Part of the Process…

A quick post today … a few things that I’ve not reported on for a while.

This morning I worked on a website design for KD again.  The domain had been abandoned a while ago, though yesterday paid a good $1.24 to renew it for a year.  Using as an editor, I spent part of this morning gathering the ideas, text, and some graphics for what I’ll use on the site.  To use Wix and publish the site, it’ll cost about $10-$15 a month, and I want to, yet have the layer of how I’ve been told so often “You can’t afford that.”  That message is one that’s hounded and followed me through more than a decade… I’d like to break free from it.

For what I’ve been doing on my day to day is not too indepth, though some lifestyle progress is being made.  I have started to go to bed earlier and also waking up earlier also.  I have written a bit more for the next two books, though maybe not as focused on them as I’d like to be.  The work on ‘Fountain Three’ (From the Valley to the Fountain) has five chapters complete, as does another book called Fractured Formation.  The Fountain books (Finding Natalie, Searching for Tomorrow, and From the Valley to the Fountain) are part of my process and development, while Fractured Formation is more purpose based.

I’ve also kept up with my Italian lessons (56% fluent now DuoLingo says) and I’ve been watching an episode from the podcast The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes almost every day.  I’ve still a lot to seed for my own personal growth and journey, and also am yearning a bit more for visitors and connection.  There are some friends that have not contacted as frequently as in the past, and for some of them that may be a good thing.

There also is the case that I’m learning to let go of some things and not stress myself out.  For the physical ‘let it go’ of material things, I’ve thrown out 27 things for the past two days, and will today and the next six days also.  The idea of shedding some things to make space for new ones.  I have very few material wants, though do want to have my car back on the road by the end of February.  I ask that that happens, and uncertain as to how.

I also remind myself that I have blank CDs that I can use for distribution from Bill Taylor.  I’ve not been anywhere near focused on distribution (of books or music) and perchance another push of the works is due.

This next January I also get the chance to talk to a class of 24 students about community and relationships.  My Social Work professor has asked me to speak to his class, and it’s something I know I will like and love.  I love sharing and talking of my ideas and thoughts and note I’ve not done that so well through time.  I think of Larry Clay’s comment about another couple’s kids when he said “It’s a shame your parents didn’t teach you how to talk to people.”  One exercise I’ve not done recently (and think I’d like to try again) is to just vocalize for 10 minutes out loud my own thoughts.  Ten minutes of just nattering outwards.  I’ve found that this brings up ideas and thoughts that would not naturally be found.

It’s 12:46PM now.  I just prepared a bowl of Kraft Dinner with tuna and will have a quick bite to eat.  It’s raining outside today, and though there’s a parcel to pick up at the post office, I’ll stay home as a DHL delivery is due in.  The DHL parcel is 2x copies of Shared Node (the flowetics book) that I’m to review again with a manual edit.  That book I am feeling a push and pull to get up online right away, though balance out with not wanting to push or rush the process.  I think it a good book.  I’d like it to be read.

One last note of what I’ve been doing with my time is that I listed a bunch of Magic cards for two friends on eBay.  I hope to make them some money, and it may mean a bit of extra cash for myself too.

I’ll puddle off for now…

Keep well, make sure you call a few people that you haven’t contacted in a while, and I hope you make forward motion, no matter how fast the pace!

Love, light, and luck!



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