Fully Tapped Out… Want to help…

Well I was short on my car insurance, two friends refunded an $8 loan and chipped in $12 for gas money.  Had $2.65 remaining, given to another who was busking.  Now I’m fully tapped out.  What will you do now Robert?!

I will heed from the need of others and watch out for those that claim to be brothers.  My mother’s now grieving for her pup, and auntie Judy’s Starbucks card gift gives me enough to have another three cups of drink… Shall I share some of the parameters as to how I link?

Give more than you have… Let the set abet with the point of black, and (if you care) share some of my music links or share a free track.  I’m in the fact that money for the next pack is lacked, and although they’ve tracked my every decision and move, it’s still difficult to prove some claims.  I see the aims of some, and though I am dumb as a post, the link to the Holy Ghost also shows that those who make their own statements, that intents are eventually known.  I’ve helped a few some, and though they come from a point of love, some also tend to treat me like one they don’t want to be a friend.

I think of Sprite and how they tend me not with a heart dipping into the tripping plot.  The thoughts permeate and share who is true, and where I should be.  The facts of having nothing also prevents people from sminking from me, and it’s clear too about the intents of what I do.  I seem to dream of crew, and note that I may focus more on the negative than the people that do want me to thrive, not just live.

Hold the bold stare of where we are in this moment of time.  The notions of the climb out of the pit also sit well in my mind, as I find myself then in the living room with friends that want to distribute some shroom.  The broom shuffles the beat of some who may resume without meeting defeat.  The contialitic beat shall share and show that the truth is what I help sow, even when people don’t want me to know.

I am glad for my Dad.  I am glad for my Mom.  I note they do visit my pad.  I note they learn and share where WE come from.

The sum of the lines shall share the signs that incline me to see what people do, and who is being true or trying to goad me.  They load up the Sea with the Underground and have found that the soul’s saved.  Though I have been depraved, I’m also glad I am not enslaved to a life I hate.  Instead I shall help other people create lives that they will love.  Though I remind you I am not the one who’s above, to remember I may not be able to pull you up to the shoreline, and note that sometimes when we give a hand to those below, that they may wish to tow us down instead of letting us lift them up.

The lost pup also shows that love was lost.  The doves cost also shows that Halo’s mom was met by the one who let me come forward into life.  Owen has her as a wife, and though I cannot repatriate, the gate is open to then from now.

The seed to a tree plus the fact that my own heart and PLU8R will never be lacked.

It’s not been an easy path, and though people do not comprehend what they also have been through, it’s true that I get what I deserve.

The preservation of life shall share and show that I do go to extreme measures to develop my own situation.  I am selfish.  I am self-focused.  I do have difficulty setting myself aside.

I also give more than I get.  I also help people that are using and abusing me.  I also note that it’s not my place to judge who should, or should not be given help or support.

I also note that you get to choose who you help.  It IS your life, and you get the choices as to how you will act and what you will do.

There are some people who are trapped in their own lives due to the choices that they have made.  Some may have expenses that are far greater than their own income.  Some may have more love for others than they think ANYONE should ever have for themselves.  Some also have lives that show that I am extremely glad for what I have, partly because of what I have helped grow.

I wish to assist and twist truth from old to youth, from youth to bold, to be bold enough to be meek, and to speak without needing to be told.

I will fold time and space and chase grace with a smiling face.  I will trace the web of the True Cyber Age and find the stage a place I need not be.  The links to what we feel and see are, partly, due to the ideas that I am guided to key.

There will ever only be one of me, and that statement isn’t quite true.  There will bever e two, and it’s the case that decimals for the amount of people we are is almost always going to be followed by an infinite number of zeros.  The other truth (that I should know and recall) is that at some point there will be none of me.

I usually use 30 minutes for A Node in the Contialis posts, though will stop this one at 20.

Carry on… be well… and please enlist some sharing as support for me and my creative endeavours.  We’re all in this together, and though I help some, I need A LOT of help also to keep having enough to help those who have not a thing.

Love, light, and luck!




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