My Challenge with Push Marketing…

We know that many people are pushing their products or services (or self) online now-a-days.  I’m guilty of this too.  I’ve used Facebook to market to friends and connections (and some other targeted posts).  There are some people that I follow or look up to that are online marketers, though there are some that are online that really get me jived up with their emails and spam.

I am one who wants to find a balance of sharing my works (written and recorded) without using too much of a push from myself.  I have wanted to use my music as a tool to earn money to support myself, though also note my right hooks are asking people to play the tracks.  If someone streams (or yet, downloads) my music (even for free) that’s them giving to me.

I don’t yet know how, or what value, there is to anyone who reads or plays what I make, though have the idea that when someone is willing to share some time to read what I’ve written, or play what I’ve recorded, that that’s them bringing ME value.

I don’t yet comprehend what value my music holds for others yet, yet I think of Lynn’s comment that reminds me that it’s not my choice if my works are valuable or not to another.  It is another’s perspective, and not one that I own.

For those who do know what I create, and for those who want to help me with my creative projects, I do have some ideas for a mutual benefit.  I sometimes feel guilt for marketing myself as it’s for my own benefit, yet I need to get past my negative feeling of self-promotion.  Another idea is to enlist others to help me with marketing the recordings.

If you think you can generate sales, and want to earn money, let’s try this…

I invite you to chose one word to use as a discount promo code for the Bandcamp page..  Anytime the code word is used for a sale, I will split the sale’s profit 50%/50% with you.

e.g. If someone uses the code ‘Harmony’ or ‘Link’ with a paid download, the purchaser will receive a 25% discount, and Harmony or Robyn will be given 50% of the sale.

$8 for an album, code used –> $6 sale… $3 to the owner of the code, $3 to me.

This is a basic idea, though no one has used ‘Link’ or ‘Harmony’ yet at the point of this post.

I also am making this post a short one, as I just want to hold this idea in this post.  When written, I was receiving less than 10 views per post on this page, and my sales on Bandcamp totaled $128 over the course of the six years since I started with the site. is the link to my sales page.  If you have a PayPal account and  think you’d like to help earn some $ from sharing my music, please message me and we can choose a word for you to use.

Keep at ‘er!!



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