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It is definitely my prerogative to create and share.  The ideas that I use will help take some of the air and put it back into the water.  A symbiosis of the lines shares that there are billions of human spines that shall intermingle and thrive (while attached to the minds).

The kinds of things that I create are music and lyrics and words and codes and books.

I have recorded for about 17 years.  I have been sober from drugs for twelve.  I have lived a full duration of life (up to now) though I hope that God and the other forces that be will let me live until 2053.

There are three books of mine dipping into the world now.  The first is in final editing that is about my love life and the relationship(s) with gals on this planet, even I had been too focused on one.  That book is called ‘Finding Natalie’.  The second is one I started about half a year ago that is to discuss ideas of spirituality and my experiences from drug use.  I have made up some words that I include in a language called Shoulspeak and that language will be covered in the second book called ‘Built from Within’.  The last book is one I started a few days ago with a title of ‘Beautiful, Do you Mind?”.

I think I mentioned these books in another recent post, though when I was forming some of these initial posts, there was barely anyone reading or viewing them.  I am a repetitive person sometimes.  “I am not random!  I merely have many thoughts!!”

Very true that there also is the incessant rhymes and use of codes and jokes that find the smokes consumed all over the place.  I want to dip into 4 pounds of bass and note that there is water in the boat.  They called Kass a goat, and though I wrote and recorded a bit for Spencer, the link to Season 31 was spun well into how we divide our spirits from Heaven and Hell.  Though we live in our Earthly shell, there also is the fact that some hearts have been bound in a sacred pact.

The fact that I lacked also left the middle in the riddle.  She is to piddle a puddle of a muddle of word that shall show the third word used in that fused as one confused as to how the beats abused the rused with that that they placed on the shoreline.  Forget not Keith in the mix of how the six became three (with a wiggle of the nose in the scriggles of the shows (And the link of two silent E’s!))

I’m just some kind of weird kid who’s wanted to hide the tides of thought and claim that it was something that I brought.  The walls call back to the track and stack the sequential form of life to find her as his husband, and to find the lovestone that wants to be his wife.

I leave myself open for the deceit by not allowing the universe to repeat of compete with the treat that they skeet into the sheet.  The beat to match the Latchseeker that is a 3/1.

Some ideas are spun and dyed like the wool that another guide has used to form on both sides of the riddle.  I use that word a lot, and though the plan is skip the plot into the trip that will be brought in June, the fact is that it’s too soon to know where the book will go.  Finding Natalie will be complete and ready for distribution in about a month or so, though I don’t know what I want to do with the book.  It’s a look into me and my mind and heart, though I really haven’t a clue why I’d set the goal to meet her, even if there was going to be a certain start.  The fact is, though, that it started more than a decade ago.  Accurate also of the flow, though I throw a Disco Oreo line back to Dave before the rows of coffee link back to Clark.

A son to speak up and find a geek to sup with the kid who’s been called a nerd (or squid!).

The link to ink also mixes in tattoos and how Kat’s now in the shops where the newspaper are sold.  Some people will never do what they’re told.  If that’s the case, tell them to be so bold that they will turn the fold of gold back into those who’ve strolled across the landscape of time without the use of my rhyme.

I must resist the idea to climb back out of bed, and instead be led towards the notion of sleeping in and enjoying a potion of thought.  Some people cannot, and will not be bought or shot.  The plan and the plot find the kind bird to hear the ideas that near the points of perception that adds this joint’s mention.

A GrizzlyBeats Production in the function of Contravert.  The blurting of the line mixes Are Usually Decoded into how The QBlue Project has been partially noded.  The meld of Cipher of a Sayonite though might find the Signal to Node to be a Digital Slipstate of the things that I create.  Yet will she eat the beat right off the plate, like a dub.  My music is introversial and not for the club, yet some of Trill will mix the bass into the trap (as I recall when I was upsold by Jenn to get a frap!).

There also is SoundCloud.  That a place where some are proud to host the coast and skip the ghost to boast about toast that was turned into bread.  Yet when spun backwards and decoded, the ideas have sped back to the pipe, when a nice glass one should be made and fused exactly what I type.

I also don’t know who of you know what PLU8R is.  It’s like PLUR, though with an ‘8’ that signifies a few things.  One part is the eight R words.  They stemmed from Respect, though I added seven others.  The other notion of PLU8R is that there is an infinity sign used when the eight is tapped on it’s side.  The other part is that the backronym for the word EIGHT is Everything In God’s Hands True.  This is a prayer and layer of faith that all is okay.  Abi reminded me in an Instagram photo recently to remember and recall to trust the universe.  That all is okay and well, or as PLU8R states, in God’s hands.

The sands of time pass through the hourglass.  The hands of the clock to scour and ask if the digital mask can flask up the smile and add another grain of sand to the file.  I land in the denial of what they want of me, instead of being the sapling to a tree.  I am not a pot, I am not a stone, I am not one who should be assumed to be known.  The that idea thrown up on this post is a link to an article I wrote.  It’s about self and how we each are, and are not just one specific and plain person.  The immersion into life is something all of us alive must tend with, and though we may think we know, we should not presume or assume that we know.  There are many parts of ourselves that have yet to grow.

I toe into the water the idea of the daughter potter and know that some cuties may argue about who is hotter.  The bingo dotter though will lead forward to let you know that, sometimes, they are a froward seed.  I heed from the need to press on and progress, as sometimes I’m the one to say no, when she is the one to beg yes.

What about the other people?! I have enough of myself to deal with!!

Click that link for some more of how there are many more of us than four.



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