19 Days… Forever and Never…

The past few weeks have been very mixed up and strewn with some strong focal points.  I also haven’t posted on this site for 19 days.  Sigh…

As a quick report, there has been some good work done on the books.  Searching for Tomorrow (SFT) is up to 50+ pages and is the follow up book for Finding Natalie (which was 62 pages).  The books share a similar style in that some of the chapters are focused on different people.  I also included Chapter Ten of Finding Natalie (which is not in the printed version) in Searching for Tomorrow.  Three key people that I wrote to in SFT include my Dad, a Magic friend, and also God.

Another book that I’ve gotten some good work in for is the Key to Me book, a compilation of keystyles.  That book is more than halfway ready to be completed though hasn’t been tended to in the past week.

Personally, I have gone through some transformational shifts in my beliefs and in my behaviours.  I still am a smoker, though went a few hours one night with the intent to quit.  A visit with two friends changed that (the Twilight Mire (a specific couple)) and right now not knowing how to quit, though believing it to be crucial for my own survival.

I’ve been at home a lot, and also have set the intent for more visitors, and also haven’t been so keen on working at the Starbucks’ so much recently.  I have resumed going to church again (though not the same church as my home church) and have also started reading more each morning.  I had journaled three days, though lacked doing so yesterday and today.

Music wise, there’s barely been any forward motion.  I’ve not been pushing so much, and also am not knowing how to make an income from music if I cannot generate traffic to the site.  I have also not wanted to push the self-promotion stuff so strongly and add that there is a deeper faith in the process.  That said, I also don’t want to wish my way into success.

I have not been on Facebook as much either, though do keep up on the notifications and also personal messages.

My sleep is also something that’s shifted.  I am now setting midnight as the time to rest for the night and have been getting up before noon, which was not the norm for me often.  The morning routine intent also is one to get back at, as I fear that I treated this weekend like a weekend without working so much (even if I did get my Dad’s chapter written today).

Anyhow… moral of the story… It often seems like it’s always the beginning, and definitely not wanting it to be the end.

Love, light, luck, and life!




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