Still Focused on So Little Work…

With subtle proclamation, the past few weeks have been very muddled.  I have gone through some substantial shifts and experiences, and also have been striving to find the paths to work on.  The book book stuff is carrying on well and forward.  I had released Searching for Tomorrow (link to CreateSpace page) even though the project was to extend and form for next year.  I had felt an urge to release the book earlier, and followed through with the feeling.

My music and rhyming has definitely not been on the forefront, though I’m glad to know it’s got a good home on the Bandcamp page for now.  Lyrically, a bit of work has been made on The QBlue Project, though barely anything recorded (at all) since the Consectual Analysis release (August 23rd 2016 at this link).  The page was formed from words I wrote to Daniel G earlier in the year and is a ‘spacey’ recording.

With the book book push and promotion (Facebook) I’m wanting to get back at sharing the links to the book and reconnecting with people I’ve not talked with much recently.  I’ve now found that I do have a lot of work to get done, even though there were a few days where I didn’t even know where or how to put my energy towards forward motion.

For the ideas of the Glass House, I’ve gotten some more clarity regarding its purpose and function, yet still am not clear on how it will be financed.  A focus session with Gideon (Jeskai) was made today and super glad for that.  They also are to help me with getting printed copies of the two book some time in the next five days… They to finance 10x copies of each, while letting me keep 5x total.

I have (yesterday and today) found a bit of anger and frustration.  Partly in that when I try to get working at things, a few other ideas and people have been ‘at’ me.  Perchance I need to stop and reassess the ‘whys’ to those interruptions and find their significance.

Re future writing, there are some books still in the works.  Key to Me is more than 50% complete, and I started another called Fractured Formation.  Fractured Formation will be a far more cultivated and tended work, and I must remember to slow down and craft the book, not just to write for the sake of writing.

My Dad and my Mom have been in contact, and though they don’t live near me, I’m glad to have connected with them when we can.  I’m still finding ways to form my freedom solution, and their grace, advice, and support have been a valuable asset.

I’ll stop this post here for now, and get back at it.  I am meant to be helping another friend(s) move today, and they’re due to pick me up some time soon.  I’d like to prevent another interruption of my work flow.  (last point, though… I think an idea to make a 2 hour window of zero contact each day to focus.  Letting my friends know that I’ll be fully unavailable for communication so that I CAN focus!)

Keep at ‘er… I wish us love, luck, and patience, and will write more.




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