Cosa Fai Roberto?!?!

Today I closed the Koyich Digital website and Weebly account.  The domain name was not renewed, which holds now as there being two websites that hold my creative works. and

Since the most recent post, I’ve started two more written projects: Audience of One and Two Thousand Words.  Both of the projects are based on writing 2k word sections.  For Audience of One, the 2k words are centered on WHO I’m writing to.  For Two Thousand Words (TTW), the 2k posts are ABOUT a singular topic.  The first two sections I wrote for TTW were one about Dreams, and another about my creative process.

The QBlue Project hasn’t been worked on recently, even though the Natalie stuff was surging a bit during a trip to Italy at the beginning of July.  When I was on the Italy trip, though, I did record another six audio recordings, and five of them were used on the album Cipher of a Sayonite.  I played the album through on the airplane home from Italy on the airplane and like the sound of the album a lot!  It’s free for download until August 1st.

For when I got back to home, I entered a new situation of now needing to go without car, as I can’t afford one.  I have the want of buying a car again in the future, and want to sell CDs and digital albums to fuel the money to pay for the vehicle.  I have 100x CD-R’s at home, and the intent to sell discs for $5 each.

My Mom and my Dad have helped a lot through the time since getting home also.  They are both concerned about me staying afloat money wise, and I note that I still need to find a regular part time job to help fund my life.  I am not fully capable of full time work, and also don’t want to mooch funds to stay afloat financially.

The parameters of being more home based is something I will get used to.  Today I spent time cleaning up at home and also a bit of communication.  I also worked on organizing my budget and money pages.  My life book is helpful, as I can track multiple needed things in one spot.  (A list of expenses due to the end of August, the list of who I need to follow up for finding part time work, and to set some ideas for distribution).

It’s also the case that most of my written works had been formed at Starbucks.  Advice from a friend also is to turn my home into a place where I’m more comfortable to work.

A link for Fiverr also may help with me writing for an income.  (Here’s my page).  The two gigs that I have online on that site are to help with Two Thousand Words by writing on topic 2k words for those who want to glean an opinion or entertainment or advice on a topic of their choice.  The other gig is for flowetics in the form of a Keystyle or Full Through.

Another thing I wonder is what ideas or advice do others (you!) have to add as a suggestion or opinion of how to expand reach and find people for my written or recorded works.  I still have the idea of profit sharing for those that think they can market the music, and I also note that a big challenge right now is awareness.

A short post this is… An update for the few who read the Node posts.  If you think you have something to add or recommend, please let me know.  I’m open to ideas as I tend to get a bit focused inwards, and don’t reach outside the box so well.

Keep well and at ‘er, and let me know please!



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