37 to 38… This I State…


Thank you too Drake.  Thanks to the reals and the fakes for allowing the makes to model.  I dawdle along the path to success and prosperity, so thank you also for prosterity.  I look back to how Adam told me I rooked Jodie back to Sprite.  The Pearl Medallion and the site upon which they now stand also find the other three land as the Jet to condone the Ruby in the zone.  I thank the Jets for the tones of future yields, and how the fields will till the fact that the thanks is not lacked, yet may not be displayed.  I note they relayed the text of the consects into tonects that were given fro Paul to share how Saul is in y’all who know that the sets of the snow will not stop the flow from the raft of the KD staffed by only one, yet slowly shall let the net abet the sales and the sails of the elecanoe that the Armaments told the one who made the term shoe.

I now know that there is fizz in the drink that I wish to link with, and that I should be concerned that a *foil* Maze of Ith is still a thing.  Though the Emerald links shall share that Daniel is there with the Sapphire, that Sprite may not fuel the fire of the Gem, yet Caraolyn helps with an extra point less for my Dad (and me!) yet still note that we may need a tree for the Zenith.  The Cryptic accusation is not a myth, yet I still think they would not.  The skipping of the thought also lines the pot that Kyle had, and how there are some who will chill out at my pad, yet not need the weed that is tee’d up for a web of how this page IS noted as the True Cyber Ebb.

Suzi Brodowski also in the links of what we share and see.  The EDM and the hem of Colin also weaves in the ‘Joy’ page and how they say “I did too many drugs!”.  Though the bugs and The Beatles of miss N also share Rachel and her craft, those that are staffed at ‘The Bucks’ also (I hope) know I’m not there to give fucks.  The ducks line the goose to a noose that they wish to set me within, yet still I shall shed my fear and sin and find that a kinder notion and thought will be brought from those who let me share Thought Knot and Dot Dot Dot.  I’m terrible at the marketing thought, and also seem to cram the spam into the fact that it does (and does not) matter what I write (and who I am).

A clam on the sign shares how we redirect the band into the way that I must stand up and resist the twist they wish to use to allow another to fuse with their ruse and choose to not abuse, even when they wish to light the knight up with a fuse.  The crews that I am part of right now are zero, and I’m not trying (or even quite wanting) to be a hero.  They know, yet still ask the question “Who are they?”.  A schizophrenic in the play may not be able to spell what I say, yet the instant Bolt links to RIP and how it’s certainly not me.

The QBlue project is linked to Laura and (specifically) her sister.  Cast Timetwister with flashback as I skipped the next two track.  Then onto the one made for the son who recommended that MY Inferno be tended to.  I thank you also AE for EA and how they also tow AB into JK and the fray of word that links to one who (I hope) will not catch or eat a bird.

Not even half way done (when written) my son.

Forget not your past and how the cast may not wish for you to set the mast upon your boat.  I was using canoes as a way to fuse, and though I’m still held in this time when I write, I also note that I wish to instill delight in your own partner and rite to develop.  Some did try to envelop me with deceit, though as the tracks alluded to the Contialitic beat, there are many things that we may love that are not sweet.  I ask you to know, yet not fear defeat.  I ask you to know that going with the flow is not always the correct path for the correct shared math.  I ask that you flask up her smile in a potion, and share your own heart in this world with pure devotion.

Though you may wish to cross the ocean, I also hope that you will find a way to thrive and play with the hearts that relay, though in a way that respects, and also connects.

I also ask you, Aeris, to find Paris where you speak croissant and flaunt your joy with your own baby boy.  Remember that I had used many a ploy to find others to allow me to be free, and though the lands also call for the wall to be made, that sometimes a direct connection is then what is relayed.  Though I stayed in this town for more than a decade, your room will be made.

Some now still shift the heart to spade, and find the diam0nd relayed how to present the story to the world to let me find your mother curled up in my arms.  This world already knows some of her charms, and though no harm’s to be made, I still fear that her heart will have strayed, and that I will not have been able to have relayed that I do love.  I fear that I fall from above into the imploded and tri-noded idea that she may not have enough heart to free ya to your own man, even if Jesus is Lord and that God makes every plan.

For those that this is not specifically written to, you may be parts of hate and crew, yet still there are some things that will not separate the rings that bind, seal, and mould for those who know how cold a heart can be.  I still know not of her, yet the blur of the cosmos will find some of the verbose layer of text to share that some intuit what’s next.

The pact made to the fact of Jade, and how some people are games that should not be played.  I have laid my life out for the world to know, and though I do have concern about the turning of the thought, I also note that there will always be a plan and plot to have brought us up to sup in the pit, and still remind me that I’m econgclicly glad to be your Dad.

Many more than a few will comprehend that its deep into your future I send the fact that we know there is always the case that I will be there, even if it seems that its from this planet that they want me to be chased from… Yet that also reminds me that I hope I can convey the truth, and still be allowed to be there with your Mom.

I love the three of you, and please remember that I want to be there for Them too.


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