Now that I’ve got some time to chill…

Okay…. Through the past few weeks I’ve been noded and active and busy… I now have half an hour to write on this blog again.  Few people have read any of my posts, though again, Ali, thank you for recommending and encouraging me to write.  I also thank you, Justin Klatt (and Joshua Hayden) for the encouragement of me recording videos.

I am now calm… the Foothills is calm and quiet and cazh, and I have an hour of float time before (I maybe) go to Monday night prayer.  I want to go to prayer, as I need to make (from my judgment, not others) atonement and repentance.  There are some foul and nasty things I have said and thought, and though I know I like when I’m feeling peaceful and good and true, I sometimes have turned into a vulgrous ball of hate and animosity.

I still am believing that I have few places where I can create.  The Starbucks’ are places where I tend and create my creative projects.  There also is the case I have a concern that I’m upsetting people by being there and often aim to keep in my bubble and not getting at others.  There are some who I like a lot that work there (one is just leaving the Foothills right now) and there also are some communal links that I like from the shops.

I also have started a chapter in Built from Within (one of two books in process) called ‘Community and Consect’.  These are two key words, and though most of you know the word community, I don’t even know to share what consect mean due to my pity party belief of no one reading this.  I explain though….

The Consect is a Jet term which refers to the criminal community, or as initially phrased ‘A G’s turf’.  There are many communities on this planet, that Seth Godin reminded us are also sometimes tribes of people.  There are the tribes of barista’s at Starbucks at the different shops, and also it layers out to the global tribe/community of those who are part of the company.

I read a while ago about how the national lines of Earth are still in geographic effect, though the notion of companies being the new nations (companies battling for profit, market share, and visibility/use).  There though are (as we may be more aware of) our own tribes or community.

I live in Chilliwack, a small/medium town where there is definitely a layer of community and consect.  Chilliwack is a town where there are quite a few churches, though think outwards from that to the global community.  On Earth there are the religions as groups that share similar doctrine and belief.  One thing I note in my life (my node in the Contialis) is that even on the semi-micro level of the one church I attend, there still is not much of an inclusion of other parts of the world.

Part of the Christian doctrine is that Christians go out and preach the word of God to all living creatures.  This I’ve not done very well/at all, and I’m not certain that I want to, or that I can even call myself a Christian.  I like going to church, and I also do believe in the power of prayer (which for me is to attune myself with The Spirit and also to repent (sometimes)) though I do not voice my prayers at the Victory prayer meetings.

I didn’t go to church this past Sunday as I wanted to work more on my projects and had additional tasks that I wanted to complete.  I also note that I’m not certain of my own intents in being part of the specific church.  I could tell you of my layered paranoias, my belief that I’m not honestly welcome in the congregation, or even the fact that I want to work more than I want to wake up early and go to church.

I also value some of the people in the Victory congregation, though it also has been said there that church is not a social club… It’s a place to commune and worship God.

In a global and biblical viewpoint, there is only have ever been one Jesus.  What I have intuited of the church (not specifically the one I’ve attended) is that people are plastering their own labeling over people and (maybe I’m projecting) plastering their labels over others (and/or themselves) as being part of the Trinity.  I also seem to think that some people are preaching or praying outwardly for show, or for their prayers to be heard by others.  Layer another effect or idea that if God is everything…. I just don’t know.

I have a guilt complex of missing church or prayer because of other humans viewing me negatively, though the other balance is that I like going to church.  The pull of wanting to miss church so that I can work is also noded over the fact that I don’t deem myself ‘as religious as required’ to attend.  I live on Earth, not just for a small community.

The layers of some things you’ve not heard or read from me are the ideas of how I also am wanting to live for this world and the individual and communal lives that are on it.  A pure Christian would say that I should be living for Jesus’ second coming, though layer that some preach ‘The living God’.  None of us are that, yet some may try to plaster that idea across the Contialis of life.  I shall not.

I do think that I should live well on Earth, that I should keep refining my own ability to control my own (and not others) actions, emotions, words, and deeds.  I want to work for God and the collective good without being part of a congregation that only partly welcomes me.  I want to help build and find my own abilities to harmonize and improve, and I also don’t want to bail on a small tribe that I can barely help.

Global PLU8R?!!?   I’ve only got up to the third R

Peace in every nation

Love for every race

Unity of every creed

Respect for every religion

Responsibility for every thought, word, deed, and action.

Representation of every perspective.

The next R word in PLU8R is Reciprocity, and I deem that there is an earned right.  That is also why I’m a bit concerned of my own life, as when I have been triggered to release the red and black mana, I deem that I’ve torched the fields and ruined my granting of PLU8R too.

There is an entire world in which we live.  We know this.  We also note (I hope) that each connection and communication is quite different between the different people that we connect with.

There are some I despise… I choose to avoid them as best I can.

There are some I like and love… I may forget them too often.

There are some I’m not allowed to talk to… I shall have to use a different way.

There are also some who may wish to talk with me… Some I wish not to know, and some may be people that I’ve not yet met or seen, and are people that I very well will like to discuss life and love and light.

Then again, maybe not…. I still haven’t a clue.

Regarding a plan, I have a very basic one that I’ve referred to before, and also was kindly reminded of by a great friend yesterday.  I should remember that the wishes that I have for myself, should perchance be transferred or replicated.  I know not.

Anyhow…. I took 30 minutes to write this, I have no idea if or how it’ll help another, yet I note that as long as I keep ploughing fields for combined yields, and also chip away at the many quarries of my mind, heart, and soul, I also must remember that I don’t necessarily need to be at church or in prayer with people I don’t have a close kinship with to help others with their lives.  I also note I may believe a lot stronger in the combined reality of Earth as being sourced from many many sources, and not just that one dude they threw up on the cross millennia ago.

Learn, Love, Live, Thrive, Create, Play, and Pray, here on Timeship Earth

(The idea that other worlds can see our Earth internet is also a thing… That’s like each human being one Earth with their own internal life (internet) in their being and no ability of space travel)

We know not the plan, yet you help build the plot

From some things I’ve ran, while some wish me got


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