Skip Nine with the days like a maze…

I forget not some of those who were part of the plot and plan in van.  The facts of the past also share that there were some who did let me share where to come from.  The sums are tallied as I rally for the fields in the valley.  The yields from Cali also are in the flow… The shows that I perform are not yet even broken of ice, yet the splice of the DNA will splice the A to T with a C to G.  Hold on, Gary Vee, the double silent ‘E’s also find the Queue to use four silent letters.  The sweater’s warm as I form this post.  The toast of remorse of how another put down the plough for future tracks, and though Chilliwack’s where business grows (according to the sign on the Highway One line) the sign shows that those who assist also remind me that, somehow, we’re all on the list.

A Secret Stash twist of how I also share what I want to do, and what I have now.  The depth of the sounds will find the grounds of coffee passed through like Jesus lets us do.  The Spirit will hear and adhere the bits to byte.  The idea sits in the night to ignite the right of the knight and share that we will not need to be protected, or put up to a freight.  The E and I sleight rule break to make a second take as to who is True or fake.  The wake of the boat, not the human (or pet) will show that we’re resuming with the debt.  Sandals walks through the subtle flow that you help let me know.

And then to break from rhyme.  I thank you for reading these posts, and the urge to spin back to flowetics is strong.  I made a Fiverr gig recently for people to order Keystyles or Full Throughs.  Those are documents that I write for some people, and also to a wider or general audience.  (Link here)   I’m back into putting ideas of how to tend the future yields.  An idea is to play through lots of music on SoundCloud and add some comments and feedback to and for other artists.  I also note the 2x Twitter links for me…. @KoyichDigital for KD and other music, and @RobertKoyich for my personal page and for one of my top 5 dreams (that, yes, is exceptionally seeming to be ‘impossible’).

And then shall I land in the sand with absolutely nothing in hand (except for the will to stand with and alone) when the myth is not yet known?  That shown also shares how Leina is one to share that the fuel of the gem will find Jewel to be the node of three four with the mix of how Natalie cannot mean anything any more.  The doors open and close on the fact that my Dad doesn’t like the pact that I’ve made, yet still he let’s his son work well enough to have relayed that even if the dream is not being chased, that much of it’s truth and fact will be relayed.

I strayed back into the fray of yesterday by finding some more of what we say.  The meld of Notions of a Sayonite are held in the weld of that that is fizz.  The bubbles of the biz share and show that though I sell not tracks at this time yet, that the net will abet and form many ways to pay off my spiritual, Earthly, and worldly debt.  Think of that… Earthy and Worldly.  We should remember that Earth is only a fraction of The Contialis.  This IS true if there is other conscious life that is not on our planet, yet then if there isn’t, then 100% of The Contialis is on Earth.  We know not.

The plot’s the story that digs the quarry for Lori and Elizabeth, yet with this involution of the distribution, there are ways to share the days and note that there may be full pitch dark in the mark that they call for the lark.  Embark on this journey to find my lovestone on a gurney to the delivering room where another is to drop like “Boom!” out of the womb.  The tomb is overgrown, yet not a shockland… I walk hand in hand with my gale while the future plays back to the past and how that moment has not yet (for a decade from now) passed into what is.

I know that there is much work to be done, and though some may think I’m a spider to have spun a web for many few, there also is the fact that the intuition tells me that it may also be of you.  The cues of the lines share the queues of the spines that mingle with a 1/4 pound single and how it seems that 1/8 of a tank was stolen from my car.  The respiteful mouth full of words brings the crumbs to the birds that find the turds that I curse out with a different choice of diction.  My addiction to smig are in the gigs that hold that there are many who know I often don’t even know that I’ve been told.

Hold the care and share the web of the True Cyber Ebb.  This is a net that’s cast into the fate of future’s past and the mast holds the sail that there are many that will today celebrate the birthday of John Gale.




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