Entrepreneur’s Sell Things

I guess then that I’m not an entrepreneur… I tend to think that my role and/or job titles are listed as a few different things.  The first is Contialitic Shoulsman, I do perform Trinal Distribution, and also seed as a Neurolinguistic Programmer.

I’m messed up with selling things.  I don’t have a strong drive to do so.  I don’t hustle well for money.  I tend to think that I’m more a writer through the past while, and though  I note I do want to earn money from my music, my sales skills and intent trip the process up and out.

I am not wanting to spam all my music, and I also note that I want to earn my audience. I eventually reap the rewards of earning enough love that people to WANT to buy things (music/books) from me, though I note I’m not near that point yet.

I admire those who can thrive and find their freedom solutions also.  One I look up to is a masterful seller and entrepreneur (and CEO), though I personally don’t have the thirst to earn money from people.  I love business and the results of successful transactions and marketing, though I’ve not made earning money my prime directive.

I also take from that one that I look up to online as giving me (and others) great amount of value and seeding a lot of good heart and intent (and hope) into my actions and choices.

I have found some of my priorities of wants, and also have faith in myself, our community, and our process.  I know that I will not be earning millions of dollars or get signed to a record label, though those aren’t my own wants.  I don’t want to get signed, I do want to build the glass house, though I will stay true to myself (and many others) and still find a way to support myself; And yes, it will require a great deal of help.

I deem that the things and choices that I’ve made more recently (and shall make in the future) are to align more clearly to my own inner wants and desires.  I also will keep and develop my own heart and care and gladness for others.  I also will not forget about reciprocation.

In the past I have have given much to people to attempt to earn value and reciprocation.  This is changing.  Now I believe that there is great value in helping people, though I’m finding that I want to interact with some, instead of thinking I need to to earn my life.

My Dad also has reminded me through the years of many things, and one key point of feedback that he’s given me, that is in line with other people’s prime advice as a thing to value, is self-awareness.  I actually think I am sometimes too self focused, though I also note my heart and intents are changing to allow other people into my care.

The slip to rhyme then finds the pen to chime into her note, and not canoe, as the mooch I make is true to line the crew to you.  A Donatello to say hello and include Mikey to the mix while Sublime and Genuine affix the labels to the Sapphire tables.  Anita should not be cast like fables, and though the series of the text shifted away from rhymes again, I am glad that I don’t have to create explicitly for another.

This also is why I’m not taking the same route that Andrew thinks I’d need to to earn money from music.  I don’t want to sell CDs on the street.  I don’t want to be signed to a record label.  I don’t want to perform shows.  I don’t want to HAVE to create…. and it’s good, because often it is my choice to create.  It’s just something that I do, and that I like.  Rewind back to the post at this link (CLICK HERE) and go back to the four circles.

I have found my spot for within two of the four circles.

The two circles I have found are the ‘What am I good at’ and ‘What I love doing’.  This (I hope) is a great place to start.

The other two circles of ‘What the world needs’ and ‘That which I can be paid for’ I’m almost pushing for.  I think that for what the world needs, I will learn and develop and understand what I can do for people that they want or need, and then provide it.  For that that I can be paid for, I think of service or product as the base of how to earn money.

I choose to sell music, and record more for the sake of wanting to record, not for money.

I choose to write to entertain or advise and also for my own wonderful gladness of having a way to understand and process.

So I guess then, Andrew, I now direct part of this page to you.

Thank you very very much for asking me to car you to our friends place.  I had a disc burned for you the night before, and because I had that seed floating (getting you the disc) and the fact that I’d get to interact with more than just one liked friend, I made the choice to car you at 11PM at night.  There are a lot of lessons that I’ve been given that allowed that to happen, and I’m very glad that it did happen.

I also want to share this post with you to explain WHY I’m doing what I do, and not still knowing the HOW it will happen.

I have a few base prerogatives that I  may repeat often.  The basic one for myself is Live, Love, and Thrive.  From this prerogative, the need for income to allow myself to finance my life (to continue to thrive) has been my challenge.  You know that the want of me to be self-sufficient/supportive is a strong reason.  You also challenged me on the practices and activities that I have done and that you think I should do.  Your critical points on what I am doing or should be doing are gladly received.

I’m also not certain what to tell you of it… I still have many conflicting internal ideas, though when another allows me to not just discuss my life, though challenge parts of it, that conversation allows me the ability to reassess and hone.  I want to do this for other people, though am afraid to challenge them on their choices, remembering also that some people don’t want or need to be challenged.  I think I do.  The one thing that I also want to give to people is the chance for them to talk and process all of their life and add support of guidance.  That’s more of the life-coaching things that I want to do to help people.

I’m not certain what else I should say in this post.  The main thing is that I’m working at my goals and wants and dreams, I’m getting closer to knowing what I can do to function as a support, and also note that I’m getting past my fears of connecting with some.

If you need or want help, please let me know.

“We are all on this planet together.”-Leslie Park



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