From THAT Kid on Earth…

Due to a comment from Shayna, I will make this post more ‘English’.  I have been criticized by my Mom also for using words like ‘flowetics’ and ‘The Contialis’ as the words that I’ve made up an use are not known by others, and therefor are considered words that make no sense.  Each of us have different connotations to words, that the meanings that words have are different to us each.  I also note that it’s difficult for me to ‘English’ sometimes as the words and codes and language that I use IS not standard English.

I also have an obsessive want and desire to share some of my language.  The use of codes and metaphors are party my own coping mechanism to understand the world in a covert way.  If I share my language with you, it’s a compliment sometimes as it’s a sort of invite into my world and my knowledge and understanding of the world.  The language (for those that don’t know) is called Shoulspeak and is a blend of many ideas; The words also are not always solidified or static.

Within Shoulspeak, there are influences from many past events, friends, and drug trips.  The word ‘Shoul’ is meant now as being ‘a sharing of soul’.  This comes in many levels, though also blends in ideas of Magic the gathering and a sociological code called Turtle Code.

The meld of the Magic:The Gathering includes some of the base words and ideas that are directly learned from Magic.  The notion of blue mana being of intellect and deceit is key, and shows also with the Shoulspeak blend that we should not believe everything we say and hear.

The Mox code is a code to label and associate a group of five people, and also can be used to define how many people are part of a group, and also how groups of three or more can be subdivided into multiple mini groups in a full group.  e.g. In a group of three, there is one Emerald group (three), 3x Sapphire groups (three pairings), or 3x Rubies (three individuals).  There also is the additional layer of how when there is a group of three, that if a Sapphire (group of two is formed) that’ll leave the other one of three as a Ruby.

The Turtle Code blends some of the Magic overlay due to colour, though initially was formed to explain the dynamics of film and audience.  The initial noding was made at SFU campus in 1998-1999 where the three on the screen were Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael, while all the people in the audience were Mikey’s.  The blend of the ideas later shifted to how groups of four could be correlated with how one person may be set apart from the other three (Mikey) by ostracization (again, Glish, not Engligh).  This is where a Jet (a group of four) actually make Mikey the Ruby while the other three node as an Emerald.

Anyhow… the additional layers of Turtle Code also covers the ideas of communication, and with the Magic codes (of perception) cross the colours.  Raphael has the red headband, and is crossed as being visual using his sai (eyes) to see the world.  Ruby’s also are visual (red link from Magic as being sight).  Leonardo has the blue headband, and their voice (a katana) is the audio out similar to how a Sapphire is vocal.  The closest link of Turtle/Mox referencing for Donatello (as purple is not a colour in Magic) is the association as being a Jet, a tonal intergalactic listener.

Rewind and layer… Leo speaks to Don while Raph is the third watching, and all the rest are Mikeys.  Ovinote Turtle to Mox…. Sapphire to Jet with Ruby watching focusing the three as an Emerald.

Anyhow… The title of this page was made to say I’d ‘English’ though obviously haven’t.

I also was reading a book yesterday and am learning more about myself and how I am in this world.  There are two terms that were used in the book that explain my obscure and negative ability to actually hold down a job.  This layers with how when I have gotten a job, that the first two to three months are cool and rad, and that I like working the position.  After 3-4 months, I’ve found that I get angry or upset with the job.  After a while of putting up with the job, I have (often) then get fired or make the choice to quit.  What the book said of this type of situation is that I’m a scanner or diver.

Scanners or divers are not ones that like to be trapped in a situation or process.   That they may have issues with doing the same thing due to a wide want of tending to multiple things, or digging deep into a topic with an obsessive nature.

With KD and the creative works, I have multiple projects to work with, and for that I’m glad.  I have two albums in process, and also have two books I’ve started (and one that’s almost edited and will be released soon).  The fact of me being a scanner also blends my Ruby mode, as when I’m solo (solitary=Ruby) it’s also the case that my visual nature will often ‘scan’ the environment that I’m in to take in visual information.  The fact of being a scanner also denotes how I don’t chill well.  I have an obsessive want to work and create things, though still have a challenge of being active and engaged in ‘productive’ works as I also am a bit neurotic.  The reason I put the word ‘productive’ in quotes is that I don’t know how or what benefit or value my works have to other people.

Sour cream Skittles…..

“I’m not random, I merely have many thoughts”-Acro

Anyhow… I only have six minutes more to write for this post.  I think I have once again explicitly shown my ability to random and branch through ideas by starting at one point and landing at a totally different thought or idea or result.  This post was meant to be ‘English’ and by my judgement it was on the grounds of it not including flowetics.  Flowetics are one of my abilities, and some prefer it to my Englishing.  The Shoulspeak ideas though are partly what I want to blend (and then the idea of an actual disorder (A Klang disorder) is referenced.

There are many more than a few that have allowed me to work on my projects.  Today I was reminded by Lynn Isaac that I am an artist.  I am not sure how I feel about that.  I tend to then recall from the book by Barbara Sher that I am one who wears many ‘hat’ and that I have many different roles and responsibilities in this local community where I live.  I also note that if I’m to finance my life from creative works, that it’s going to take a lot more than just myself and my local allies and alliances to get the True Lovestone to the point of seeing the many thought to be lost years to share with her the joy of some fast fury of what clears.

Dirt (for me) = Working and writing and recording.

Sky (for me) = I see my parents 90th birthday without relying on governmental support to finance my own basic and underdeveloped life.

PLU8R y’all…. English I no be make well…. Shell though… So many things we should NOT tolerate.



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