Gracked about the pact…

I lack a shitload of tact and wisdom, and I’m also glad I’m not some other people.

Okay…. 5:58PM Tuesday April 28th 2016… This morning I scooped from Pizza Hut… Onwards with the journey.  Onwards is a book that was written by Howard Shultz (Starbucks’ CEO).

There are going to be many many challenges, and not just the main one the world would tell me, that I need to make money to live.  There is a huge issue I have with some humans on this planet and the way that they behave.

I have a few job descriptions for who I am and what I do… Each fulfilling a different function and role.  I am still tainted by the behaviours of some humans, and layer that they have right to do what they want to do too.  This doesn’t diminish the fact that I also have made pacts with Heaven and Earth to find and show that there is much more set in the net.  Some people battling with debt and the facts of their pet, there is the fizz in the biz with how this is woven by people who claim to be holy, yet really hold cloven feet.  The facts of how they are rude and invasive also shows that those who may wish to help are actually causing more destruction.  They want to taint me and my function, and as the construction of this sitch is going to find some people throwing the game before the first pitch… Some search for a switch, yet there also is the truth of the youth and how some should be put deep with a plough into another garden instead of trying to harden my heart.

I sat down in this session to sort out and share my plan of the next few months, though there were two people that were agitating me quite a bunch… actually, one is respectful, though the other sounds loud and obnoxious, and even though I have my music on top volume and earbuds in, I can still hear them.  Very much causes me to want to cuss them out and also move tables.

This leads to the topic of another Starbucks customer that I respond with violent thoughts towards.  They also were a Shell customer when I worked there, and the most accurate part of the accusation is that they are a metaphysical rapist.  There are also other baristas that have commented about this one individual, and though we cannot share proof, we also know more than some.

I am wanting to find a more peaceful and irenic course of action.  There are some behaviours that I will not tolerate, and there also are some people that will push others to their limit until they break, and then layer their own accusations for the negative response.

I also have been developing the Magic codes further… the basics are posted somewhere, though for right now are not relevant.  The emotional state and well beings are also explained with the colours.  Red being anger and rage, and black comes a lot closer to wishing death on another.  Then again, they will want to taint me and push me to be in the black mana pool so that they themselves look better.  There are far too many insecure people who will try to manipulate others so that they feel not so much the way they feel.  The objective to make another look bad so that they are lifted up.  A very deplorable action.  The layer that I also add to others who’ve found these negative, manipulative, and toxic behaviours is to remain true and to not fall into their games or traps and let your own authentic and true and good and noble nature shine through their accusations and claims once you don’t conform to their control dramas.

I still want to process my current situation with my life and plans, though there are buttfuckers about and the other people are making me aware of them instead of letting me focus on more positive things.

I also miss my Dad and Sarah… They are in Lima now and are with Mal and Jane.  The four of them got to Maccu Picchu and are having a wonderful trip.  I just am tainted a bit too much right now.

And then a beautiful song is in my ears!!  Lovers in a Dangerous Time by the Barenaked Ladies!!!

Alright… I moved so I don’t hear that person at the Starbucks so much… It’s astonishing how pissed off I can get at some… I can still hear them (even though on the opposite side of the shop with my music at maximum volume) and the additional layer of anger is that they are timming a bit and also are seemingly intentionally being so loud… Then again?  I just really don’t like some humans behaviour, regardless of their intent.

Anyhow…. at The Foothills for now… 10 more minutes to process….

I am now not working for Pizza Hut… I need and want to find a source of income from creative projects… I want to tend to friends and family and (some) community members with their lives.  I have lots of ideas, though reminded that ideas are useless unless they are executed upon.

Ideas for music?  Make more… That’s the creative part, and secondarily will help fuel future webs of thought.  I feel scungy with selling my music.  I also think to be blunt with some about it, and note my friends are not customers.  I also note that support comes in many forms, and that even if friends aren’t chipping in $, that value is many forms.  I also note that talking about my situation with some friends is an extremely valuable thing for me.  I think of two primary friends who I will help at my own expense for the give they give me of allowing me to natter and process.  One of them also gave me a 45 minute phone call one night and relayed some important and crucial information.

I am wanting to post a lot more on this site/blog, and note that I also have a lot of faith in myself and my process.  Each year for the past three to four years, I’ve given the year a word for as to what I want to focus on and develop for the year.  It’s an alternate idea to a New Years resolution.  It’s also an idea I’ve forgotten of sometimes and want to remind myself of.

And to close this post, I play through the song ‘Redlines’ by Total Science.

This is the fact that I am here to find a clear path for people to math.  Some may come from a religious view, others hate it, and you may too.  The facts of the crew also share that there are so many and so few that will love what we do, and even those who don’t may find that we won’t give up or in.  Spin the notion into a divine potion of her smile.  The True Lovestone file may keep some of the Chilliwack stones away from me, yet no THC for ROB.

The facts of above and below help show that we set each plan into the ocean with a notion of how we need to believe in others too.  The breath was made while the song played, and though the bong relayed a good toke, I don’t like to poke or prod the way some rocks use their bod.  The sod that I am is also in the hem as the lawns are in the sharing of how I don’t pair up to sup with her cup.  The pups and the drinks show that the sacred links are what the dinks will stay away from, so let me know where to come from and where to go with the flow that you know not about.

I doubt that there will be some more to set aside for the new ride, though there too is the Tide and Bounce and P&G asking for a Gain… blatant self promotion may find the kinds of things in the sane notion that we are allowed to live, love, thrive, create, play, pray, and learn of the ocean.

Be good as you can, and know that should you wish to plan, that I’ll help too, just make sure you live your life as best as you can too.








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