Update: Status of the Projects

I spent some time pushing the Finding Natalie book again tonight on Facebook.  I really don’t like doing that.  I feel kind of scummy for asking friends to buy the book.  The idea of sharing the story is not even so clear in my being about the ‘why’ for the book now.  There is the case that 6x copies have been sold now.  Ali had helped get 20x copies of the book, though the 5x he let me have are already allocated (2x books given as gifts).  I still don’t have my own copy to re-read, and from how I felt after performing the final edit of the book, it may be a good idea to not rewind and rehash through it (very taxing on the soul).

For Audience of One… There are 10-15x 2k word sections that I think are okay for the book.  There was an idea though to shift the content of that book to keystyles instead.  I have 400-600 keystyles written, and I think to bundle some of them into a compilation.  I still have 470 of them to sort (as to who written to, and the date they were formed).  I would like the gathering of these keystyles to be the next book release, though A LOT of review is needed.  The previous WordPress post was wondering also about calling the book ‘Key to Me’.

Two Thousand Words has not been worked on, and if the keystyles are to be used for Audience of One, then the 10-15x 2k sections written TO people can be used in this work.  Compared with how many Finding Natalie copies have sold, I can’t forward think to (yet) forming an income with book work.  The need and want of a self-supported income is crucial as being my primary want now, though with the sales and viewership that I have, it seems like a mythical notion that will not come to being.

From writing to music.

The QBlue Project hasn’t been abandoned.  There are 2x videos on YouTube using AllRounda instrumentals that are to be used on the album.  Though there are 2x songs formed already, the base document file for the project only has formed part of the album (with the second track ‘Why You’ as being (maybe) close to being recorded).  There are about 8-9 thousand words written (neglecting the 2x tracks already recorded).

Music also links how I want to share more discs with people, and also have a few floating USBs that I can use to share files.  There are 300 audio files or so up to now, and I’m totally okay with sharing a bunch of files on USBs for friends if they wish for them.  I have a lot of intuition about how getting the music out there may find a direct audience for what’s been made.  I have been a bit ‘free’ focused with the recordings, though to expand outwards the awareness of some of the work.

Cipher of a Sayonite is still a good album.  I haven’t had ANY paid downloads for the album, though I still think it’s the best one I’ve recorded yet (Link to COAS here).

Regarding other things on the Daily Grind…. I did today form another 50XP on DuoLingo for Italian.  I had neglected studying a lot through the past month.  Something to regain.  Also stemmed with the Daily Grind, I have lacked a lot of posts on this page and want to buckle up on that.  Today I put on 8x 1hr audio files into a playlist for my 8hr work day, and am puddled at 3hr42min right now.  That means that I have 4 1/4hrs of work time left in my ‘day’.  I want to form the habit and task of working an 8hr day on home and creative projects.  If you’ve not read the post about the Daily Grind (and I note I’ve not yet done full well with my own) I have a worksheet at my desktop with a list of 20-25 activities that are congruent with what I want to achieve long term.

Today I’ve not gotten so much done, though the 50XP of Italian, 30min book push, and 1hr of Facebook are done.  A ‘Nodal’ post (this page) is what I’m on now.  I think to use 1hr to sort keystyles as I do think the Key to Me compilation is a good idea.  Some people have criticized me for using flowetics, though I think there can be a niche market for the book.  Even if only 6x copies of Finding Natalie have sold (not many) That’s a bit more money than nothing (and also consider the value in the story being shared (15x people through Ali!!)).

The last bit I add to this post, is how I do need and want other people’s help and support.  Quite a few friends are limited by money… Some others are really way too busy and active with their own lives (lack of time)… and some may (like I do sometimes) lack heart.  I often will make sure I form the time (and care) to share other people’s projects and works.  I’ve not had another Tuesday night gathering at my place (focus session) though hope to smink some more gatherers in the future.

If you need or want my help with your life, please let me know.  I’d be glad to help most with their wants and goals, and for those that do want help, let’s reciprocate.





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