Sept 1st Update/Report (About my Work and the WordPress page)

This was meant to be a short and quick post about the creative works, though it goes much deeper than I initially thought.

I’ll start with this page; This page (blog) is being used as my own tool.  I want to track my journey (of life, creative works, (later) community, and goals/hopes/dreams).  I set in the previous post an intent to label the posts depending on their function and/or purpose.  Today’s post is functional in a) informing about my works, b) pulling myself towards the habit of daily posting, and c) to give me a point to look back on for a summary of my progress (for myself (and those that care to read my stuff)) for the month of August.

The next main project I’m aware of is the book.  (Here’s the link to the first book ).  I have a lot invested into this book, and A LOT of intents have shifted with it.  At the point of when I published this book, I had the intent to set a meeting with the real Natalie.  That dream, though, I cannot, and MUST not chase.  The intent then tripped into the idea of selling copies to earn money (I still have the intent of earning money through music and book sales).  I also note that I DON’T like push marketing, though the WANT of earning money from my work to be self-sufficient caused an issue.  The issue is/was that I was messaging friends and contacts with the intent to sell something, and I severely lacked the fact that I was pulling for sales and neglecting the relationships and connections with people.

With regard to sales and the books involvement with my FB friends, there have been some really cool things.  The first copy was sold to a really rad friend from SFU that I hadn’t been in contact with for a long time.  I will avoid from mentioning peoples names on this blog, though it stunned me a bit, the gift of care (and a book sale) that was given by this friend.  They were my best friend when I went to University, and our paths diverged.  (He chose real world life, and I kept to drugs).  His giving of $ for my story, I also hope, will relay a good tale and saga to him about dear ol’ Gump.

For August, 2x copies of the book sold.  I had a few people say that they’ve bought a copy, yet the sales reports only track 2x now (slower reporting service).  I will be (on the monthly reports) share the total sales of the book in future TCE (True Cyber Ebb) posts.

The last cool thing (that I totally should not forget about) is that another Convergys friend is to seed a great gift of purchasing a bunch of copies (20x+!!) to distribute to people of their network.  I have neglected this friend often, though they have seeded so so so much of this process and work that I do.  (They were the one who guided me to write on this blog, they have shared my creative works and have more faith in me that I yet know).  I feel pale in comparison with levels of care shown compared to that they’ve had for me.  I feel sad and meek from that.

Finding Natalie aside, I then think of my lyrics and rhymes and music.

This month, I put up some music onto the Bandcamp page.  Here are the links… 2x Tracks for The QBlue Project (album in process) and also a track made for a kind friend who’s tended well to me called Consectual Analysis that was from 2k words I wrote for him in July.  The person that the words were written to also have shown me insight  into a few things, and also encourage me with my works and dreams.  (I also wonder if and when I’ll blend Magic ‘code names’ into the TCE posts).  I also put another sound on SoundCloud that is a track called Ping Back Track (Produced by Anno Domini Nation).  It’s a cool sounding track as there is distortion to the voice (and alien type sound).

I guess I shared music first… let’s spin to the rhymes.  I’ve written quite a bunch through the years, though a lot of the years (2000-2013) were hand written.  It’s only in the past 3-5 years that I typed more prevalently.  I had written quite a few keystyles (full pages of rhyme) even back to 1999, and also journaled some on the computer, though the ‘modern’ day keystyles I’ve written (that are full pages TO (usually) a specific person) started more near 2009-2010 when I got my first laptop.  Of the few hundred pages that I’ve either printed or handwritten, the majority were piled up yet to be sorted.  The pile in the back left in the following photo is what’s remaining to be sorted.  (I’ve not yet started going through the few many notebooks I’ve hand written in either)

So rhymes are that that are written, that have not yet been formed into music.

For the lyrics part… That’s the craft!!!  The matching of flow and code and cadence to the Instrumentals that can hold them!  While I’ve recorded a lot (300 or so recordings) and also have a thousand or so individual pages of written rhymes, that’s the work that has already been done.  I still have much more to create!

