50 Ways to Play a Cover…

Okay… I wrote another 2k for Audience of One today… I want to play!!  This (sometimes) means rhymes.  I over-noded a friend on a walk today with babble babble rhyme babble as we travel down the gravel to smatter the nattering stone!  (Some things that happen I cannot condone!)

Sooo… This post is the 50th post I’ve made on WordPress.   I won’t make the full post rhyme, as there’s some that needs to be written about the process.  The (usually) 30 minute sessions on this page have run well for since August 2nd (now the 12th-13th).  Additional Mr. Vee’s advice was taken from a video yesterday, and I’m glad that even though I can’t afford to pay for mentors, that the internet helps me too!  I may generate a lot on my own (for text (and audio (some video))) though part of the advice is to track the process.

Soo… the process.  I dip back to my credo.

Learn, Love, Live, Thrive, Create, Play, and Pray.

I’ve not done so well with the praying recently, and I also am cautious to not play too much.  The learning part is online mentors and connections (plus me helping others learn) though advice was given also to (maybe) not focus so much on value creation.  The other advice adds that I may be too focused on doing and busy, without generating results.

I have written 4x more sections to Audience of One in the past five days, and I also note that my Italian lessons are carrying on well.  The Secret Stash page has had some posts for the future plans, and the Finding Natalie copy another has will be returned on Monday, with partial editing.  I want to push to get the book revised and posted online, though my initial plan of having 30 copies ordered will not be happening.  I will instead have to market the book with internet sales, and not my own personal copies.

My daily grind page has expanded a bit, and I layered two of the 30 minute bits over each other today.  For the 30 minutes of cleaning, I also vocalized rhymes for the full 30 minutes while cleaning.  Also!!  Noted that I gave a challenge to another friend about writing!  They had said in the past they wanted to write stories, so I gave them the challenge to write a set amount.  For today (and yesterday) they wrote 500+ words!  I extended the challenge to be to write 500 words every day for a week.  They accepted!!!

For my own growth and journey, I have been handing out some discs also.  Although I’ve not found people to help market my music, I have had some good random conversations with people and shared discs (Mainly Cipher of a Sayonite).  Additionally, another friend is to visit on Monday so we can set up a basic web page to post some of my written material online.  I had a web page (and hosting service), though had to sacrifice the domain and the hosting service because I could not afford them.  I’m still really wanting to earn money from my creative works, though that’s not happened yet.

I also note that I woke late last Sunday for church, and that I’ve set intent to get there this Sunday (with an edge of uncertainty if I’ll be able to wake up on time).  My day to day life is much different now without a car, though I’m also pondering not selling my car for the point in the future when I can afford to repair it, and put it back on the road.

Sooo… For now, tonight… It’s 2:42AM and this session is to run to 3AM.

I have kept at ‘er with daily grind things.  I will add more to the daily list.  I also note that I must heed my own intuition that I DO need to be patient and keep working at the creative freedom solution, even if not (yet) seeing results.  I do want to record more, and note from the 30 minute rhyme session today that my lyrical delivery is improving.  I am still nowhere near being a professional, though it’s only the past two days that I’ve gone on a 30 minute rhyme session.  Also noted (of my filing) that I have worked 30 minutes of filing each day, and that the ‘real life’ (financial documents, taxes, home insurance, pay stubs) documents are all filed.  Now it’s onto the stack of written material (and codes).  From knowing I am to organize my written work, I also have added a daily grind line for 30 minutes of written material, even if not one day into that process.

Today’s post IS very much a track and report.  From the advice from my Dad, I am more careful about posting my more personal information, though I also note my creative works are more public.  I am learning to choose what to share, and also am not pushing my music links via Facebook.  Facebook’s functionality for me is still evolving and shifting, and for the past week or so, I’ve not been so at it scrolling and scanning.  I’ve more been using it as an open window to respond (and yes, to share my daily Nodal posts).  As of today, only about 2-3 views are happening for my Nodal posts, though I know my cousin has been reading them!!  (GG AK!)

I also have found myself type or say two or more times recently that I value secrets.  Not that I like hearing people’s secrets, though rather the value of keeping other’s secrets untold.  With the blend of some friend, I shall tend and amend some of where I come from without sharing… that too a form of caring!

Another daily grind item I’ve gone five days with (yet not today’s (yet)) is the Sections of Mana blog.  I am partly reluctant to share it, though I did link it here.  That’s where my own edge of uncertainty causes me to be a bit anxious (often a sign that I should be cautious).  I also know that if my ultimate plans are to unfold, I will need to get A LOT of information out there (and to be open with what I’ve made or thought).

With the Two Thousand Words project, I’ve not tended to it so well.  Some recommendations of topics to write about will be a help, and I also have not tended to (or forgotten) about the album The QBlue Project.  The QBlue Project has 2x songs recorded for it, though the full album will be 17-18 tracks.  (The two recorded now being track #1 and the track that’s to be #2 or #3.  (The songs titled ‘Why Me?‘ and ‘Where are WE now?!‘)  (I think to share them on the Bandcamp page after posting this (and then linking them)).

With the last three minutes of today’s post, I revert back to how I want to track myself as a host to toast Jeff and find the referee to see the crads need not be used, yet still the Magic has fused that they’ve chosen to be frozen in time.  The Sections to climb into the meld of the cards, while bards cross with the meld of how this Sunday too is spelled to be a visit to the parents of a new baby!  I tell you not their name, or claim, yet the aims shall show that the music is on course for how the horse will carry the plough into how then will be now.

Soooo…. For those few who read, the seed does heed that the process will take many years, and though the book clears into the eyes (and not the ears) the bassbin clears the fears to find the points of blue shared by the one I wrote to.  The hopes of the crew may be unknown to me, yet still we shall find and share and show the Trinal Synergy (if you have five minutes to hear something from me!!)



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