Update on the Works and Process…

Very short journal post for self/blog… I started the book Key of Me today.  The idea was to compile a bunch of keystyles together and make a huge work of them.  Thing is, that some editing happened when writing.

The book’s first chapter is complete ‘Let’s Start Here’.

The way the book is being written is part English and part flowetics.  There is a spacer line between when the writing style changes.  Ten pages are written now (The book will be 7.5″x9.25″) and I will get back at the plough tomorrow.

For the first chapter, I included a mainly unedited keystyle to Canibus from 2011, the first keystyle I wrote when I got my first laptop (Xmas 2009), a heavily edited page about the initial Mox noding, and a letter written to Woo Hwang of Survivor.

I like the process of writing a bit about the journey/life/process and then shift to focused rhymes.  Some people have given me the feedback that flowetics are ‘nonsense’ or not easily understood, though if I write this book properly (and it’s read) I can explain parts of the codes bit by bit and share how they are used and why.

I also think to sleep earlier more often… I woke early (9AM) today, and think to get to bed very soon, even though it usually takes me an hour or more to actually fall asleep.

Sooo… With the fact few will read this (and that this post is for ME to track the journey), I’ll sign out and off, post the link on FB and get set for bed.

Keep well and at ‘er y’all, even if you’re not reading!





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