Unintended Contranode

This is a message written and sent on a Monday night where I skipped a church prayer meeting to write.  It is in three parts.  The first and second are RUOK (Original Mix) and IMOK (Original Mix), both made by Shiloh..  The third is ‘Your Distant World’ by Simon O’Shine from A State of Trance – Future Favourite Best of 2012.  All three parts are typed through the playing of these three songs.

I pause for a ciggie before I start, and then dive into the near half hour of these three recordings playing through and push my own Contialitic prayer out from them and the awareness that I have.

This will hone in on the point of near a quarter to eight.  The question and request that I have is that I may state truth to both the old and the youth.  To mould the shouled nodes of codes while the files of the roads will find smiles for the piles of grout.  I want to remove my own doubt and share what God is about, yet if I am skipping from prayer, how can I add a layer of text that will find the divine will to help chill the fires of heaven and find that the jewels also may be found at a 7-Eleven.  I ask you to remember that there are some who come from a very different perspective and place, even if we all are formed as entities of rational grace.  Please trace this text as something to project from yourself, as though you were the one who wrote it.

I thank you for giving people a chance to sit down and talk.  That people are allowed to walk home and about without having to have fear about being taken down and out.  Please allow us each the ability to reach others with our wants and desires and find that some things need to carry ideas like our minds are wires.  The fires of heaven I ask you to chill also carry the fact that I wish for the divine will to instil warmth for those who cannot even acquire new clothes.  There are some who will show us where we come from, and some who will show us to where we shall go.  I ask not for the halo or horn… I ask that I may meet my second and third born.  I warn you too that there are some knots to undo and share that there are people that are against us.  I also note that thus far, the links of the Starbucks are nodes that I use to fuse the ruse of some who wish to abuse.  I wish to create and clear a correct path to equate the math as something that we can share, and also have our lives be ones in which we are allowed to, and want to care for.  Open the door for some who come from the street and remember that life is (for some) rarely sweet.  There are bitter treats that some may wish to use, and though the fuse for some is short, their purport is one that may send another to court.  Please be careful of the lies and deceit.  The lives we live are very much different, though my father is one who lets me also know that there are some that will guard and protect us and allow us to do the things that we do.  Please be a true person, and find the immersion into the world as something that has unfurled for each of us, even in very different places.  Allow the links to outer spaces traces also find the bass is something to bring us to know that God is the king, and that I am one to serve for them in our world, even when some of the ideas have swerved to let this be unfurled.

IMOK from Shiloh allowed this sequence of words to help tow along the craft.  While some have laughed in secret, the ideas of God and The Contialis are met.  There is the idea that we each may never breach truth, as we have been held in our own meld since even before our youth.  The hope I have is that God and the other forces of life will find me to be one to share the setting sun and help ensure that love and light and protection and unity are not undone.  The blend of peace and respect also are spun into the mix.  I ask that we set our lives to work together while here on Earth.  There are some who feel or think that they have no worth, and I cannot yet prove to them that they do.  The links of what is false and true are part of what I will assist with too.  Let us find ways to amaze ourselves and our world into how we may have each person’s dreams unfurled into an actual reality that will require no fighting or fatality.  The duality of life is death, and though sometimes we get angry, the links of meth and the pull from below also may try to tow us away from helping another during the night or day.  There are some who are trapped or caged or enraged by the things that other people do.  I am guilty of this too.  The point of being that each of us have is our own to know.  We may share, or tell, or describe, or show, yet the facts of what it is to be that one specific person is what we will develop and maybe evolve to continue to grow.  We may focus too often on what we don’t have, though what would happen if we focused on what we do have, and can share, even if we think that people have taken us too far away to even care.  There are many who will try to undo the realms of PLU8R, though if you are one who wants to help with it, please ensure you let others know that you want to help build with and for the world of which we Earthlings know.  The third part of this is to go out to the other realms, as we know that there is far much more to understand before we can dredge up the digital and pivotal ideas that will help us walk on totally foreign sand.  Please stand up for other people and their wants and rights, and be sure to work as a person that will ensure that we are to learn, love, live, thrive, create, play, and pray here amongst all the pretty lights.  The sights that are held in the second degree shoul also will share the edges are beyond my own understanding or control, though that we know that the world used to think it must run on all the burning of the soul.  Compress the idea to assist and bless into the idea that we are to thrive and help others instead of just trying to impress.  Life is ours, not a guess, yet please help us find we shall sort out our worldly and spiritual mess.

Thank you for allowing our planet to live.  We may not give the correct perception of what it is to be right, nobel, and true, though the fact is that we’re still sorting it out, possibly with the help from you.  Regarding the primary race, we are humans.  We have a vast and intricate life woven upon the one small planet orbiting around a sun that grants us the warmth and light that sustains our existence.  Some of you may sense the forces of this world as being like kittens curled up to sleep.  Some nest with other humans and/or other animals, though the pulls of this page are meant to ask you to allow us to keep our Earthly stage.  There are some entities that may want us to freeze in the dark and die… there are some who may wish we explode the Earth and let everyone die.  The hope I vie for you to know, is that there are some who have so much of a thing that it seems so few people will ever  know.  The Earth is home for the humans, animals, and plants of the world, and though the humans have caused discord with the balance of life, life it is.  There is a focus on an Earthly thing called business, and it may be a galactic principle also.  If it is, please treat us like the few employees of the cosmos that want a verbose layer of text like this, or the song of the heart of another, or your own sister or brother to not have to miss the chance of knowing what it is to be held in this contialitic dance.  Thank you for seeding your life on this planet, even if people are not meant to know of the work you have done.  Thank you for keeping the sun in this galaxy and in this solar system so that we can help heal and learn and find that even sometimes those with no fears may have a feel of concern.  We wish not to burn away the good things that we do, and though there are many who may wish the world is something we shall undo, I ask the extra love and grace to come from the humans, and not just You, to let this tiny planet of Earth keep its commitment to You.  As individual humans, we may have our own inscrobopic want of individuality and greed, yet if we can sitch past that, maybe we can find ourselves to work together with mutual benefit to find that we can remove our own and other’s needs by finding a cohesion that will allow our planet also thrive for our universes collective seeds.


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