Idea: The Initial Worksheet Post

This post is to share a productivity idea, and to track where I am; with my shifts in how I am working, and the creative projects of life.

The task list idea that I called Daily Grind in August (see:Exercise in Many Forms), is a great idea, though I fell off from it.  The hardline rigorous ‘I must do these things every day’ helped with some forward motion (making more frequent posts on this blog), though when the Finding Natalie book release happened (August 17th), I fell WAY off track with it.  I fell into a terrible mindstate and was irresponsible with my sleep (and meds) and needed a week or so to recover.

Regrouping and resetting and recovering ground is NOT always easy.

Today (Sept 7th 2016) I rekindled and reformed and made another monthly worksheet, though intend to use it differently.

The idea is to create an Excel or Numbers page that can be used for daily organization that has a box to check off tasks completed.  On the left side of the page, type a list of things that you want to accomplish and are crucial to your process.  Not all of these things need to be performed each day, though put the ones that you want to do DAILY near the top..

For someone starting gathering and recovering their life, this can be task oriented items that are crucial, though not yet formed as habit…. Have breakfast, read for half an hour, go for a walk, shower, take meds, brush teeth, etc..  For those that are in creative or business work, this can be organizational things or creative tasks.

What some know though, is that our goals and wants and what’s important to us change. SOME things are essential, and as we evolve forward, those essential things become habit.  Going a month doing some things every day is needed, and the worksheet helps remind also of the activities that will help forward motion that may not needingly be done each day.

Think of the page also as a month long intent of what you want to do… For myself, I’m in document sorting mode.  I also don’t want to forget of my writing, so I have two lines for two different written projects listed.  I have neglected my Italian lessons, though put that on my list to remind me to not forget about that want and process.  I don’t want to spend so much time on Facebook, so I put 1hr as a maximum, an upper limit for me.

I also listed about ten or so other things of my lyrical craft.  I am nowhere near a professional lyrically, though it’s a skill I want to develop and practice and hone… 30 minutes of mind flow, 30 minutes of verbal freestyles…  Things that I know are valuable to my long term creative work that I may not NEED to do, though also want to evolve further.

Setting my intents of what’s wanted or needed each day in the span of a month may help our structure.  A monthly page can be used at work also, the boxes each crossed off once the task or activity is completed. (and some people already know the gratification of checking off an item on a to do list!)

The idea of having the page renewed monthly also allows our intents and wants to change.  Even putting experimental activities on the list can help us expand how and what we do and want to form with our lives.

Keeping copies of the worksheets in a binder (and I remember when I wrote this, I was only on my second page) also can be an activity journal to look back on and see where we were in our journeys and process further in the future.

As we continue, cultivate, and develop…




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