Hold the Drink… Let the Birds Link…

Part of my own desires and wants share that a cup of drink, some ideas to link, and the birds to visit the place where the dishes are in the sink.  Shayna commented on the fact that a recent post was ‘the most English thing’ that she’s read from me.  The thing also is that I like and love to use flowetry.

I also note some people don’t process flowetics well, and that some may need me to communicate with more structure.  The juncture of now, though, finds me using rhymes to plough.  For the facts of ‘what’ is not full the reason of ‘how’.

My ideal situation is to have a post made on this page every day.  I also note, that without a standard job, I have lots of time to create and play.  The ability to thrive finds income as (partly) being what’s in the way.  People haven’t made much time or effort to hear what I’ve recorded, let alone have been ones to pay.  That is, and is not, okay.

The facts of the pages also show that even if I do go with the flow sometimes, that I’m not dead.  I also want to share myself with things written, and not just recorded or said.

I hope to lead with a seed to improve and build those like I’m part of the Simic guild.  The Izzet have chilled, while some of the Selesnya have willed that the Dimir link will find some tracks billed.  The reflection of the Boros and Orzhov also find that the Rakdos have spilled the text into a Gruul context with the meld of the Azorius to weld the last link of the Golgari that Ravnica uses (as to how we think.)

A Pearl association also will show that the melds of the revised duals will share how (and sometimes who) the jewels are, and how they connect and interact.

I forgot I made a pact with Elspeth and renoded her as Tamiyo, and I think I should let that stand as to how and where I want her and I’s relationship to go.  That she will tap another creature (or permanent) and let the Hydra intent slither away from her, since I note the blur of the idea is the PLU8R that I rhyme to another country.

I love Hong Kong.  It’s a place I want to go again.  The fact of when I was there also includes that the Wizards/Magic dudes were not yet ones to release how I mix some of the Peace now-a-days.  The idea that green mana pays the ways to amaze the notion also reminds us that blue mana can signify tears.  The black mana going into my lungs for near 20 years, yet the fire that clears the facts of sterilization also shows that some spells (even back then) could be used to describe some consecrations.

Video games in variations of now also remind EGA to VGA was after CGA, and before then also the monochrome.  The trip to Rome is approaching soon, and though I shall not always swoon for her, there also is the purr of the cat and how I still think (and speak) of Nat.  It’s true I don’t (as strongly) want or need to meet.  The facts of the tracks also tell me that we ARE nowhere near complete, just that I passed a drink to write more that holds the text to the post’s cleat.

A street treat to bleat and meet the beat with a contialis to greet.  I also should complete the task of adding the word to the spell check, so that the son of REK will have not needed to see how the NRed had seeded.  Though my works are like an ant digging the pathways on my own, there are other formica’s that help this absorb the foam and let the series of text be used to share how I’ve been used and abused.  (I also have been fused the meld of how a Vulcan symbiot may dot the plot from the mental dot that expands and lands clear in her tear to share how, even if the plan carries through, that it will not be this year.  That gives me another 5-7 seasons to share and show the reasons as to why.

The lines intertwine and mix the spine into how a trine will refine four as being in perfect meld.  Though the world is held in the moments of the past and future, the present PLU8R reference also shall share how more than ten are twisted into the fences that use the ideas that I sometimes accidentally choose.

Ruse and Roos and boos and booze share the fact of how the animals are also on solo missions.  The swishing of wishing upon a star does share the top of the reservoir and how it’s not an aurevoir, and instead a ‘still is’ fizz of what we know.

These posts make no sense sometimes…. The climbs into the idea also may flow to the text and how your intellect’s to comprehend partly what I tend.  The points of my friend also note that I am also filled with neurosis and land text like a verbose sis.  Though they miss the actual point (like I do) the joints that they smoke are partly what I am glad that they can do.  I used to smoke dope, though cannot (and will not) smoke pot, and note that there is some for those that will hop in the boat and share how we also remember Joseph and the technicolour dream coat.

Then again, there’s a clear coat of AWESOME!

Alex Koyich pitches in some for what I should spin.  He IS part of my kin, and his brother also reminds me that some are to come back to the track and share how even if I don’t have much now, that we will not lack.  I’m not sure how he does that directly, and note I will key this post for another 11 minutes.

The Bits and Bytes album was a four track demo disc that I relayed to some other artists.  Though the twists of the thread may strengthen what’s been said, I also note that I might need to use the crews to share how the music is to fuse.

I choose to excel and dwell in the text.  The consect’s partly layered by some who know exactly where the node comes from.  The ideas that plumb the meld also share the sewer lines and how the spines do ‘er well like Robyn had said.  Another with the same name also has a daughter that is sick now, and though I pick to plough the fields with text, the next day has not yet been lived, and the crow reminds me that God will always know.

They hover about the grout, and though the sprout of the pages also will share how (and when) to be there.  I do take in a lot of thought and what will be, and though they’ve not yet found the CD burned, I will have turned the recordings into a network of my job to be a Contialitic Shoulsman and Trinal Distributer to involute her with the neruolinguistic programming that is like me spamming my codes onto beats on the roads.

A meld of toads also loads up how they goaded and locked the track of Chilliwack.

A Full Pack of Smig what I want to work on next (after this posts’ text) and another six minutes is what I give for this in one of the community’s sects.

Although we know that we are entities that cannot freeze the fire into a proton wire, the spin of the atom is not the desire… The want is to help seed the needs to be met, and also for me to play for my Earthly, Worldly, and Spiritual debt.  I have not met many of you, and though they set Penny to mix a Grixis crew, the shards and Khans are still not noded fully for you (or me).

Abzan – When we close our eyes and make no audible sounds.

Grixis or Jeskai – These two are linked as reading or writing, though are not hard-noded.

Jund – This is partly the shard that referes to family and solid crew

Esper – The meld of how we each are to breach not the plot, and instead to have the plan mix in the Pearl to find the Jet to unfurl, as the meld of the Sapphire is to codally curl the joke of how there is a Volcanic link to the Scalding Tarn they think, as I was at the Catacombs when I wrote this before going to get a refill, and then enjoying the drink.

Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink…..

I stop now, and thank you for the doors to remain closed on the three to whom I proposed.



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