I Know I Forgot… Yes, I Remembered.

“There are times which will not be forgot/There are always people within a plot.”

Maybe I should be working on Chapter Two of Built from Within.  The title for that book is called ‘Community and Consect”.  It’s to be about the layers of both and how many points of reality cross over and connect.

The definition of consect is basically defined as ‘A G’s turf’.  The more salient notion of the word though is that the consect is the criminal network and community layered within and over parts of Earth and the cities and towns.

I also was asked to go on a cigarette monologue yesterday being given the topic of Earth.  It’s noted that often community is narrowed down to the local level and the idea is to think more globally or large scale.  With Earth, there are billions of humans on the planet, though we will generally interact with so few people compared to the whole.  With fame and celebrities, many millions of people may know of them, yet there are very few that are known by the majority of humans on this planet (thinking of country leaders such as the US President(s)).

Fame is one thing that I am not so so comfy with.  I have a dualistic showing of behaviour where I sometimes share a lot of myself and push out content of me and what I say or create, yet the idea of being globally famous is not quite a want for me.  I also note that I like being well known by some of my local friend networks, and also note there are some to many of the town in which I live that know of me, without actually having had a dialogue.

The mix of fame is in the meld with the creative projects also.  If I want to generate an income from the recordings that I have made, there will need to be awareness and hearing of my recordings which requires people to know me.  From two days ago, I also note that I want to share my recordings with friends, though I don’t want to charge my friends or others for hearing my music.  The sharing of music with friends is to share part of who I am, and I note that it’s so that I can tend the soil of my life and build community.  I came to the awareness that I want to build community, though I may be leaving out a lot of other people by ME not putting in the effort to connect.

There are additional challenges in that some of the community are people that I am not ALLOWED to interact with.  I have been told by Starbucks managers that I am not allowed to write or create or share creative works with the staff of the shops, and also to not distribute my works with customers either (of which I have sometimes breached boundaries by sharing some copies of Contialitic Advice at a Reasonable Price.

I also kind of like the restrictions that are given to me (by myself or others) as it gives me a greater challenge of succeeding by being limited as to how and what I’m allowed to do.  I also now think this a good thing, so that my works are like a glacier; Constantly being build and formed and slowly slowly moving.  I don’t know what I would (or will) do if all of a sudden my music blows up.

I also note that I have found that I’ve more-so been on about networking and sharing the music without having recorded more.  I have a document I’ve relayed to about a dozen or so people that has 320 track titles on the page that the recipient can choose from to have copied onto a USB drive.  I want to share my music, though for my local community of friends and contacts, I want to share freely.  This seems to contradict my pull and want of earning money from music.  I see that my music sales are more-so going to be developed and earned from people that I don’t know.  The ideas of bridging and bonding (and also Nodal Music Theory) are definitely part of my awareness and plan.

I also don’t want to turn my life, and other’s lives (and community) into a fishbowl for the world.  I sometimes have thought of how there is a lot held away from my awareness intentionally.  The secrecy I paranodically intuit then makes me think of plots and plans and how there is a twist that there are many many secret (from me) plans going on.  I have feared this shielding of truth from me is linked either as a plot for my demise, and fancifully have thought of the conspiracy as that being one that will bring me to Natalie and global mainstream awareness.

I don’t know if I could handle fame, though seem to think I’m a little mini celebrity (not always with love) in my local realms and that also that the consect is learning of me as being one to not intersect and disrupt.  The layer of PLU8R mixes heavily from the first R as being something I have and show (often, though not always) that helps keep me afloat without getting taken out.  My living so freely (and not following all the rules) also is something that I hope will be accepted also.

I know I am alive by grace… I then wish to work with that grace and be glad for it.

The trade offs for different situations is also something I discuss.  I am potentially to make a sacrifice of being exceptionally well known by many to earn through the music.  I sacrifice some other things so that I can meet True.  I also note that I seed and invest a lot of time effort and energy to generate a creative network of myself, my works, and others lives into the tapestry of KD and community.

I want to earn love.  I want to have my income for my freedom solution (only $3K/month).  I want to meet the one that I entirely believed was my soulmate (and still am far to obsessed with (even though I’ve not met her)).  I also AM thriving in many ways, though want to expand and increase my own creative and contialitic (and communal) output and work.  Ideally, I would not have to work ANY job and spend my days working on the computer until needed by another friend to help or communicate with them.  My role of Communal Support is more logistic right now, though I also really want to find people that know how I can help them with their lives and form more focus sessions with them to build their life.  I am far too self focussed sometimes, though I also note I have a lack of people that actually want to interact with me.

Sooo…. idea…. At the end of these 30 minute writing sessions, I post a request.  (And if I had NO job, I would be exceptionally glad to make daily posts on this page as absolute routine and gladness).

Today’s request… Set some parameters to your freedom solution.  A key things I think we need to do is know our wants.  The one thing I request of you today is that you find and choose the amount of money that you want.  I know I am sometimes negative about myself focusing on money and my own sales, though I also want others to live freely too.

So… the number to find…. How much money will you want to have each month to live your ultimate life.  My ideal income at this point in my life is $3,000 a month.  I am not making anywhere near that right now, though that’s more than enough for now.

What’s your amount?



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