SPAM!!! (That’s not how to entrepreneur Rob!!)

And how can I be an entrepreneur!?!?  They sell things!!!  I certainly haven’t done well with that!  I did love money and deals with crads, though when I tried that as a company (I had KD registered legitimately from Jan-May 2014) I also had a net loss of $740 on the journey!  I am awful at selling things!!  (Yet I also have the want).

I think of these posts… I think of how they will help navigate the path and story of who I am, what I do, and how (and why) I do it.  For right now (when I posted) I note that there are only 183 total views on the full 41 posts I’ve made.  This is not much visibility, though my own self knows otherwise.

I want to share what I have learned, and from who, and also to hide the sources so I’m not a name dropping braggart.  There ARE a few key people that seed my dreams.  I know that they are wanting others to thrive!  I know that they know more about life and the game than I do.  I also glean some of their knowledge as to how to succeed, and pair it with what I know of myself.  I do hold some key principles that will lead to success.

I also almost dance with dangling their ideas that will lead to my success in front of them within our shared thoughts.  Thank you … Thank you Gary for seeding so much knowledge and for adjusting my attitudes towards and with myself into a future where I will continue to develop and be glad.  Thank you for reminding me that love, and patience, and rightness IS partly what I hold and use and value.  Thank you for reminding me that my family ARE the most important people to me, and I know that from the level of trust that I place in them.

For the next few years, or months, I have this bizarre layer of inner knowing that I am doing some of the things that will lead me forward into a kind and accepting future.  The thing that I yearn for is to fortify those beliefs in my mind more often, and to achieve a state of being that cannot, and will not, be shaken.

I draw from the cosmos.  I draw from myself.  I draw from my past.  I draw from my heart.

I AM just one kid on Earth.  My 38 years bring me to be one who’s not adulted, and also one that knows he’s decades from understanding.  I love the myriad of how the fear and hope and confidence and doubt all mix it up like a Timetwister… I also like that I have some ideas that are solely from my own inner life and journey that I can claim as my own.

Random Rob doing random things!

Though we’re told some things are not random.  We are told that ‘it is as it is’ and that we should just accept it.  We’ve been told not to struggle with reality, that we should not try to move forward, we’ve been told (and sometimes taught) to just go with the flow and let fate handle it.  Sometimes true, sometimes not.  I’ve even told people to not be timid in their own right to have an opinion, though that could spin to one battling a fight they need not be a part of.  I’ve the idea that love will shine… That if we let the world know our heart, then they can help bring the things (and people) to it that it yearns for.  I’ve also been told to suppress myself and submit to life, for that’s what everyone else (needs) to do.

I don’t like that.

I am still such a foolish and optimistic dreamer to believe that each person should be granted (by right, or wish, or grace, or privilege (or merit)) a life that they can love and share.  A thought to differentiate that although we all mostly live on Earth, that the individual worlds and lives that we live are so numerous and vastly different, though are all interconnected.  For some people, I hold no value.  I’m okay with that.  It’s not my world to push ideas or my value proposition at others.  I do hope thout that I can draw some people into my world that will help cultivate a positive shared experience.

I sign out for tonight…. Love and luck y’all!




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