The Listing of My Albums

The Intent of this post is to share the list of the albums that I’ve made through the years.  I will include the links to the different albums available online, links to the producers, and also give a brief description.

Behind the Sitch – This album is a six track album I made in 2004-2005.  The key track is a freestyle to the Instrumental for Forgot about Dre.  The freeform was recorded when living at Kyeta Place, the group home.

Bits and Bytes – This is a super short (4x tracks) EP that I shared burned copies randomly in 2004-2006.  The four songs were on Instrumentals.  The PhresHtRax site is no longer active.

Cipher of a Sayonite – This is the most recent recording and is a good one!  The album’s instrumentals were all from Anno Domini Nation.  The album is up for sale on Bandcamp and is the best work that I have up to now (Sept 2016).  There are four or so tracks bundled as personal favourites on the 17 track album.

Deep Blue View – This is a ten track album that also includes the Forgot about Dre. freestyle from Behind the Sitch.  The album also holds a D&B track made called Digital Paradigm that I had produced.  The album was shared in 2005-2006 with a companion disc named True Clue.

Destiny in the Key of E – This album is not one that I like a lot.  It was a release that is very soft and definitely proves I don’t make Rap music.  The vocal presentations are NOT strong.

Differential Radiance – This album starts with a track directed at myself in a quite negative way.  Two tracks that stick out are Proliferate and Caitlyn’s Trigger which are both AlphaBeat Productions recordings made to Starbucks people.  Another choice track on the album is a February 2009 file called ‘Ambient Trance Recording’ which is one that I like a lot.

Discoillumiostatic – This album cycles a lot of recordings put on disc before it’s release.  The key recordings on this one are the entry song Enter the Disco and The Cup Overflows, even though both of them are on the album Matricite.  I do now note also that the first 2x tracks in the Technique to Speak series are on this disc, and that the November 10th 2003 freestyle is kind of a neat one.  (Typa Chill is also on the album, so maybe the album’s not so bad).

Formed in Giving – This is a 2015 album, and always be a free download at the link.  The album carried through with some pages written to friends, and also includes a track called The Missing Line which was made for an Australian friend that helped me get $ for demo discs.

Glacial Structure – This is a good album!!  (Though I can’t release it for sale online).  The album blends some Signal to Node tracks, and has a crucial recordings (that I couldn’t lease the instrumentals for).  The tracks is Redirect the Consect (track 12) and is one of the better freestyles I’ve ever recorded.  The voice dips into the instrumental very well.

Insighting a Paradox – I now note the first word is a misspelling typo that I’ve not caught through the years.  This album is one I made 10x copies or (to share) in the past week.  There is one contructed track on the album that’s included that is not mine.  One called Break You Out which is a song from 2001-2002 by two friends from the Vancouver situation.  Due to my severance from Vancouver, I still don’t know if these people were for or against, though they talked of the Natalie dream, and I know not if it’s prophecy or not.

Matricite – Matricite is one of the most coherent works of my own.  The album was made in 2005-2006 and is a cohesive piece of work on Instrumentals.  The album is one of my (almost) signature presentations and is online for always.

MOP (Manifestation of PLUR) – A super quick 4 track album that holds Celestial Dreams and Emerald Tapestry.  Though the four songs were found later on Digital Slipstate, the short self-produced album is a heart link (50 copies distributed in 2004-2005).

There are still twelve more albums to share that have been made….

Nodal Correlation – This is a 2011-2012 album made almost entirely from keystyles written to friends.  The album was recorded entirely on Evelution Beats Instrumentals   Tracks four and seven are my own favourites (Chad and Tabetha’s).  It was between 2011 and 2015 that I was quite focused on keystyles (full pages of rhymes) creating 200+ or so printed keystyles.  The pages rhymes were strong lyrical fuel, though not read word for word.

RaTaKaJa – This album dredges way back into the past.  It was my first main CD.  It was in 2000-2001 that I was selling this disc on the Vancouver streets and is linked to ‘the plot and plan’ of Vancouver that inevitably got me ejected from that city.  This album was a substantial part of my first try (and fail) of being a rapper MC then.  I know I’m not an MC now, though.

Shandalite – Two 2014 recording sessions helped build this album.  Though it’s a short album, the sound of the instrumentals by GrizzlyBeatz I like a lot.  The graphic for the album is of Saturn which also drags me back to the hospitalization I had before I ever went to Vancouver.

Signal to Node – A 2010-2011 series of work was put into this album.  AlphaBeat Productions was used solely for this album, and was the first time I leased Instrumentals for commercial use.  This is also one album I ordered 200 printed copies of from Disc Makers and handed them all out for free.

Slipstate/Digital Slipstate – Of all the album’s I’ve made, this one is the one that shares an entirely self-produced album that I am glad with.  The 17x tracks are all set well with each other.  I did order 100x jewel cased copies for this album, and a great portion went to family members.  The Graphic for the album cover also links back to more near the start of when I started making music.

Starlit Morn – The track Tainted Sound leads the album.  It’s a very solemn album and is only six tracks long.  The album was paired with the other disc Visual Basis in 2005-2006.

The Basis – When I first made this album, the intent was to sell CDs to make 1,000x copies of a disc to distribute at the 2010 Olympics.  This did NOT happen.  The album was a bundle of tracks that had already been released, though did form as a cohesive piece of work.

Things Cipher Well – All the tracks were made on Evelution Beats Instrumentals.  Keystyles again were used as a major source for the lyrics.  The album also is a free download through the Bandcamp page.  (It’s intended companion disc ‘Are Usually Decoded’ hadn’t been formed)

Triculation – This album was formed in 2008-2009 and was recently brought forward to additional copies for free distribution.  This is the other album where Redirect the Consect II is found and another recording called Correct Tonect which I don’t have the rights to sell copies of.

True Clue – This is a free album also through Bandcamp.  It’s a 7 track album that is crucial to those who want to know where my heart was in 2004.  Though the album reminds us that I don’t make Rap or Hip-Hop music, it’s also reminded that homage to the past must be made.

True Clue II – This is a compilation of the majority of my self-produced works (a 79-Track file).  The Bandcamp link is where this compilation is housed.  Though I had produced some of my own works, it was later that I found affinity for using other peoples instrumentals.  I am not a producer by trade, and also did focus on production for 2002-2006 or 7.  Other people just make beats far greater than my own.

The last disc/album on this list is Visual Basis.

Visual Basis – This album is one that holds the opening track Timeline as key to me and my journey when made.  Although there were barely any ‘new’ tracks on the six song album, it also holds a dear and noted point from my past.

Anyhow…  Long list, though there it is up to now (Sept 2016)






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