder may think I’m to gag.  They slag the grout, yet still I breathe in, and breathe out.  Told the ciggie is a sprout with a Jiggly Puff to shout back to Julian and the West Edmonton Mall arcade where the SF2 and KI was played. Think also back to Laser Quest and how the test of the west will find her blessed and to expand the dual of the fuel that is in hand of the sands of time which call out the bands of the prerogative to tell the rhyme that the time is almost through for writing out to, I haven’t a clue.

Love and light and luck to you, and forget not to live, as life is something that is both amazing and something that may sift through the sieve.


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