A List of my Media Links

Wanting to share the links to some of my Media sites..

Some of the primary ones:

YouTube – There are only about 1/2 a dozen videos, though are comprised of some rhyming and also is a place for public monologues.  I’ve trimmed back what is for public consumption, and have the idea to share more music as this carries forward.

SoundCloud – There’s quite a lot of free downloadable music I’ve made on this site (74x tracks as when posted).  This is the site I use for uploading individual tracks before they may land on an album.  I also will post some tracks that are purely for SoundCloud.  I’ve not (yet) gone digging into other people’s works yet on this site.

Bandcamp – This is the main sales page for the music.  There ARE a couple free albums on the site (clearly marked), though I’d still like to sell more through this page.  (Promo code ‘WordPress’ will give a 35% discount also).

Finding Natalie – This is the link to my first book (written 2013-2015).  Though the intents have shifted and changed with the project, the book is a dear part of my being.

Fiverr – Fiverr is another site where I have items for sale.  For those that like the flowetics, this link is where you can order your own keystyles (starting at $5US).  I’ve not cultivated a solid audience for the flowetics, though have written more than two hundred of them to people since 2010.

Twitter – I’ve not tracked (or used) Twitter very well, though it’s a link to the Survivor dream.  I gave a challenge to the host Jeff Probst in February 2015 that if they said I can play on the show, I’d quit smoking.  They tweet me that I can play, the ciggies done.  That dreams fading a bit (though #LetRobCompete)

Instagram – Instagram is another site I’ve not posted much on, though is a channel still too.  I follow a few famous people and also friends that are linked via Facebook.

Robert’s Facebook Artist page – I’ve been pretty awful with Social Media.  A shift with this is something to tend to and develop.  I have used Facebook a lot with friends and some family, though this link is to the artist page.

Sections of Mana – This link is the last on this list… It’s an esoteric link to some of the codes and ideas that are part of the lyrical and trinal builds…

Anyhow…. all in all, the sitch is still near the beginning, even if a lot of foundational work has been done.  I’m glad I’ve got a lot of work and room for improvement.  It’s good to have the future, and I pray well that it is what we have.







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