30 to 30… The Nodes of Now

Okie doke…. I cloak my ears with some atmospheric drum and bass at a Starbucks place…. 30 minutes to trace some planning and thought into what we also shall help to be brought.

Thank you Carolyn and John for letting me help you… I will be a bit late to your place, though wanted this 30 minute session to clear some more out from my mind.  Today I was given a great interaction from a dear and solid friend, and now tend some of my own Introversial journey.

I am now without a paid job… I want to help structure now the life that we share.  I know I can get way too self-focused sometimes, and that at other times, my rhymes get in the way.  Learn, Love, Live, Thrive, Create, Play, and Pray…. something for me to recall, remember, cultivate, and grow.

There are the flows that use the dues I must play as a way to trust we shall relay.  Some may say things around the rings of Saturn, and while I still burn the smig, I also let my kokorro grow and till the future seeds.

I was told I talk too much of the past, and it is true I need to learn to chill.  Cecilia just noded… I talked with JB a bit about that yesterday.

The nodal points find that focal joints may be consumed.  The paranodic notions of what’s presumed also with KW and CC in the car last night mix in the Chrome rite and how there are some people that I will keep guarded and held safe by the prayers of dark and light.

The spark of some freight also will find that I shall not sleight people or ruse.  There also is the way that I shall fuse truth with the crews without disrespect.  I am very glad to have some friends and people of which to connect, and note that bridging the nodes is partly what the codes both assist and twist away from the facts of with whom to say.

I also think of JH and how the are helping me plough some distribution.  JB also helps with the involution; Both Bull and Beau, yet some of you may not wish for me to know.

Socio-emotional words help cross how the birds find the thirds in the fourth with the Northern provinces where John is from.  He’s a PH driver, and used to work for Warner.  I’m not fully knowing how I can help them.  The mix of the hems of the patchwork quilt also show and share how some of this plan will be built.  I know that I’ve felt guilt about being innocent, and that some people’s intent may be to taint my mind, spirit, and energy, though resiliency is the key that I use for the gates to allowing us each to be treasured and ones to feel and see.

I thank you too for the facts of the truth.  We know that even if the numbers of our age are 40+ that we may still feel, and not just remember our own youth.  The bus was in the cussing and cursing of the trinal dispersing of the protocol that some of y’all have heard.  Though I used to get called a geek or a nerd, I fleek back to the bass line we heard.

The fish wish to gather and keep safe in a school, though we know that some of the past know that that is not what happened.  The fool that I am also knows that the flows may get used and confused, yet I pray also you will never again be abused.

I have chosen a path of life that will set some things right, even if I need to stay up late, potentially even until the morning’s light.

I hold the note of what was written, and note that what is written hasn’t yet been formed.  Some have swarmed in upon my sin and may try to push the tin back to a pack, yet some things I also wish that I shall lack.

There are thoughts that radiate away from the decades yet to happen, and though I’m not a rappin’ fool, I still shall weave flowetics into The Mana Pool and promote some of the projects and business of others who are linked to me and the boat.

A clear coat of amazing over the protected and directed souls and people like you, as well as you too.

I wait for ABs mate to correlate with spoken voice, as my choice is to pause once we bring the facts of how the claws and paws are shuriken shoulings.  This mixes from the black turtle Genuine, while the yellow turtle links to a band that some like JB like.  A quadrant to spike the panda back to the U of A and how OB used to work there, as well as play.  That’s where he met my mom, and though the idea is comming from the past, the future just passed again into how 9 was coded into the meld from something JW welded to my mind, may years ago before this point that we find to be lined and signed and trined by four to let the series explore how the saff is on the sessing and addressing how some have assisted while I have the lyrics twisted.

The meld of her love is clear, and it shows how kind her heart is…. It’s just sad that there is deep woe and things that I shouldn’t know held in the meld of the one who’s sharing and pairing up with another gal.  While the mix of the drums also shares how Blackstar had said crumbs at the exact point of the Oreo crumble when JF and I tumbled back to their home after Abby.  Some may wish to nab me, yet Nabi also mixes Ruby Sprite.  I like that we may share love and like and light, and even though some people may not think it alright, I shall help remove the needs to fight, and help keep the rites that we have been told we don’t deserve to be something that I and others will help save, assure, and preserve.

I conserve a few to renew the cue to speak, and although I’ve been too bold, I also know I sometimes have been far too meek.  I thank you for the facts of the fiction that you use with my poetic addiction….

(Add six hours between last line and next)

And now I plough the fields for combined yields without forgetting the abetting of heart and shoul.  The full union of soul is beyond the understanding of control and the fuel of my role.

I live

I love

I thrive.

Make sure you tend to your own spirit, and that you help others with their lives too…. This is a shared experience, and although pocketed into and from different realities, our paths often cross and node and travel….

We unravel daily to build again… Some things cannot speak or correlate with the pad and pen.

Love to y’all… even if not known





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