Keeping the Plough in the Dirt

Eight days since my most recent post on A Node in the Contialis.  Lots of work done though, and some good habits forming for the mornings and days.

I printed a monthly worksheet for November on the 1st and have used it well.  Some habits that I’m following up with best include reading a chapter of another’s book in the AM, 50XP on DuoLingo, and making my bed.  Small improvements, though worthwhile.

RE the book Key to Me (Shared Node), I completed the first revision last night, and got the first four chapters through their second review tonight.  Tomorrow, chapters 5-8 shall be reviewed for the second run, and forward to a release on iTunes by next week.  (After posting on iTunes, I’ll release on Kobo, Kindle, and then hard copies through CreateSpace).

I’ve not been promoting at all through the past week… I think to push some more, though not quite certain how to approach that part of the process.  Josh chipped in $ to buy 10x and 10x of Finding Natalie and Searching for Tomorrow.  I will get to keep 5x books from the 20x total.

My music has NOT been a focal point through the past week(s) (or even month(s)) though.  I have access to instrumentals, and also lyrics for The QBlue Project to work on, though it’s been solid book book work almost all November.  (Perchance that’s a thing to focus on a bit more as part of daily work).

Another thing that I’ve started forming as a habit is watching Lewis Howes’ podcast ‘School of Greatness‘ <–iTunes link.  I value the show a lot and will use that as part of my learning.  If and when to have access to spending money, I’ll love to buy his book (link here).

Anyhow… Though my focus has been on crafting the next book and developing new positive habits, I am okay.  I may not be lyrical as much as the months prior, though I am okay.

Anyhow (again)…. Keep at your work and projects, and please message me if you want to connect!




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