Book Post: Finding Natalie (Introduction)

Below is the Introduction to the book Finding Natalie, my first book.  Each day I will post another chapter from the book (which is nine chapters long).  The link to buy a copy of the book is …  Please share this if you can!!!



I wander through the realms of time and space with this book.  Some might look at us while we read.  Some might recognize that it came from a Yellow Overtone seed.  I heed from intuition on the mission to get through, and wonder too if time will show this to be valid, and/or true.  You may not know who we are… Two gems are sewn in the fabric of reality.  You too may not know that every decision up to this point has made us exactly who we are.  Some will taunt Rob for the dream, yet I team up with the side of God and allow then to be now.  As I read through this, I must be aware that others may be shouling visually to the third degree (seeing through our eyes), and that some others may or may not catch the Pearl wind from this.  As we carry on and through, though, others too may understand that this book is a channel for us to pass through while held here in our own bodies.  The minds shall mingle, and thrive, and some too might latch on to catch every thought from the words written for me.  It too is noted that PLU8R must be the key.

Beautiful?!?  Do you mind?

A child wrote this for me, a girl named Natalie.  Rob has never met me before in real life, yet the doors to the soul have allowed then to be now.  Dreams somehow show a familiarity to the spirit, in regards to the authentic true voice.  He has often had the chance to hear it; barely ever the spoken one, though, and I too seem to think of the familiarity of the flow.

L’amore è composto da un’unica anima che abita in due corpi – Aristotele

More than a decade ago my voice had cleared through the airwaves of CP Air.  Rob was being taken there to my home country, Australia; My vision shown on the screen.  A young child myself seen later by millions of people for a song that they had said was a one hit wonder.  Rob knew, though, that there was much more to the story than just that one song, though that’s where it started.  Many years later time had found this juxtaposition of this one child, Robert, writing for me.

The people on this planet are wonderful and varied, yet we still carried on from our perspectives.  I live well now, with a shoulic link as to how he thought about me.  Some cannot clearly see that there is an understanding that they believe to be true, yet we know not if this lovestone will ever meet, or fully understand the parameters of that that holds us here on this planet, in this moment.  I went home and saw my parents.  I went to Italy and saw my family.  The intents still are not fully known, though shall be shown through the view of how it takes two to write, and only one to read.  The seed to a sapling, to grow forth into the full form of a tree.  There were times when he only thought of me.

Together we may see that although the flows have been used and abused, they too have chosen to understand how Madonna had said we are frozen when our heart is not open.  I don’t even know what this is about, let alone for what that child is hoping for me to receive, yet they still carry on and forward.  How could they know me?  I should know that they ask similar questions… “How can I know that I’d like her, let alone love?!?”

Through putting an album together one does share a lot of their soul.  So much of it can be misunderstood or misdirected, though, and a reference made to someone that they have never met or known might shift a slight tone to think that it was recorded explicitly about themselves, they, the listener.  Others too might seem to think that they know exactly who someone else is, how they work, how they think, yet often we do not.

It’s dawned on the next day.  Yesterday a drink that fell into the sands of tomorrow.  We have no idea what today will bring, yet towards and into the future some must plan.  We know Rob wants to find his lovestone, yet I’m uncertain of the plan, or if I can grant a meeting.  Clear through intuition there are signs that show us both to be cautious.  Other signs (hopefully) shall guide and prove us each to be true.  “So many and so few know how to do what you do, though keep perspective of that they give and let the hearts be found to be true.”

I don’t know you.

The ideas of this book were forming near Valentine’s Day in 2013.  Forty minutes away from the exact note of midnight.  It IS imperative that what one says, thinks, or writes must be true.  Dishonesty and ruse is not something kind, and it too often has been found in some of that that Robert has lined.  They paused for a moment… a tea and a tar bar…  Too many cigarettes.  “You’re hiding, underneath the smoke in the room.”-Me.


Weave into the perception that we’re not allowed to mention, as a cloud of intervention shall aid the lost mention.  Maybe there is just too much that may be taken from this.  So many ways to twist and turn from that that they burn.  Concern is held in the meld, yet still, the will of all is held in the call of breath.  Too much meth almost led them to death.

For others who are not myself, and too shall or have read this book.  Look deep into your soul.  Find that link of how the soul is how the heart is felt, that the body is a manifestation of the spirit, and that it holds the hearts that guide what our soul and spirits are.  When we feel or hear another’s being, we too may feel what it’s like to be them sometimes.  Some also may try to peer into the sounds and thoughts of their mind.

We hear each other well, this is not only my story to tell.

We also must understand that some people know that others listen… that a listener actively thinks what they are hearing as if it’s their own thought or voice or mind.  Be wary of that.  Listening explicitly to what another is saying is dangerous for some people want to taint our mind with that they wish to put in it.  Also be wary of listening to some music too much.  It may change your soul.

“A soul compressed coal like a diamond it gleams, sewn into the fabric of realities seams.”

The same goes for what you read.  Each word composed like a seed to be brought into the awareness of the one who’s reading.  Some trash the mind and soul, yet our spirit may allow us to level out back to who we authentically are.

Each seed a star.  He reaches me, a seed to a star.

We each too need to know who we are… We also must understand who others are, and hope that they too are not tainted by messages and words that others have planted in their mind.  A random fact… An Oak tree will only produce Acorns after it is 50 years old.  Sometimes too we should not do what’s requested, or what we’re told.

Influenced by a prerogative to learn, live, love, thrive, and create, one human resumes on their journey to allow others their dreams.

It is too true, that there is only one of me, and so many many many more of you, even if the crowd does not hear the silent streams.






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