How Am I to Support Myself…

With consecrated effort, and a great deal of love and luck and support from friends.

I’m now floating just under three weeks after ditching my pizza delivery job.  Some friends have been extremely helpful with gifts and chip ins to keep me afloat.  I’ve not made ANY money from creative works (which is not just music), though I have made some time to write a bit to a bunch more (and also forgot Josh and $5 for a CD), and also have recorded another two recording.

One friend (who chipped in two packs of smokes and $20 gas) also gave me some valuable advice.  They reminded me that if I’m to work creatively, to shift my focus from marketing to actually creating!  This advice resulted in 2x recordings, and although one is purely for a friend (that’s not for release) the other sound good and is up on SoundCloud (This is the link to the recording).  I also note again that even for the two albums that are under construction (to be recorded (hopefully) later this year) that I want to make some additional recordings, even if not part of those two albums.

The book work’s not happened so much recently, Finding Natalie is still being edited, and I’m again tripped up and out about what my writing holds as value for another.  Those who read these Node in the Contilais post get insight into me and what and why I’m doing some of what I do, though I then feel nasty in my stomach when it turns to me wanting to market to generate sales.  It’s not such a kind feeling.

Anyhow… to answer the question in the title, I will keep myself afloat (for now) with generosity from those who want to use me for my services.  Today I was given some kind gifts from people… $30 gas money, and also $50 from Pat N for helping with her at her home.  I know the freelance life isn’t easy, as there’s not guaranteed paycheque (other than my PWD monthly) and there is an edge of that being kind of exhilarating.  It’s also wonderful to know that I’m not chained or ‘trapped’ at a job.  Again, the sacrifice (for now) of less money and lack of financial security for the ability to live more freely with my time, connections, works, and friends.

Anyhow… I’m not fully wanting to go on long with this post .. only a 12 minutes of writing compared the usual 30… To close this… THANK YOU!!!!   Thank y’all who help support me to do so!  Gifts and granting of help (and conversation) is greatly appreciated.  I am very solo based, though I like the random contacts and chats, and I will help some of you out there.

Please keep well and at ‘er, and talk again soon!



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