Exercise Comes in Many Forms

And daily commitment is also not always easy…

My Dad has a concern of me using this page to post to ‘the world’.  I am (partly) trying to get my ideas and craft(s) out there.  I also have the benefit of tracking my journey by having all the posts saved on my computer on this WordPress page.

I have been awful with blogging and maintaining my commitments.  I also have started so many projects, and have left them not fully tended.  I won’t mention them now.  I sometimes will feel super motivated, and then flounder my efforts and time.  I am aware of this… I acknowledge this… I then choose what I will do about it (Action).

Tonight I set the previous parameters of many of my WordPress posts, and set 30 minutes aside to write.  I also made a page to remind and track my exercise of four tasks that I would like to perform daily.  Do NOT be surprised if I don’t get ’em all done.

The first four things that I have a want to achieve on a daily basis are 1) 5 minutes of Italian radio… not difficult, just commit and learn.  2) To perform five skill strengthening sessions on DuoLingo.  These take about 5-10 minutes per section, and I tended to that earlier today as something to do in the morning before sitching out from home.  3) I want to push and pull myself towards honing my ability to write with a 30 minute Nodal session.  A Nodal session is when I post on this page.  I want to do this for my own growth and tracking of process, and to share with the Internet.  Again, Dad, you may not think it a great idea, though I do have some plans as to how this will help me towards prosperity.  The fourth thing 4) is to clean up at home for 30 minutes.  I find this a very valuable exercise (noting with the title of this post, that exercise is not just physical) as it will help me keep my home clean, and is a point where I can make my home a more welcome place for some friends.

I also seem to think that starting small with commitments is a good thing.  I must tend to my patterns and activities more closely.  I found some insight into myself and where I am in my own journey through the past few days, and it was not good.  I also note that I have revealed a lot of myself to the Internet, and I will use the ideas for good and building, and as a tool for positive growth for those that are not me also.

With the exercises of developing my mind and abilities, I hope to share the results with others.  I had been contacted by a gal on Fiverr.com that had wantef me to write for her.  My gig is that I’ll write 2k words on a topic of a person’s choice (or a keystyle for another gig).  She contacted me to write advertising copy for the text for people’s drop point for their sales funnels.  I’m not so on about this, as I still am selfish and want to write what I want to write about, and not conform to another’s style.  The idea of earning money through my ability to write is alluring, though I don’t like pushing advertising.

The concern of sharing to much with the world also has me attach some other ideas or topics.  If I am to cultivate some of the dreams and wants that I have, I will potentially have to sacrifice my privacy and also be more openly visible to the world.  The ideas of integrity are key to this also.  I have a layer of thought that if I am more careful of what I write, and I don’t over-disclose my own self (or other’s information) that I may leverage a slow visibility and following for my works.  There is teetering boundary with this that I’m partially aware of.

The other layer of this posts title makes me think of physical health.  Mine is awful.  I had played some basketball two to three days ago, and found the damage done to my lungs through years of smoking.  I also note about smoking, that even though I have now felt how out of shape I am, that I also am partially too hedonistic and still have been filling my lungs with smoke.  My awarenesses come slowly sometimes, and it’s (sometimes) far after that I find the results of my poor choices.  I can share that of my health, my vocation/profession situation, and also of my financial and transportation issue.

I also think of how I am the age that I am now, and still haven’t met the gal that I’m to partner with.  Though my dreams are vast, I have concerns about their audacity and my ability to achieve them.

I am tempted to add an additional daily task of writing 2k words a day for Audience of One or Two Thousand words (two books in process), though a restriction with those two projects is WHO to write for, and also ABOUT WHAT to write for if to form 2k words as a daily activity.  I’ll keep the idea of writing for those two books as floating for now, and not a commitment.

Regarding my life, I need to adult up!!  If I am to make an impact and help people with written ideas, I need to expand the information and awareness of my thoughts with people.  I do know I can write a lot, and with proper intent shall make good use of myself and my abilities with the Internet.  I note that for the past few years I’ve dabbled with marketing my music online with minimal results (under $200 sales in six years) and I also think of how I personally don’t know the value in my recordings.  I believe that the greatest value I hold for myself to others is writing.  I can give more value to a person through my ideas, advice, and knowledge than I can by entertainment (as far as I’m aware).

My music is not something I will quit though.  I will continue to write, record, and share, though if my intent is to help others with their lives, then I must have my music as secondary.  I am not one to create Rap or Hip-Hop music, and I also am not an MC or performer.  I may repeat myself a lot also with the rhymes (and some of what I write) though that’s the Introversial nature of who I am.

I have three minutes until I close this session.  Today, I got 5 DuoLingo lessons complete, 10 minutes of Italian radio, more than 30 minutes of cleaning at home, and also this 30 minute Nodal session.  It’s 11:19PM and I shall sign out from today soon, though I thank you for being out there, even if this hasn’t yet reached you.  There are many more than a few that help me renew and find the correct things to do, and though I am selective of who, the view from the mountain top will be viewed much later before we are needing to find some of the fearful heeding must stop.

Love, luck, and life y’all!





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