Flowetics: 30min Node past Jund

Another nodal post… I think to go full codal and ignore the recommendation to write to make sense for this post (though it will make sense).

Rob becomes a Bob to let the crads draw like the rads who speak the flaw.  The link to Teal also carries to Geoff and words like seff (that rhyme) as the nodes of Sublime are also spacial to the climb.  They thrive and source from the Norse, and not the horse, the Course of Fate and find the winding threads of a gate to open so the fence that need not be jumped.

The 92 ES where the beats pumped about E-Town and SFU which should be pronounced like the crew who wishes me to swim with the fist on the reef.  A Great Barrier of leaf that I cannot pass (like the 49th parallel (I forget not KB as well)).  I dare not speak the spell, yet tell the Ballroom Hype as something we did make.  I cannot prove myself to be real enough to make the bass to quake the ground like I wished to do like The Pound.

We link back to tracks of the CPU’s core, though we should remember that there are probably billions of computers (and some that Jund had smashed at work!! (Hulk, don’t name drop, and quit being such a jerk(off)).  The goats line up to the trough, though I scoff at them that don’t think you ARE a gem.

The webs of the Rain pelt back at Stain.  Though I skipped the instrumental, and Anno Domini sequential order is not just in reference to what I leased.  The creased pages may be lit on fire, and though the mana calls the other Emerald to mix the spire, the Jets are some who admire the natural Pearl.  With a swirl they try to put me down the pipe, yet I still shall smoke the mana of no type, eventually when I learn to stop being one to ripen up the cup.  Some lovestones, they sip it up!

I told you also of how they also are part of the cart that I dredge as I do (and don’t) make a pledge to the wedge.  The Shards on guards of the split of the 20/20 bit of the trinal odes that seem to call the MBFers off the roads.

Sapphires use codes, and though that’s not a codal point, the nodal joint shall lend the patchwork to send the perks of having a real true friend to that that we send to the UFO (even if we don’t think or believe it so).  Though through you thought you through though, there is a way that you seem to betray, and though I have battles each night to keep them away, the fact is that I know I don’t want the Hydra to play.

The mix of Magic and the accurate aim for removal shall find some wind the tracks back to how I love the deep grooves of Hip-Hop and Rap, though still think they’d cap me if I ever claim (or rather even ‘try’) to be an MC.  MC’s rock shows, and I’d like to ask those when’s the last time you saw me on stage!?  I’m a flowetrist, though not even wanting to force a link like a mage.  The facts of my pages shall dredge up my own contrarian actions to sub-divide the fractions, and not the land.  Hold up a point for the Snag, and though I smoke, please don’t treat me like a fag.

Some may wish a bag for the body, though it also may mean that the green’s a gift instead of trying to life a life from the planet.  I think back to five years old and Janet.  My Mom and I saw here years later at Southgate in E-Town, and though the halt of the name refused, there are ideas that have fused that have not yet been selected as this was dissected to be directed.

Should you know, or could I flow away into another day with the mother to pray well for those who dwell in the spin of her kin.  Thoughts that some plots are in the tin, the vinyl will not be spinning my tracks.  The packs of smig not so often consumed, yet my smoking habit resumed instead of the gun.  Fun is different for some than just knowing what’ll come from the twist of being one to assist those dissed from being ones their loved ones will have kissed goodbye, as they’re instead missed for another year or so before they can look each other, again, in the eye.  I forget about the technological links also, though, that remind me the Ruby of my life (according to the five primaries (including the Sapphire who I had wanted as wife)).  The meld is generously held, though watch out for my lies and bullshit and deceit that I need to bleat to keep those away from me and trying to lift me from my seat.

Add the Contialis into this involution, and please read this distribution from your mind for being aware of what I share.  The cold glare at the page will chill the tilled soils of the boils of blood that seem to chew the cud and remind the bud that the thud from the bassbin is where the ideas started to spin.

Hold the mould of the lines I used to use when it was Brew and I’s prerogative to have fun a live freely.  We didn’t (back then) think of adulting, yet were catapulting some things (like dry ice bombs) way before Puffy thought to read some psalms.  The calm’s a bit disturbing from the curtailing of the ships sailing across the horizon.  Some people think the disguising of the truth is something that ALL have done since we were a youth.

I note the booths hold the calls more rarely than before.  A link to Cable and KP4.

I take another ten minutes to finish what I write, though I’m still hedonistic and will spark before that I write.

2:03AM and the landing into how The Sands held some of the meld.  Though I know I cannot have gelled well as the turtle in the shell, I also note that there are some full well that wanted to pull me to hell.  I dwelled within the realms of Heaven on Earth, yet still I shall dwell alive to meet the birth of Celest’s child.  Pardon me for the focus on Aeris.  I have thought so much more of her, and though the purrs of our cat will find the PLU8Rs that we share to chat, the ironic link to them also shares the Contialitic version instead of wet.  The Sapphire to set the RET and let the sounds get laced with snow, as the lines are something that link to the breaks you knew of which to the points I will not again go.

The whole union on the flow will show that together we weather the knowing of the seed to heed that I may have been a bit rash to throw cash at the problem, when I really need to work on my issues and resolve ’em.  The consects dissolve them well into the blue mana.  Though a katana is the weapon of Leo, there also are the points that not only Jesus was nailed to a cross.  The ideas link to how the saucy gals find some pals to lather the spool while she paints me as a fool, and I am.  I cannot claim to be a gem in the hem of the patchwork quilt, and though (sometimes) there is no guilt to admit, there is the facts that sit well in my belly that rewind back to Rick, Suzy, and Shelley.  The links also to the original version will find a line to the diversions that they use as a way to help splay the dues to some who know the mix of twos that form as four with a trine to close the line.

I thank you each for letting me breach the walls of my heart, and though I may lack the calls to share my part, the ideas of Korea’s in the meld of what’s been told.  The ideas that I hold back are to keep some from sleeping on their back.  The forces of the pack shall share and show that some wolves will guard and protect, even if I’m not a criminal or in another’s consect.  I select to inject PLU8R that is for many more than just I and her.  The vision’s to blur, yet I also recall and send my reverence and homage to some like  you, even if not connected with or seemingly to share the myth of her, sir.



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