Who Is This For!?!

With the advice a few nights ago, I was told that I should focus on creating just for myself; I do and I don’t… I will and I won’t.  There has been a strong want to share and write for others, though the advice lines that I’ll share some signs and thought with those that have, or have not, brought themselves to what I seed.

The work is a Forest indeed.  The notions of lost potions sipped from the tipped back track also share and show what I lack.  I lack a correct plan to span the years through the forgotten tears, while potting seeds to evade my fears.  Though some of what I write clears my mind and heart of some of what wishes to tear the dreams apart, the whispers of the dart also find me chart back to the cart.

If MY want is to have an effect, then still should I create for myself alone?!  What if there are ideas that should be known, and though the selfish gain of writing these drops or rain also help hone my craft, I still think of those staffed at your shop.  This idea drops in some of those who’ve met my kin, and though ideas toss me into the spin, there is a tin to smoke.  The win/win is also what I shall evoke.

The link to a Tribal sign also shares the fact that writing helps me remember my clouds and what I want.  I do daunt myself from placing the idea on the shelf, and though I don’t know what will happen in the future, I still will keep tilling the seeds for the needs to be met.  I miss my pet(s) and the cigarettes are also still in the blend with some friend.

I have been criticized for not creating for others, and then another still tells me that I should (and I probably will) keep on doing it for myself.  The want, though, of helping another grow is also what I shall sow.  I cannot know her if I don’t set the plans across time, and though the cans of Coke are not with me recently when I climb into text, the next few years are to remind some of what others have lined into how I also now wind up the clock to recall the page written to the friend of Spock.

I’ve gotten so muddled in what I’ve been told to do, and haven’t known fully the why’s that people are using in the disguise.  One of the kind and cool guys gave me something to think about yesterday, the idea that I probably get myself in the way.

I hear and I relay some of what I say into the fray of how they also plough the fields for yields, though are a different person, and have different motivation and intent.  My pent up reactions hold factions of the base in the lyrics that trace.  The pace of life without a wife is much different than some of what went back to when I was in Chilliwack.  I write forward to 15 years from the lack of a pack and share and show that there still is much, Aeris, for you to know.  Your mom let me come from the place of finding and earning the right to grace the world with some of what our heart has curled within.

I still need to shed some fear and sin.  The fear of not thinking I know, and the sin of wanting to till the seeds to make it so.  Regardless of either, I hope and pray you will thrive and grow.  Some things that I’ve yet to show.

And while I can flow pretty well, there also should be an English component if this IS meant to be sent to another who doesn’t like rhymes.  The climbs I want to make also carry how I tarry my own being and then shred the pillow.  (I also remember giving the box of Oreos to Willow!!)

Anyhow… If I’ve been told to just write for me, I then know I want to add others to the lines and works to help share and show the key.  PLU8R includes Reciprocity, and the future approaches with a continuous velocity through space.  I may not be searching for full validation, though grace will call the walls to hold and share that I (sometimes) do what I’m told.  I also want to tell (some) other people of the dreams from the steeple.  Not the meep one though, that’s part of another friends sitch that I’ve not tended so.

The union of how I am does clarify some of the who and why of the gem.  In the hem that was sown, the tones of the surger remind me of the contents of intents.  Some may wish to tap me down, though the crap that holds my frown will also show I smile and laugh.  Though I’ve not met my other half, I also should get the graph book and form where the nook will be made for me to write when you’re in the fifth grade.  The ideas wade into the heart, and though I’m not so smart, the chart will hold the electives of lives and the meld of how the strives to improve and progress will share and show that I sort myself out of the mess.

Celest,  I may focus a bit much on Aeris, though if the idea is true, that you are the first.  Think of Paradox and the thirst to achieve.  I should not forget that you are one that I also hope to retrieve from future events.  Though my intents were not fully known, the tones of my own depravity kept the gravitational pull of bringing our life into full accord.  Adjustments by The Lord also string me up like a harpsichord and find that I will not forget the dream of the Blue House and the award.  I may not be a professional artist, and though I twist rhymes into thought, the times of love and light also will be brought.

Do not be afraid, as I had been, to have your own thought.  Remember that some things in life cannot be bought, and be sure to pure your being so that you too may be seeing into the eyes of those you learn to tend and love.  The friend’s concern did help me find the keys to go to you, even if not to be there until near the year of 2022.  I shall guild and build and let the futures be willed by powers that aid and guide, and though I made this to reside in your eyes way before you were born, or started to rise, the facts that some pretty cool guys also assist me towards the moment of she.

Hold your divinity close to your heart, and be sure to remember that it took me thousands of moments to start to impart that your heart is also the fact I lack my own path.  To condone the math of how we are, and how you form, yet keep your soul and spirit warm to remind you of the things that I wrote above the apartment of Norm.

Go give your sister a kiss, and remind her that you love her.  And your brother?  Ask Mom for three cookies to share… And then eat two!

I love the three of you also… Keep well kids!

From the kid who made bids beyond the measures of time, and space, to remind us all that sometimes things are earned, even if we don’t think we’ve deserved the extra layer of grace!


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