Flowetic Post: I Have Some Stuff to Share.

There are so many and so few that know how to do what we do.  Mixing some positivity for you without mentioning a name, yet the same ethics and mix shall share the clicks of the keys into how tonight I’m also burning some CDs.  Concerning these discs, the Brisk’s referred to like a promotional crew to share a devotional or few.  Not just two, yet set to abet and get the meld of what is accurately held in the weld, there may be some who wish to have shelled out the tree and make a canoe.  This explicitly is not me or you.

The QBlue Project was found in my stashes of paper, and though the thought mashes to the capers or time, the makers of this rhyme are like fakers of the climb.  We did start at the bottom, and though you’ve got ’em grooving, I’ve got some proving to do about what is also true.  Not the lovestone name, yet rather that upon the microphone I severely lack aim.  It’s like I’ve held the marker to the page and let the ink leak out without performing on stage.  The pages are written, though sitting at home is not fully what I want to do.  A block and tackle pulley from some of you may try to bring me into the meld with some who’ve held a crew.

The Deep Blue View and True Clue are not both an oath, yet though told that the records (when written) were not being sold, I also know I seed some things I need to do without being told.  I hold the bold stare of the airwaves that share Dave’s son and how the wires are spun around the core.  The door to the floor opens The Score with a reminder that some are becoming truer and kinder than they have been, yet I still must shed some fear and sin.

Led to be one to search for a mutual win, I still am in the spin of the fact I have not honoured my pact.  I refract the light into a certain shade of sight that will have relayed the knight to the board, and find them kind to wind that lined into a sacred mind that will not try to catch or trap people in a bind.  They’re to have helped me design the line into a spine to mingle, even if the static line is in the Illumiostatic trine.  A single spine hold the flesh in the shoulic mesh of who they are, even if we are not meant to be a star.  The car reference made, yet still I don’t know how they will show the flow and tow along the song into the pin with the tins of fins like casting Griselbrand for the win.  It may be an Restoration Angel from the correct angle though instead of “To the Darkside we go”.

The webs of the lines share some things that come from rings that were lost.  The cost of the dreams is that we all must be working together, even between the different teams.  An inference of the planet also shows that the Mind Stone is hid in the bid.  A crad for a kid as the sacrifices made have been pushed, and not hid.  The squid in the drink sprays the ink of the love link and how they also now are part of the ‘moo’ that shares with me that there are many that hold the individual keys to how these mp3s are part of the contiolitic heart breeze.

So as the gift to lift up and sup has vaulted the pup, they halted and sup that it does seem I don’t care… It’s just not liked that they (or I) cannot be there.  I’m not fit enough and note that the continual puff after puff also are not for the purrs and stuff.  I hope they are good to your heart, and that your parts of life will keep each of you glad.  Though I have tossed aside the shackles, I DO wish still to hear the cackles and find the spacial fold told me I could not spell, so in the elective I am not enrolled.

Strolled into now, and though we do note le mucche are part of how we say a few things about the doubt that I have about you and that you ever had (or will) know me to be one that will share the contact of the sai.  A Raphael spy shall share the wares that one of the first five Moxes have made.  The fox is prime grade, and though I’ve strayed away from the path, the one plus one math shows that there is a shoul that shows you are connected to me.  Even if we are NOT meant to be (or meet) the ideas hold the lyrics to the beat and share that there are the colours that blend and meld into how the threads are held in the loom that I wove.

A Tranquil Grove allows a Cove to form with the gaining of a friend, even if not one that shall directly tend to me and the real world of my life.  One day she to have a husband, and maybe not as she already has been a wife.


There is the fact the next turn cast Etherial Armour when JS is in the mess of how I should not use (even) initials for the pulls of what is put into my mind from what I find to be heard.  The Pearl’s named as the third, yet no physical contact from that that we’ve stacked into the meld of how some seffables were NOT held.  (Though watch out for the Red XII and the things that he has seen!).  Pardon me Madam, the idea is too keen, and though I don’t want to ruse you, abuse you, or have chosen only you, I also note that the Lovestones do have their own names (as I should watch out for some that want to play The Games).

Claims I made many many years ago are still heard in the recorded (and written) flow, and know that we don’t know, and that I still have been too focused on the ideas that aside I did and shall (and didn’t want) to throw.  The rafts tow the crafts through the wormhole to the other side of my soul.  The controls shift the first rift to how I thank you for the gift given, even if we know (my dear Shivan) that I am living a life where I don’t know what to share, as the case is, how can I be one to help build if not allowed to (yet) be there.

I hold onto the tip of my text and share the dissection of my own lost connection to the cost of my lack of direction.  The facts of the cross is in the assistance that is granted by those who slanted the ladder on the wall that I should not climb.  The times we share I will remember well, as the facts of Italy are also partly of how we know that I am fortunate to be held here on Earth, while finding also heaven while alive without ever having to be or go to hell.

Sooo…. For today, I say that the words that birds tweet into the beat also share the cleats that hold the mould to the cold stare of how there are still five more days at home when no one is also allowed to be there.



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