Is It Worth Forming the Path?

I wrote 2k words for an Audience of One section today.  I gave the recipient advice to follow their own intuition and do what they know, or strongly believe, as the best action for themselves (on the basis that they know themselves best).  I also gave them the advice to gather opinions and ideas from others when they need guidance, and to not let others tell them what to do, though to be open to the ideas and thoughts they might not have had for themselves.  Tonight (or morning) I do this also for myself.

Through the years I’ve been alive, I have been given, or read, or told a lot of different bits of advice.  Some of the ideas and recommendations conflict and contradict each other.  I also think that I may heed too far into the advice of some, though draw amazing intuition into my own needs from fragments of thought I infer from some ideas.

Tonight I used some of those shards (non-Magic shards (though found the Naya Shard tonight too)) and made the choice to keep on with some of my guided activities.

I have seen and read a bit to a bunch online from people I don’t know.  I’ve investigated some business ideas, I’ve found some online guidance and coaches (even if not in direct study with them), and I also have my own layers of knowledge from myself, and some family members (and friends).  The processes and tactics (and practices) that I’ve smunk (using that word as meaning I got them for free (Shoulspeak word)) and my own knowledge of self that I often don’t follow through with my commitments (to self more often) also have been fused into this.

I started on August 2nd this year (2016) a path of committing and tracking my ideas and process into habit.  I know that I am accountable to barely anyone, and I also know I have shown great laziness and lack of discipline and self control.  I (and some of you) have been told that we need to make choices, act on them, and (the thing I’ve not done so often) follow through with them.

I had the choice to go to sleep, or to complete my ‘daily grind’ tasks.  I chose the (seemingly) irrational choice to make this post, to post on Sections of Mana, and also followed my (foolish) prerogative of helping find solution(s) for my friends and contacts.

I intuitively hope that my instincts of setting my personal commitments will result in (thanks Gary) my long-term success, even if I can’t fathom my own legacy.

I see the small incremental changes and choices that can snowball.  I know this from my mistakes, and I sense this of the consequences of my own (intentional) actions.  I have been told to make changes when needed.  I also have heeded from my own posts to extend forward and not only HAVE positive intent, though to form my own integrity to hold and fortify my own beneficial actions and choices.  (relevant example from today shown in this photo).

Hsusky and the sled

I know that I have preached a lot of different things and ideas.  They are sourced from my heart and my intent sometimes, though like a lot of my lyrics, they sometimes take a long while to form as actual reality.  The way this photo is relevant today, is making the choice to carry through my daily grind tasks and run a longer distance with my day, instead of going to bed and skipping these crucial activities for my own long term benefit.

I have admiration for those who actively strive and search and work towards their purpose, and Mr. Vee, I hope you do know, and that it is true, that you’ve inspired a vast amount of people to find their own freedom solutions through consecrated effort.

I also think then of grace.  I am stunned that I’ve managed to get so far in life without being taken away.  Think also of how of the idea that if one is allowed to live (even against the will of those on Earth) and is given the grace to move past their disruptive or negative points of effect, and then turn and show and result in being a super positive and contributing member of life, and for life, then is it the case that some key person, group, or being saw the value in that person, and then allowed them to flourish to bring wondrous and astonishing benefit to another.  I hope that IS my story also.

Without a full repentance and recounting of my own mistakes and transgressions, I now know that I also believe in turnarounds.  The crux of fate and success and life does sometimes come from those who seem(ed) to be a lost case… If the person is given a chance to life and make reparations and adjustments to their behaviour, attitudes, and ethics, then new life and being may be formed.

Even if I cannot yet proclaim of some, and I still am gaining basic comprehension of life and it’s secrets and wonders, I still openly thank God and the forces on all sides of my life for allowing me the grace and love and luck that I have been bestowed.  I wish for global PLU8R, and note with this thanks to ‘God’ (put in brackets for those who believe God to be an idea, and not a real thing) that the first R in Global PLU8R is “Respect for every Religion”.

I know not how or why I have been granted the right to live my life.  I know not why I am allowed to create and form my own penance and story, though I thank anything and everything possible to be allowing us to be as we are.  I ask and hope we each are allowed to live the life of our own personal, collective, and individual journeys, and that we may grant and be granted compassion, kindness, truth, light, love, luck, and life to help.  I also ask that we may help those others may have marked as not worthy of life or love to be cases of life that turns their actions, behaviours, and intents into ones that may evolve into grace and good for the benefit of many more than a few.

I am a fool for believing in some things, yet I hope to prove that some are and were wise for keeping me alive for the things that I have yet to do for the betterment of many many more than a few.

Having to rely on my own actions and doings, even if  there are multiple forces and supports helping me stay afloat, is not an easy task or process.  I have floundered and blundered and fumbled my way through life, though I also am starting to grip ahold of my own values and integrity with proper prerogatives.  I have gone through a very long journey, and I also hope and pray the journey is (as cliche as it is) just near the beginning.


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