Try to Think This Through from You…

And if we want to get rid of Rob, who also wants to assist.  Though the twist of the lines also shows that he inclines to evade the thoughts we try to put in his mind, the fact is at least we have proven that he also can be unkind.  Though our plans wind through many more than a few, there are some of the shops that show that there are some who also DON’T want him to go.  Then too there are some crews who wish to fuse to work against him, so we need to clarify our points.

Then again there are some others of us who wish to keep him alive and away from melding with the other lovestones so that we can bring him to his gal and soulmate.  We have kept much secret so the first paragraph’s people cannot correlate and use their hate to eject him from the planet like another one who must also understand not what we create.

Also noted that some of us hear lots of the thoughts from his Id, and note the bids that were made are also to be followed through and relayed.

Though the music is wading in the mental seas, there is an easy way to show that we ALL are in the world in this Contialitic play.

Why should there be a plot to carry the story and have them got, and why must the plan seem to be to find him a man, when that totally is not what he wants.

The ruse and lies and deceit also are partly from those on the street who know that the higher powers could easily just press delete.

From the word Acropuffs, there are some ideas that we have formed and tried to make Robert be who we want him to be, and not letting his authentic being be the one that we shall apply.  On both sides of for and against, we don’t know the full angst of what he has been through for True, to only know that if we’re all fighting and battling for positions in the story, that we may not allow the actual facts be what he is to plough.

Some of those things that he had done are also held by the facts of some who run with guns.  The ideas of the knives also call from the wives who wish he would be the fish to dish out some seffing, when the fact is he wants to protect us like a sacred sprout.

Lots of us have beliefs about what he’s about, yet the idea also notes that the boats that we throw him in to skitch out to the ocean .  We cannot ensure that he cannot write or create for his, or our, devotion.  We still may not find the true notions that show the potions of her smile were sipped more than a decade before we even knew his name (or heard his file).

The best part of this, for some, is that we don’t need to know where he (or others) come from to know that there is an entire lyre played upon.  Some of us like lion’s after a fawn, some of us like the shepherd who just wants to use him as a pawn.

One explicit fact is is that none of us have the full idea of what has been in the spin from his kin, as we know not that there also is an entire ream of text that shall be read and processed and recorded before we get the chance to spin.

If WE decide as to where he is allowed to reside, what will happen with the plans that others of community and consect have made.  It’s like we’re in a battle over one child who still smiles through the deceit and lies and ruse of trying to assure that she is not the one that he will choose.

Some of us also want to guide him away from Nat, because that idea is not good for his mind or heart.  Some people want him to start a new life where he can settle down and enjoy and be loved by his wife.

The dear tears of years spent on one who’s still not knowing of his existence, let alone intent, also shall share and show that one thing God knows is that Robert’s not recently taken the time to repent.

Though heaven’s sent some messages back to the world of flesh and the living, there might be a Phresh line giving you the notion to shift and gift the body’s locomotion towards the same old rhymes (while some of us hold onto and share and smoke the dimes).

Climbs up to the mountain top should be what we allow, even if you are one on the hate side of the plough.  Some gain the benefit of being able to sit while the other oxen pull the machine.  The facts also of the turtles, remind us that each of the four are a teen.

TEENAGE Mutant Ninja Turtles… Not the Four forty year fearsome!

Rob is glad that the kids also share their force in the bids.

Though some may claim to aim for cash or sex, there are some who love instead to have time to use and share (and also develop their skills and intellects).

The suspects of the mission share the omission of above and below and keep a level head on the down low.  The town in which we know not the full thought shall share there are some to gel their wares and find the stares of another make Rob want to make sure they get the fuck away from him (like his brother).

The ruse and deceit and the Contialitic feat of matching the beat with the hatching of the cleat also share the stashing of defeat away so that we can all be kind and loving and play.

The things that some cannot ever hear us say, also shall share and show that some things will never be taken to sever the play (which seems to go on forever and a day).

Anyway…. What we must know is that we can trust him to act on many whims, and that we each have a different take or side, which makes the entire Contialis only part of what he holds inside.




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