If You Got the Email, Please Read!

Today I sent out invites to about 40x people to check out this blog page.  If you did get the email, I use this post to tell you about this blog and what it’s about, and why.

I’ve been given a lot of advice about what I should be doing, and how I should be doing it.  My own creative and life process is sort of muddled like a tangled up pair of earbud wires.  The one end plugs into my being, and there are two outputs that bring sound to be heard.  Think also of the saying “It’s a tangled web we weave”.  I am not quite a spider, though even I can see my own actions as being similar.

My work is very solitary sometimes, at least the typing and the working on the internet.  The internet (web) is partly what I help weave, and I note that I’m not sure what I’m trying to catch.  I had set some focus and dream upon a singular person, though not fully searching for them.  Instead what I really want to do is to bring something to people that will entertain or advise them well.  One challenge I have is the isolation and note that the most important things I learn (and want to share) are for relationships between people and the world we live in.  (both as the pairing or groups, and also our own individual positions here on Earth).

For this blog, I have only just started to explicitly say in the title of the posts to describe what the post is about to let people know what the post is about so that they can make a quicker choice as to whether they want to read or not.  I’m hoping that even though I’m all tangled up and (sometimes) all over the place, that I can help guide people to things and ideas that will help them.  Some people might really like the rhymes and flowetics, so those posts will be labeled also for those that don’t like them.

The page’s title of True Cyber Ebb links back to my own loverock name.  (Thinking now to make a post about Lovestones and Loverocks).  Since 1996 or so I started with my creative work.  Like an Italian hilltop city, there is A LOT that has not been viewed by people who are not part of the lands.  There is a large quarry of things that I will be bringing forward, though I also note that there probably will be very little interest in what I can share and form.  That said though, there may be some good points for people to focus on, and I want to help guide people with and towards them.

I’ll keep this as a short post for now, and say to those that I invited today that I ask you thrive.  I yearn to be actively engaged in life, though note it’s not so easy being a more solitary scribe.  That said, for those that know me, please phone me.  I’d love to hear from you!

Please check out the earlier posts if you have interest… For those who are wondering about life and work and purpose, check out this link, and for those who’ve interest in the lyrical journey, here’s a super quick explanation to the —> Introversial Genre <—




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