Holy carp!! I’m glad I don’t work there!

I neglected posting and creative works for three or so days… Not something I like.  I am now back to my freedom solution.

I used to work graveyard shifts at Shell, and they wanted my help again this week.  I covered two graveyard shifts for them and reminded myself of how much the job drains me (and indirectly has the effect of me hating life).  I am sooooo soooo glad I don’t work there anymore.

This is part of what I write about though… The fact that people work jobs that they hate instead of doing what they love!  I also have written how I think everyone should have to work some basic jobs to increase their empathy for those that work the jobs that we know we hate.  I have worked at a gas station, I worked as a dishwasher in a restaurant, I worked fast food (for six years!), and I also worked at a call centre.  These jobs ARE needed to keep the system working, though it reminds me of the statement “The things we do for money.”

MY freedom solution is one that requires a great great deal of help and love and luck and support by community and friends.  I am a person who cannot tolerate or handle working the same job for more than three months.  I have also tried interior painting, I worked at two different mushroom barns, and have volunteered at the local cat haven too.

I know what I can and cannot handle.  I cannot handle a basic job, and as I am now, I know that I can also keep afloat with consecrated effort.  It’s not easy, I may not have the full sitch planned out, though I know it is attainable.

So, now, today, I am back at the keys.  This is where I belong.  I may use the local coffee shops too often to plough the fields, though it’s my niche of where I am and can work.  I am also glad with the Shell job having been covered for the two nights as money IS helpful.  I just know that I as a person cannot tolerate working that job.  I had also left the pizza delivery job knowing that the way I felt in my body and mind and soul was not worth the decent and good money that it granted me.  I value my own self and freedom too highly to do something that I hate just for money… And I know others feel the same way too.

Why are we trapped in this system?!!?  There are some people that LOVE their jobs!  Mike from Bastions is one who told me one day that he would soon have to work six days a week.  That statement caused me to shirk inwards and feel awful for him…. I asked him if he was okay with it, and he responded that he was actually glad about it!!  This is cool, and a great thing to remember.  Some people DO love their work, and we should remember that each of us are all different.  This is where we each (I hope) can and want to find where we do ‘fit in’ within the world, and that we can each find our own freedom solutions.

I have started asking people “If money was not an issue, what would you want to do?”  A basic question, though the answer is key to remind people of their wants.  One person just responded, in full honesty, that they’d want to paint (pictures).  Other friends have said that they would keep their current job, as it keeps them sane.  Some people need the structure of a job for their own mental health, while some others will lose their fucking minds and turn into a bucket of chaos and rage (like me).

Another answer I’ve been hearing from some people, is that they’d want to travel.  This can be road trips across Canada, driving or flying in the US, and some people would love to go to Asia or Europe.  How can we find each person to do what they WANT to do and what they LOVE to do!?!?

One key friend of mine also reminded me to not compare myself and my life to others with regards to what I have and other’s don’t.  I’m a very self-referencial person though, and think in rare cases I should.  Some people don’t have the freedom that I have (no job, few commitments, vehicle and home), though think also of my sacrifices.  The lack of money, the challenges and judgement from those that ARE working jobs they hate (and still not having enough), and also for the fact of how I have lots of what I have from years and years of dedication that they don’t see now, for they know not my story.

Remember kids…. I’m now 38 years old and have gone through a shitload of things and experiences to get here where I am now.  This did not happen magically.  I have put in my may years of minimum wage and also have (sometimes bleakly) put in a lot of effort to gather and earn the regard of some people and friends to allow myself the life that I lead.

I may be very solitary, and covertly, subtle with some of what I do, and for who.  I note it’s not my place to judge who should get help and who should not, it’s merely my choices that allow me to care enough to support and want to help some people.  Gary Vee in the mix again with how we EARN our lives, and I think that some people don’t believe I’ve done anything worthy to be where I am now.

Anyhow… A primary message from this post is that I want us to integrate and help each other find what they want and love.  Some people WANT another job, some people want to paint.  Some people don’t have transportation, I do, and will help with it.  Some friends may smink and smink, and may reduce my want to help by taking too much.  Some friends chip in kindly and keep the Reciprocation of PLU8R in action that ensures that those that do help (not just me) are gladly shown that their help is appreciated.

Keep your hearts open…  Find your dreams and wants…. Let other’s know of your needs, though do not expect them to magically grant all your wishes.  We can help some people some of the time.  Those who make efforts to do so shall hopefully be rewarded by karma or direct reciprocation, and note that I also must remember that I should not do things with the intent of a return.

Concern about how we burn, and doubt that we learn, though remember that we should not abuse those to whom which we go for help when we turn.

Love, Light, and Luck!!!


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