Flowetic Post – December 26th 2016

With the myth of below to help tow along the raft, those staffed at the shop may wish for the fish to stop.  Though a ramp to drop the tamp into the weld, there are some things held in the meld that let the set get wet with snow.

Rhymes don’t always flow, though won’t know about what can be written until it’s formed.  The notions swarmed into the mind with a line of thread wed to that said into the spines that drop signs into interstellar trines.

The books shift into the nooks with some to read, though apparently my own greed tore a seed from the soil.  I’d prefer your blood to not boil, so a reversal may be made if that’ll help.  The shift of the gift may sift the sand that there are some things that I have done that may have some love unband.  I’m sorry for taking too much, and I thank you for letting me know so instead of holding it away from me without telling me so.

I have made many mistakes, yet we know no second takes may be made.  Though the money was relayed, I didn’t know it swayed you away from being a friend.  I cannot reverse or replace that moment, though I am willing to reverse and make amend.  Some things do tend the fact that sometimes I do smink to make up for what I’ve lacked.  The impact of my actions though, are what hold some fractions of my own want to have enough for myself too.  As said, I cannot reverse or undo, yet there is the case we can find a way so that we can let our friendship renew.

I hold onto some things too dear… We know that this past year is almost done, and while I wish to orbit the sun a few many times more over, the moments of now also do thank you for coming over.  A clover leaf of relief will find that my own greed is twisted into and from a different kind.  The strong want to have enough so that I can share with others too, even for some things that we use to puff.

To a different issue and friend, I must let my own heart be more meed and understanding so real PLU8R may be what I tend.  I have gotten reactive and angry and accusatory too.  The facts again are that I seed for the future and know my actions already made have happened and that I cannot make a redo.  I take the ideas of some to few and hope that I can help you find your freedom solution so you can thrive and not need to struggle and cope.  The muggle of my being also knows that some things I am seeing of what wrongs I have made.

I want to wade in the warm water, yet I should treat myself like the clay and let not just the world mould what I make like a potter.  Though my daughter is not yet born, the series of the thorns that I must cast aside abide in the fact that I wish not to ruse or hide.  The secrets of others I will keep safe, though my own subtle falsities and despair you also help remove me like a straven chafe.

This next year has not yet arrived.  Though I strived for my own gain by ‘receiving’ the cleaving of past years also clear into the sombre point that nears.  2017 will be ‘restoration’ as the vocation I make and choose is life.  I have no girlfriend or wife, yet shall set the paths of strengthening the bonds and Esper corresponds with me in different ways.  I shall navigate the maze and make certain that my work helps pay and pave the way of others too.  I cannot do this on my own, and you know that’s true.

I will continue to convalesce, and yes there may be some I need to shut out.  Love all, hate none, and trust only a few.  I am one of those that some also may use as a place to keep secrets safe from you.

I don’t know if the countdown shall reveal what it was meant to when I started.  The ideas have parted from the shelf, and though the ideas of  myself are what I will need to share and teach, I must do so with care, and not with an ego to preach.  We do reach out and rediscover the restoration of some things, and though I’ve claimed to not be on the board, I realize that there are many who want to be kings.

The pings of what I think are like spam with how some believe I link, yet the drinks shall resume and find an embryonic plume to resume on course with the Taurean Earth Horse.  A Yellow Overtone seed to heed that there is a web of the TrueCyberEbb that shall share and show that it’s for catches of some and many who will help till the seeds and sow.

I know that my mistakes make me seem like one of the fakes, and I also note I’ve been called a goat living free without a chain.  The chains of smoke though are in my yolk, and while I wait to soak in the warm waters of the ocean, I must renew and fortify the ideas and notions that will bring potions to sip and rejuvenate the facts of fiction and find a kind thread to wind what’s said to clarify some contradiction.

I am a flawed human, yet I learn and discover my faults as the vaults of our beings are revealed.  There are not many things that I shall have concealed, as this has wheeled into the moment of now and how I remember I am one to keep held behind the plough.  For how we will receive the gifts of what lifts up our souls, spirits, and hearts, the starts that we make that will help rewind a second take shall help that beckoned be what we put up for the take.

Thank you for being one to read.  I have lost many a seed along the way, though the reminder that there are some things that will never be taken away will help us reset and keep ourselves (and others) from falling astray.  Let the memories of yesterday to the beginnings of your past cast the moments of future how into where the digging into our hearts will remember to keep our faith also in the now.

Learn, love, live, thrive, create, play, and pray, and remember that there may very well be some things that will help us be forever and a day.

PLU8R y’all!!!



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