I’m Not a Chaos Dragon! I’m Puff!

It may be dangerous to mention what the title of this post says, though let’s blend in a friend and an idea to tend.

There have been jokes in the past of LSD and also ‘Durgons in Rob’s kitchen’.  There also is a far rewind back to 2000 when I was lullabied to sleep by a gal singing ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’.  I also note that my nickname was Puff, and Magic IS a dragon!

I had gotten over-involved in buying, selling, and trading Magic:The Gathering cards, and for those that have talked with me, some know I make a lot of references to the game (even if blending the ideas with Shoulspeak (my language)).  The other link in this post’s title is from a visitor today (and note their friend said to share a link to this blog).

Sooo… We be know some things!  I thank you both (visitors) for gathering at my place (and for a lift to the shop (and cookies (and ciggies (and book book(and keeping at it!!(AND the lighter!)))))) and for tonight’s close I do sit at this plough in this Node in the Contialis field.

I have started saying that my work (the writing) is me at the plough.  Like running down the fields, row by row, seeding ideas and future things.  There are many fields (some of them communal) and I note that I also don’t want to claim things as my own, when they are not.

With the book book stuff (Finding Natalie (FN) and Searching for Tomorrow (SFT)) I am glad to know they’re in process, and note that I also started reading the SFT printed copy.  There are a lot a lot of mistakes in the book!  Since there are (now) only 10x printed copies, and I have 1x of them, I will be sure not to push the book so much for now and make certain I review it and make edits.  THEN I’ll push it, though for now, no I (and others) should not.

I puddled here into nattering of the book process… Regroup!

For right now, it’s 2:08AM and I want to teleport to tomorrow.  I will have to sleep soon… I want to (tonight (though won’t)) finish the SFT edit.  I want to get FN reviewed (even if the first version did have a printed edit).  I also want to finish Shared Node (Key to Me) which was meant to be done by tomorrow (it soooo won’t be).

The want too is to write more flowetics, though I had twisted this post into how they’ve assisted the host with some good look into the meld of how the process has now gelled.

I thank you Cassandra and Shawn for the visit.  I hope you’re alright with the direct name reference(s) and I am wanting to rush to bed to get to tomorrow where there will be 2x sets of visitors.

Too many of my sentences start with the word ‘I’, though that’s part of what I was taught also.  I am self-focused, I do get obsessed, and I also have a whooooole lot more work to be done.

I’ll stop short on this post…  Few read this up to now anyhow, though I do have an intent (from a previous post (link here)) about making more story and flowetic posts, and not so much focused on process.

If you have a need or want to connect and communicate with me, please message.  I have an intent of being open for conversation with people (even if it’s sometimes something that is out of my current comfort zone).

Keep well and at ‘er… And good luck!!!





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