Another 30?!

The intent of the title was meant to refer to 30 minutes or writing, though sighting today, there also is much more to say.  Though I set this fact, there is that made to let the book be relayed!  This played the times of rhymes into the climbs up to SFU to show the one who’s to be there for Aeris too.

I don’t yet know that the settling snow will show that there are some who are deeper than the penner of the book, yet looking now into the spin, they also may be like some kin with the meld that I’ve fallen into the pollen and hive.

Though not knowing when the book(s) will arrive, there are some who have reminded me that there are those that come to view the truth, and though I don’t yet record in a booth, the sleuths shall find and share and show.  The kinds of care that you know ARE more than I would have ever expected.  Though selected to continue with some more for you, the ideas of the plan span a bridge to find the smidgen of ink to link the brink of the futures that we’ve yet to see.  Though eternity is in the key, I still know not what will be.  The music reminds me that we shall share and show and pair the flow with the signs that we come to know.

Sooo…. Tonight, a dear friend and contact made an offer to me.  I’m still stunned a bit of the idea, and am humbled by their faith in me.  They are the person that recommended that I start this blog, and they’re to help me get copies of my book.

I don’t quite know how to convey the gladness and gratitude, though note that the lyrical food will find the facts alude back to rhyme.  Though we track time with the lack of understanding, the sanding of the heart will find the sandpaper to stop for a dart.  I know that my rhymes are a bit of a foolish notion that hangs above me the stars that I’m not meant to see.  Though the cement is the glee, the rock is to free The Contialis into some of this.  I will not miss the beat with the treat to hold the sweet to the cleat.  Though the lines they meet still line the street into the view of the things that rings renew, there is the fact that the pings of John and Nick Kings also in the past.

The trips to Hong Kong to find the strong drink to link the coffee to the wink instead of trying the pink.  Which pill is to chill?  How can I plough the divine will into the world without having another’s belief unraveled or unfurled?

The words only link some of the works the nerds will drink.  Though two said they’re geeks, the peaks and valleys of the rally car will find the pipes and tar bars lit where I now sit.  Though also told that different places will hold the text, the ideas form one after the next.  Amongst the consects, community overlaps with my spoken rhymes (which are not fully raps) as the taps of the forest wind the cradle like Gaea’s cradle.

With the assistance, much more distance may be traveled between where this has unraveled.  The source of the course also will share and show their flow is to help the Whelp tow along the raft of this craft.

I am not staffed at a shop, and though some of the ideas must stop, there is the ramp to drop in and spin on the other side of a mental guide that shall share the instrumentals to reside in the word.  I have heard a few things of my own ruse that will chose to fuse instead of being led to abuse.  The fuse of the thought was not what we wish.  Thoughts like a dish of food that I allude to about the grout of the two.  I thank you again, even if you don’t know where or when.  Their in the pens ink that the printer will not release.  The geese also fly across the pond and share that that’s opened the wings of my heart.  I cannot find the correct words to depart my brain into the soft friction of my Stain.  I must abstain from being pure as rain, for the pain that I’ve caused has paused for me to know that sometimes I fear I cannot let myself grow.

I don’t know what the plans shall be, and thought the pans and the glee shall solidify my resolve of being the one to dissolve and evolve into the Shoulsman that I must be, even if I am not going to go searching for the one the CDs meant to be made about.  I shift my intent in the living grout to sing and sign and bring the line into a slow fast fury of their sneers at me for being one who clears back to the time we are within.

I think too of my sin, and how I pledged some things.  It’s true that the wings hold me up, yet if feels like they’ve been clipped by my brain that slipped into the mistake that shows I cannot be real enough to be a fake.  I do make errors and transgressions that show the admonesions of my pause to avoid death, instead of being one to try and find the one that played Beth.

The facts of the crew also show her too that the nicey nice will find the splice of the Russian in the vice.  I splice the DNA to the way they saw the play to say we pray.  I can, and cannot, understand why my mind has been brought forth from the North to the other places with the basses in traces.  I haven’t a clue what I shall do, yet note that some of you do.  I hope to convey the way to relay, yet also must not break from what I say.  The lines seem to deem me a dream fading from the lawn into the ideas of the father of Ron.

I cannot freeze time from occurring, yet the blurring of the rhymes and text share the concurring that there is something to share.  Though there are some who will not understand where they (or I) come from, there are some that will let us set the snow into the symbiotic flow that will help the Whelp tow the song into how I also know that sometimes I don’t show that what’s wrong IS held deep within the song.

A link to the facts of my own depravity and vulgarity carry me back to being one who’s to stack the deck in the favour of some others so that we can become lovers of life, builders of lives, and also those who shall defend and strengthen bonds between some husbands and wives.

Though some may have deep faith in myself and what I do, I also note that I still have a lot of inner work to do on myself before I can be shared from the shelf.  It’s fact that some came from my past to share the whole cast and crew with you, though it doesn’t necessarily mean that I will yet glean the scene to unfold into the fact of me being positive and bold.

I must hold of through some more time before the rhymes may carry the ideas that shall let us tarry and wind the threads around the loom to find him to be her groom.

I resume again tomorrow in a way to borrow my being from the keying of the locks to share the codes with the fox, and also understand the Mox with the boxes of litter to find her in the kitten paws.  I know I still have multiple flaws, and though I clarified my cause, I still need to grow some seed that will remind me to also slow down and heed that I come from a point of wanting both prosperity and emotional greed.  I have wanted to have such value, that I probably neglected some others, and not just you.

Please allow me to grow to be true, even if I fear I may never be able to find the tables turn back to helping us to renew and reset.  Another cigarette, my meds, and then brush before I hush my mind and find myself wind into the realms of dreamscape.  A link of the nape of the neck, and how father REK will not understand that it’s not a speck in my eye, yet something I am (and will) need to pry away from my heart for the fact that, even if I’m not to chase, the dream is still decades past the point where another had made the story start.



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