Do You Take Time to Read??

Or do you skip the seed that tripped into how we need to heed from the fact that some will come from a place where space cannot tell the Shell full well that there are some who tell the truth from the deceit?  A Contialitic feat to find the kinds of things that divinity brings under wings of the kings and queens who find the kind things to bind some with rings and find the wings to hold the mould, and not always fold up to sup?  A cup d’leau to show the signs of the trines that meld four as one…  A Sapphire spun to black with the opposite of shoul, and though the control of the microphone is not what I hone, the developed tones of thoughts and cadence sense the tracks in Chilliwack’s core, even if I’m not hard.

The guards of the cosmos are often found in the grounds for dismissal, or leaving, and though believing a bit too well, the ideas of the shell hold the Mel Bear and Brew back at SFU with Krista to renew Teressa and note I spell things wrong like the hits on the bong.  Some people are after tits and a thong.  I don’t say that they may, yet some also just search for a lay, while I dislike the people that play the other way.  That inverts the perversion of the mental immersion into the conversions of the soul, while my heart is what I want to be in control of myself.

Although the flows are not in the plots of the thoughts to radiate and pass heavens gate, the ideas are of late to state some violence because of things I sense that some would not believe would come from some guys.  The rise and fall of the walls also note I don’t want them to hop on MY balls either.  The writhing and sizing of the disguise they use also is in the fuse that lit the byte to bit as I sit now hearing the Tribe.  The bribes and gifts show that the soil sifts the rifts that I aim to tend and amend for and with some friend.

The idea to lend and borrow also remind me that I should not distribute cash or my rash responses.  The correspondence’s in the meld each and every moment.  Though the notions of holy lines also show the delivery signs and how the amputation of the Devil also severs some of the lines.


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