While running through some of the rhymes that have been written, I found some lyrics that initially matched to Instrumentals that I was playing.  (3x from Anno Domini Nation, and 2x from a cousin).  As the years have evolved, I’ve shifted from starting by being produced by other people, to producing my own instrumentals, to using other people’s beats.  For the next two years, I think I have access to all the instrumentals I’ll need thanks to a purchase of Instrumentals from Anno Domini Nation.  I bought about 200-300 beats from the producer (for a really great cost) during one of their promotions.  The producers contract will allow up to 1,000 sold copies be used, and as of now, I can’t yet fathom how (or if) I’ll ever reach that many sales.

Another part of the rhymes to lyrics to music bit is that when trying to pair with the instrumentals I found affinity with today with spoken rhyme.  I tried recording, yet could not solidify a solid track.  My ability to sequence my fragments of rhyme and written material into flow is NOT professional.  It’s also a skill I’ll be glad to guild!  (I also know I’m terrible at memorizing lyrics).  I spent about 1.5 hours today vocalizing lyrics (written and freeform) and note that I do like the way they’re evolving (and remind early rhymers that your beats ARE foundational…. (Advice: Rhyme on beats that you naturally flow with, and that sound great to you!)).  Magic reference.. The Mystic Gate were the two that guided me to find better beats.  I found a bunch!!!  (Thanks AD!!!)

So then, if the Finding Natalie book is primary, then the lyrical and music/rhymes work, what else is in the creative process/report for September 1st 2016.

The future!!!

I have been in gather mode with my creations.  I did edit and publish Natalie and will finish sorting the pages this week.  I also note that I still want to write a lot more.  My intent (reminding us that the word ‘intent’ is a future based word) is to write more 2k sections for people.  The projects in work (for English works (not flowetics));

1) Audience of One (which is to be 50-75 two thousand words sections written to individuals),

2) Two Thousand Words (which is me writing outwards to a general audience with 50-75 two thousand word sections about a chosen topic for each section),

3) Beautiful, Do You Mind (a book that is to be playful with and from the reader for the environment in which they’re reading)

4) Built from Within (part of The Glass House process and also is meant to help bridge different religions AND the non believers with my own awareness and beliefs)

5) Searching for Tomorrow (which is a continuation of my journey since passing the Natalie point (I have 2x Chapters of that book written to her already (that I want to share, even if I’m not chasing her like I was))).

Those are the book things…. Then to lyrics/rhymes…

1) The QBlue Project – The initial Mox Diamond gave me advice to write an epic saga and album that is a full piece of work like Dante’s Inferno.  I linked the 2x tracks that are already formed, though also note the album will be 18-19 tracks total.  The track titles are chosen, about 10k words are already written, and the Instrumentals (By Allrounda (Nicolas Scholtes)) were paid for in 2014-2015.

2) Undefined Parameter/Are Usually Decoded – An album that will be on Anno Domini Instrumentals and will probably be done before The QBlue Project.  I’m not certain what the stem source of the lyrics will be (whether freeform or written) though I think well of this one.  My verbal ability has increased a lot through the year, and my newer material (even if I’m not an MC) is developing well.

I also want to get back to writing more keystyles (and also full album flowetics) for people.  If you want a keystyle (or Full Through) written for yourself, I do have a link (this).

I guess if I shift from my own centred activity (the writing and recording) then I definitely have lacked a very crucial part.  PEOPLE!!  It matters not if I make things unless they are (as I want them to be) shared!  I obviously do a lot of my work for my own self-focus, though it highly important to me that my works (codes, music, information) is used as an active part of myself for others.  The integration of the music (and writing) is not useful unless it’s consumed.  I can be my own primary consumer (like how I’m the one (for now) that plays the most of my music) though the tides will shift.

Last paragraph for this post.  I AM a Contialitic Shoulsman by trade and profession.  I keep in connection, I seed thoughts and ideas (and heart) and will keep active with my creative work as there IS strong purpose in it, even if only thought of (mainly) by myself.  I AM verbose, I DO use a lot of solo time, though I ALSO love to interact and gather.  Even if very few seem to think there is value (or skill) in what I do, I WILL keep writing and seeding and working on developing knowledge and sharing truth and insight into and from our world(s).  I will help develop, cultivate, and expand the understanding of love, light, luck, and life with my prerogative to learn, love, live, thrive, create, play, and pray.  Other people and friends, though, are crucial for this and the evolution of our planet and our own individual and collective lives.



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