I’m kind of pissed off…

Okay…. I want to run this….

What is this that I wish to run?!   Koyich Digital.

As the song Deadmau5 made plays on the stereo… (This Song!)

“Digital Family… The world that the children made.”

1AM Friday April 22nd 2016.  Christy Whitman link… intention first… Manifest with breath and life.

Fragments of the horizon in the reprising of the facts… Introversial pacts, and the truth that some stem from the claim that each are a gem.  The rhymes should be kept out of the hem of this post though, so I’ll set the flowetics aside (Thanks Shayna!)

I am pissed off that I’ve piddled and puddled and muddled with the creative works for the past decade and a half to have gotten so near and so far without actually forming a cohesive plan as to how WE all can get ourselves towards our freedom solutions.

Gary Vaynerchuk reminds me at so many different points (and from so many sources) that I should have gone all-in a long time ago.  Danny Rodriguez, you too know that I got the book (and though not done reading, know some of the answers) about what I am wanting to do, and what I shall do.  There are many many inputs and sources and notions and thoughts and ideas, though the link from Gary also reminds me that ideas are useless unless executed.  I want to make Koyich Digital flourish, and I’m pissed off I haven’t yet.

One layer of Koyich Digital should be the reminder to those who know me (and those who don’t) that I have zero family members living in the town in which I live.  The idea of family first is crucial (and a value I don’t display) though also note that for some of you who I reach out to time and time again, it’s because I don’t have my own family to talk and share and dine and process with.  I have skewed relationship with both my parents and note that since they live far away, the phone (technology) is what keeps us in contact.

With my mom, I will call sometimes, and when we speak on the phone, we do have some patterns to communication.  Both my parents, though, know that I will report and relay all sorts of stuff, and sometimes I will talk so quickly since it seems like there is so little chance to talk with them.  Some friends also should note that when I reach out to help, or when I message on Facebook, or when in my car as a passenger, I sometimes will chat trap them.  This stems from the fact that I process linguistically or verbally.  I sort out my world and my thoughts by talking (or typing) about them.  I have so so few people that I can process with.  Couple that with the layer of having so much that I want to do and include and accomplish (and the fact I know I CANNOT do this on my own) leads also to how I am sometimes self-centred, absorbed, and focused.  (These WordPress posts are where (I think) I can process and share with those who choose to read instead of locking someone in a chat they don’t want to be a part of).

Gary Vaynerchuk (Here’s his website (which is misleading to who he is)) has been a severe influence on me through the past while (starting with awareness about 2 years ago) and since I like to learn, the knowledge he has shared is extreme and paramount.

Another key thing Gary has seeded (or reinforced) in my belief system is that I should be going all in on something (Victory church too speaks of that, though in a religious context).  I want to go all in with KD (Koyich Digital) and build the community and family that will be included…  It’s odd, though, that the product I want to monetize is my recordings through the past 16 years, and that that is such a small part of who I am.

I am a creative person, though I love communication.  I love talking about things with people, and it too is odd that I can barely say a word to some, yet can easily write and write.  I also love the cigarette monologues (Thank you Justin Klatt and Joshua Hayden for encouraging the video form) though issues with that too.  I’m not wanting to go all in on smoking cigarettes and talking to a camera.  I want interaction, dialogue, and to speak (and write) to people that actually WANT to hear what I have to say or write.  I want to find my audience, even down to the individual people and interactions, and not a mass market version.  The dualism though is that I may have to mass market to achieve my monetary wants.

A quick stitch of fact though…  If selling albums on Bandcamp (linked again) for $8 a paid download, then I’ll need to sell 375 albums per month to finance my life with a good deal of grace money.  I want to earn my income selling my recordings since I have little else to sell, and I CANNOT stand working a basic job.  The picture in another post (picture in the middle of this article) shows to me tonight that the pizza delivery job I have now is only the bottom circle (That which you can be paid for).  Even though I’m decent as a driver, there is ZERO chance that I want to have that as my profession.  I want to communicate with people, have enough of my own money to keep afloat, and then because I’ll be able to afford my own life, help others build, develop, curate, and cultivate their own.  Without thinking of money, I want to bring worth to people (and some love and luck too).

So as the 30 minutes of this post is done, I think I may go to Facebook (which I have spammed to much on with creative works (and also use as the one channel I can use to communicate when at home when no girlfriend or roommate (or friend) to talk with)) and return later to post some more.

For those who actually read this (and/or any of my other posts)…. THANK YOU!!!!!

I have such an urge and need to communicate, and when trapped at home in my timecell (and also being told to not talk with people at the coffee shops) it leaves some people dearly abused as people to natter with.  My one way communication channel of writing does allow me to process, though it’s only going to help any of us if we read (or best yet talk!) about all of our own lives to work together and forward in our micro and macro communities.

Love, light, and luck!!



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