I May Need to Reset…

I have wanted to not daunt myself, yet place it up on the shelf.  Though I don’t know what I’m going to do, I know that there are links to some of you.  The meld of that held seems to be none.  I HAVE put myself, and my course, into the tides of the Norse.  My aunt and my Mom also help share and show where we come from.  Though I may have found the ground open and close upon the rose, I too recall that I do this for some… And have been told to write only for me.  Other people may hold the key, even if not to seed a tree.

The lines from a decade ago pass into the memory of the CD.  Though there are, the seeds and the star find the tar bars to burn, as my concern is that there have not been drinks with fizz.  Though this IS for us, the bus has not picked you up yet.  I seed this for our pet, and though Red XIII is a keen link back to the track, the ideas of Winks and Boots too scoots the cursor across the page.  I want to EARN my life and NOT just work for a wage.  I turn the book into the page.

I remember that September approaches, and squish the wish into the dish of how I fish not any more.  The commitments explore the door to how and why we shall do this.  Though the Kris Kross line shares a sign, I know the line to The Pit show this to us.  I have now shifted to how this will evolve.  Though my ideas dissolve parts of my own heart, this is for my family, and not the chart.

Dad, you don’t know Aeris yet, and though Mira has yet to be a teen before some of this will glean, the screen is a place I put my life upon.  There are too many restrictions (and freedoms) with rhyme.  I started this post at 12:07 and will keep the hems.  Even if I know what the gems are, they shift us to the car.  I cannot afford to drive when I wrote, though I also recall myself that some of the boat is still in the wish that I don’t need it.  I need to be more careful and cautious of the bus.  I may be tainted and faded into the pacts of their plans to plot.  Rob… Skip the knot… tie the line to the shoreline and see and hear your own sings.  Trines hold and fold, as perchance I have been too ‘spines’ and bold.

I also wish to push on and progress, though yes, also must heed, so that I can be a tree, and not just a seed.


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